afterparty aniq Zoe

afterparty aniq Zoe

This early morning, my sister Lucy and I had been chatting on the phone…

“What Television or motion picture character do you truly feel like you are buddies with?” she mused. “Where it’s virtually like, we just ARE buddies.”

I burst out laughing — what a random problem! — but to be fair, I had an rapid respond to.

sharon Horgan bad sisters

“Definitely Sharon Horgan,” I instructed her. “In Terrible Sisters, Catastrophe, This Way Up, true daily life — I adore her vibe, constantly. We just get each other.”

after party aniq Zoe

My sister’s reply? Aniq from The Afterparty. “I f-ing enjoy that guy. He’s so funny, he’s often like, Ohhhhh-kay. I want to hang out with him so badly. And I adore his girlfriend Zoe. I would be a wonderful third wheel for them as a few.”

We ended up laughing so considerably, and now, my enjoys, I switch the query to you: What Television set character do you secretly truly feel like you’re friends with? You know you have an reply!



See? It just works.

P.S. Amazing celebrity impressions, and my friend’s uncomfortable operate-in with Ethan Hawke.

(Photo montage at finish by Pass up Moss.)