Before this year, when I went to Paris with friends…

…I wrote that we often look at ’90s movies on outings, like The Fugitive, The Agency or Sleeping With the Enemy. They are enjoyable and acquainted, so you can chat or pack or doze or take in your bodyweight in cheese although looking at them.

Then a reader named Megan commented: “Sure, let’s talk about Paris. But also, let’s converse about videos you will look at any time, again and once again, from any stage in the film. The Fugitive is in my leading 5. Also, PEAK Tommy Lee Jones.”


These kinds of a very good problem! For me, no subject the time or location, I can Always sit down to observe these five: When Harry Fulfilled Sally, Goodfellas, Huge, Necessarily mean Ladies, and Palm Springs.

30 rock Oprah liz

As for Tv set? 30 Rock, forever and generally.

So! I’d like to know: What are your 5 rewatchable motion pictures? What can you quote from get started to complete?

P.S. My friend’s uncomfortable operate-in with Ethan Hawke, and do Tv set work actually appear genuine?