On this cloudy Thursday, let’s chat about some thing fun…

So, you know the awkward male stripper scenes you normally see in sitcoms? When we arrive across one, pals and I chuckle about how, in its place of strippers, we’d uncover it way sexier if a several sensible men came by, carrying button-down shirts with the sleeves rolled up (#forearms) and smelling really great and inquiring us about what guides we have not long ago read through. And maybe carry dessert from a neighborhood spot? That would be incredibly hot.

Similarly, my father mate Aaron jokes that he likes the opposite of the regular She’s All That movie premise of a woman getting off her eyeglasses and shaking out her ponytail and out of the blue hunting stunning. Alternatively, he likes the scene in reverse: a female putting on eyeglasses and tying her hair back again prior to studying (like his wonderful bespectacled bookish wife!).

What do you find interesting? My current checklist:
salt and pepper hair
smile crinkles

What about you? Regardless of whether it’s expected or shocking, notify me down below!

P.S. Caroline’s checklist of convert-ons, and what is on your intercourse mixtape?

(Prime picture by Kata/Stocksy. Cartoon by Lynn I. Hsu for the New Yorker.)