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With Acquisition Of Upper Sigma, Litera Poised to Provide Integrated Legal CRM and Experience Management


Apr 24, 2023
With Acquisition Of Upper Sigma, Litera Poised to Provide Integrated Legal CRM and Experience Management


Legal technology company Litera today officially announced its acquisition of Upper Sigma, a London-based CRM and marketing platform for law firms that is built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

Litera says that by integrating Upper Sigma with the firm intelligence platform Foundation, which it acquired in 2021, it will be able to offer the only business development technology in the legal market that combines best-in-class experience management with robust CRM capabilities.

“This powerful pairing will provide seamless insight at the intersection of relationship intelligence and experience, allowing firms to respond to RFP’s and track client data, internal experience data, firm performance, and management all under one umbrella,” Litera says.

Although Litera is formally announcing the acquisition today, the acquisition took place in January and was previously reported by Legal IT Insider in February.

Already since January, several global 50 law firms have switched to using Upper Sigma, Litera says.

According to Litera, key features of Upper Sigma include:

  • Ability to provide full insights into clients’ and lawyers’ relationships and activities.
  • A proven track record of successful implementations for large firms.
  • Enterprise-level security and scalability and pre-built integrations on Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform

Litera says its acquisition of Upper Sigma is a “decisive move” to quickly expand its marketing and business development tech stack.

“In today’s shifting economy, top-performing firms must prioritize business development and client engagement strategies,” said Litera CEO Sheryl D. Hoskins. “Law firms that embrace technology and data analytics are more likely to succeed in a competitive legal landscape.

“We believe Upper Sigma’s CRM will be a key tool in helping Litera’s customers grow their business while providing superior client experiences.”

Upper Sigma was founded in 2020 by Emile Van Den Berg and Kyle Alexander, both of whom had previously worked for the South Africa-based Salesforce tech consultancy CloudSmiths.

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