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Do You Cling Images of Mates in Your Property?


Aug 21, 2023
Do You Hang Photos of Friends in Your Home?

Joanna Goddard Brooklyn house home tour apartment

My marriage finished eight months ago, and due to the fact then I’ve been bit by bit updating the framed pics about our house…

I did not right away choose down the photos of Alex considering that he’s nonetheless a significant, vital section of our lives, of program, and I didn’t want the boys to sense like all proof of him had suddenly disappeared. (And they nonetheless have photos of him in their bedrooms, which will continue to be place.) But it feels like it is time now, and I’ve slowly but surely been swapping them out.

jean goddard Lulu

I hung this image of my mom and aunt Lulu dancing. How cute are they?

Cornwall england goddard gate

And this photograph of the gate to my grandmother’s dwelling, which feels like a deep breath.

Coney Island with kids

And this image of the boys at Coney Island, those tiny faces!

But here’s my dilemma: Can I also hold images of mates in our house? Or is that bizarre? (Is it unusual to even speculate if it is unusual?!) I indicate, it is our spot, we can do what ever we want, of course, but I feel hesitant, like will someone experience like it is much too intimate or overstepping if they appear about and there they are in our relatives gallery wall? A little something about it also feels susceptible.

Christmas in Brooklyn

For instance, I adore this photograph of my mate Kath and her daughter. She invited me above very last Christmas, due to the fact the boys were with Alex, and we had the LOVELIEST working day building soup and actively playing game titles and eating cookies with her major household. I felt very taken treatment of and I’ll hardly ever ignore it.

Jenny Rosenstrach erin Jang

And how beautiful are Jenny and Erin?

Paris apartment

This photograph of my buddy Claire on our Paris journey is a most loved.

pedicure feet

And I like this snapshot of my and Gemma’s feet after managing ourselves to pedicures.

So, I’m curious: Do you hang framed pictures of buddies in your home? Is it a detail or not truly “done”? I assume I’ll go for it irrespective due to the fact I really like them.

P.S. Do or never: ice in wine, mustaches and wedding to start with looks. Plus here’s our complete Brooklyn household tour, if you’d like to see.

(Top photo of our living area by Alpha Smoot.)

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