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  • Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Startup Alley Voting Finishes Friday Here Are The Current Standings


Feb 1, 2023
Startup Alley Voting Ends Friday; Here Are The Current Standings

Friday is the very last working day to vote for the finalists for the seventh-yearly Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW 2023. Your votes decide the 15 startups that will be selected to confront off in a live pitch levels of competition that is TECHSHOW’s opening-evening event.  The 15 startups also get to exhibit in a unique Startup Alley part of the exhibit hall.

You come across summaries describing just about every of the semifinalists here. The moment you have reviewed them, you can Come across THE BALLOT Here.

Remember, only the major 15 make it to Startup Alley.

Here is how the startups rank so far by overall vote:

  1. Calloquy System
  2. Docgility
  3. Jurisage
  4. EsquireTek
  5. Universal Migrator
  6. LegalOn
  7. Case Chronology
  8. DecisionVault
  9. Etheia
  10. Haloo
  11. LegalEase Citations
  12. 10BE5
  13. CiteRight
  14. Fidu
  15. FlexFile
  16. Catylex Contract Analytics
  17. CaseYak
  18. Parrot
  19. Prokurio
  20. Streamline AI
  21. Disputec Peace Device
  22. Formally
  23. Llabo
  24. Legal Ninja
  25. LegalType
  26. Truve
  27. eSumry
  28. Rocket
  29. CaseUp
  30. Wisedocs
  31. ContractKen
  32. Naya
  33. Giupedi
  34. Business & Dragons
  35. Pre/Dicta
  36. Shareforce
  37. Litigaze
  38. Neos
  39. World-wide Legal Leaders
  40. Lexamica

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