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What Was Your First Day Like?


Mar 22, 2023
What Was Your First Date Like?


500 days of summer

500 days of summer

I was 15 when I fulfilled Brandon, a blue-eyed significant school junior, who played bass in a punk band. Just after a handful of months of flirting about MySpace and staying away from each and every other in human being, I was smitten.

The evening he requested me out above text — “I like you, do you want to go to the videos?” — my heart pitter-pattered like under no circumstances prior to. I waited two seconds in advance of responding “Yes!!” and throwing myself on to my bed before throwing myself on to my bed in a love-dimension haze.

The only catch? I labored that Saturday. Oh, and I was not allowed to date. My moms and dads experienced a strict “no dating until eventually 16” rule, and even even though I was just a 12 months absent, my mother would not budge.

By the morning of the large working day, nonetheless, I experienced a program and an accomplice. My good friend Andrea agreed to drive me to the theater, then pick me up and get me to do the job. That way, Brandon wouldn’t have to go anywhere in the vicinity of my house, and my mom would think I was hanging with friends.

An hour ahead of the movie started, I was in my bed room, flat-ironing my hair into a silky sheet and applying a 3rd coat of mascara (pricey god why). My flip cellular phone buzzed with a textual content from Andrea: “Running 20 minutes late. Sorry!”

I shot Brandon a text, describing I’d be late but was however thrilled. Cue the subsequent 20 minutes of obsessively checking my cellular phone for updates from Andrea. Then I obtained her 2nd textual content: “Sorry! My dad and mom are holding me below eternally. I’ll be there in yet another 20 I swear!” At that issue, I felt queasy — what if Brandon assumed I was blowing him off? Or what if he resolved to cancel? When Andrea’s motor vehicle pulled into the driveway, I dashed out the entrance doorway.

Driving up to the front of the theater, we spotted Brandon, sitting awkwardly on a bench near the entrance, exactly where moviegoers submitted in and out, unaware of the tiny teenage melodrama unfolding before them. I jumped out of the vehicle, completely ready to start my apology speech. But to my relief, he reduce me off, grinned, and explained, “Come on, let us get popcorn and observe that movie.”

Given that the movie we’d planned to watch was almost about, we ducked into a 3:15 p.m. displaying of Infant Mama. As I settled into my seat, the nerves strike and my cheeks ended up on fireplace. I, Jannelle Sanchez, was on a authentic are living date! I pressured myself to seize a handful of popcorn, and Brandon wrapped his arm around my shoulders. For the upcoming 30 minutes, we had been enshrouded in teenage bliss.

Not even midway into the movie, my mobile phone vibrated with a textual content from Andrea indicating “I’m right here,” and just like that my to start with day was up. Prior to tiptoeing out the theater, I gave Brandon a side hug and whispered “thank you.”

In the course of that busy, fantastic fifty percent hour, I figured out a thing: the great date doesn’t need to have to take place in a ideal environment. The most passionate moments frequently happen in unplanned or unpredictable methods. Now, when my spouse and I get a evening off from parenting and a hiccup pops up — like a cancelled dinner reservation or sold-out comedy display — I’m as cool as a cucumber and even a small giddy. Because I know one thing magical could possibly be correct close to the corner.

What was your 1st day like? Was it embarrassing, remarkable, or both of those? I’d like to hear.

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