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  • Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

A Basic Salad With a Mystery


Jan 31, 2024
A Simple Salad With a Secret

Jenny Rosenstrach NYC apartment

The other night, the boys and I went to Jenny’s new apartment…

Jenny Rosenstrach NYC apartment

The boys adore Jenny, her spouse Andy, and their pet Bean.

Jenny Rosenstrach NYC apartment dog

So, they quickly made by themselves at residence.

pork ragu recipe Jenny Rosenstrach dinner love story

For meal, Jenny and Andy built a scrumptious pork ragu, and we introduced flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

via carota salad dressing

But the stunning highlight? This very simple salad.

“The magic aspect is the salad dressing,” Jenny stated, when I raved about it. “Samin Nosrat wrote about Via Carota’s dressing several years ago for the New York Situations. You can improve the most tedious weekday salad it is these types of a little point that can make every thing a lot more unique.”

You will want:
Butter lettuce
Salt and pepper
Through Carota dressing (“If you make a very good dressing around the weekend, and pop it in the fridge, it will save so significantly psychic power for the duration of the 7 days.”)
Shaved parmesan

Clean the lettuce. Incorporate salt and pepper In advance of you place the dressing on. (I discovered this from my favorite salad cookbook, Saladish by Ilene Rosen. This way, you make certain that your sensitive lettuce is not overhandled and crushed by the excess weight of a dressing and your salad tongs. After the dressing is added, you only have to toss briefly.) Then insert the dressing and use your fingers to make certain a light mixing. At last, shave parmesan on prime, and serve it like that so absolutely everyone can see the parm! Love.

Thank you, Jenny!

P.S. Nine rules for greater salads, and five salads without the need of lettuce.

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