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I’m Digging the ‘Ballet Core’ Trend


Apr 27, 2023
I'm Digging the 'Ballet Core' Trend

Photo of Coco Lavine

coco lavine ballerinaPhoto of Coco Lavine

Did you ever take ballet classes? Growing up, I adored them, and I still love watching performances (I mean!!!), so when Elle named ‘ballet core’ as a big spring trend, my heart leapt. Now I’m curious to hear your thoughts…

madewell black dress

1) Leotard necklines — think: scoop necks, spaghetti straps — make a whole outfit feel pretty and elegant. Three examples: dress, shirt, swimsuit.

gap sweater

2) A lightweight pink sweater makes you feel like an off-duty ballerina, grabbing a quick snack before rehearsal, nbd. Three examples: relaxed, shaker, cropped.

Loeffler Randall

3) Lastly, ballet flats are everywhere this spring in Brooklyn, and they look cool with jeans and dresses. I especially like the ones with a strap, since they feel more like an actual dancer. Three examples: classic, suede, splurge.

Thoughts? Would you wear ballet-inspired pieces? Even rosettes are a thing!

P.S. Ballet boys, Toby takes ballet, and does anyone remember this children’s book?

(Photo of Coco Lavine.)

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