5 Fun Things I Noticed at a Drinks Party

how to host a drinks party

The other night, my friend Odette and I co-hosted a small drinks party, and five fun things from the night stood out. I wanted to share them with you…

1. Decorate with branches. How lovely are these sculptural branches on Odette’s kitchen counter? Branches pack such a big punch, despite being less expensive than fresh flowers. Plus you can find them at any bodega or Trader Joe’s.

how to host a drinks party

2. Consider bringing a signature cocktail. We emailed an invitation asking everyone to “please bring a drink to share,” and most of us brought wine, which was great. But when Jenny and her husband Andy walked in, they brought out a bottle of homemade Hemingway cocktails. People actually shrieked; it felt so cool and fun. “This drink seemed batchable,” Jenny told me afterward. “And I LOVE grapefruit. We have Trader Joe’s grapefruit juice in the fridge year-round, but we squeezed fresh ones for this recipe. Grapefruit juice is so refreshing without being cloying.”

how to host a drinks party

3. Wear a T-shirt. The best thing about drinks parties is that they’re zero pressure. At a cocktail party, you often dress up; at a dinner party, you have to arrive on time and stay til the very end. But a drinks party is nothing if not chill. I loved that Eric wore a Jaws tee, and I just pulled on a sweater and jeans.

how to host a drinks party

4. Have a group moment. Ok, hear me out: I’m a huge believer that a party feels extra fun if everyone comes together for a few minutes — with, say, a toast or game or activity. It breaks the ice and makes the party feel like a cohesive group experience, versus a bunch of people just being in the same room at the same time. At Odette’s house, we asked everyone to go around in a circle and tell us one of two things: either the best meal of their life or their irrational fear. It was very, very funny and entertaining to hear people’s answers, and everyone seemed extra lovable.

how to host a drinks party

5. Serve something warm near the end. Before the guests arrived, Odette and I set out a spread on her counter — cheese, hummus and pita, olives, etc. And everyone was enjoying munching on them. But toward the end of the night, Odette casually pulled out a spanakopita from the oven. (!!!) It was warm and delicious and felt like the biggest treat. The next day, Jenny and I were debriefing over text, and she wrote: “The food situation was so great. Like a bunch of snacks, and then suddenly a beautiful large-format thing appears freshly baked.” My sister sometimes does this with pigs in blankets, too. #bookmarking

Of course, none of these things are necessary, but they were fun little delights. What do you enjoy doing or eating at parties? I would love to hear…

P.S. More entertaining ideas, including three strategic starters for a dinner party and a cookie swap.

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