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10 Beautiful Burmese Cat Colors & Patterns (With Pictures)


Apr 18, 2023
Burmese cat with yellow eyes is sitting on window sill looking straight


Burmese cat with yellow eyes is sitting on window sill looking straight

Burmese Cats are well-known for their colors, patterns, and unique yellow eyes that seem to stare into your soul. The breed is charming and loving and will worm its way into your heart in no time.

The Cat Fancier’s Association only recognizes four color patterns for the Burmese Cat breed, but there are quite a few colors to choose from, thanks to breeders. If you’re looking for a purebred Burmese, there are 10 colors and patterns to choose from.

In this guide, we’ll examine those 10 colors and give you a price and rarity status for each. Not all of these coats are recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association, but regardless of its coat color and pattern, the Burmese is a remarkable feline.


The 10 Burmese Cat Colors & Patterns

1. Platinum

Platinum Burmese
Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock
Price: $500 to $700
Rarity Status: Standard

The Platinum Burmese Cat breed is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association and carries a price tag of $500 to $700. They are the lightest of the Burmese Cat colors and have a lighter color on their underbelly and on their chest. Their platinum fur is highlighted by the dark hair on their extremities, like Siamese cats.

Platinum is a breed standard, but it’s not as popular as some of the other colors on our list.

2. Lilac

Lilac burmese kitten
Image Credit: Julija Sulkovska, Shutterstock
Price: $400 to $600
Rarity Status: Rare

The Cat Fancier’s Association does not recognize the Lilac Burmese Cat, but it falls under the blue category of Burmese. They have a price tag of between $400 and $600 and are rare. These cats feature a slight purple on their faces, paws, and tail, in a hue that’s difficult to see. The kittens can have a brown tint to their faces at birth, but this tends to fade as they age.

Because lilac isn’t an officially recognized color, you won’t pay as much for this cat. However, they are rare and hard to get with their soft brown color and pink and grey tinge. Lilac is an exceptionally unique color pairing, and you’ll be lucky to find one to call your own.

3. Cream

Red European Burmese cat in a window
Image Credit: Lynne Bentley
Price: $400 to $600
Rarity Status: Rare

The Cream Burmese Cat is another rare color pattern and will cost you $400 to $600. This adorable cat is blonde with a cute pink nose. They also have a darker color on their eyes and heads. They fall into the platinum category and are not recognized under the breed standard. Their color is slightly softer than their platinum counterparts. Because of its rarity, a Cream Burmese may be difficult to find.

4. Lilac (Tortoiseshell)

lilac tortoiseshell burmese cat
Image Credit: alybaba, Shutterstock
Price: $300 to $500
Rarity Status: Common

The Lilac Tortie carries a price tag of between $300 and $500, and they’re pretty common. Before purchasing a Lilac Burmese from a breeder, check the local shelters and rescue centers. Although Burmese are uncommon in shelters, you’re more likely to find a lilac since they’re more common.

The Lilac Tortie Burmese’s color is lighter at the base and has dark flecks peppered throughout its fur. The spots are dark brown and apricot on a light-brown body. They are much lighter than most Burmese Cats, except for the platinum cat, and they are not recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association.

5. Blue (Tortoiseshell)

A cute young blue Burmese kitten in the arms of man
Image Credit: Angela Kotsell, Shutterstock
Price: $300 to $500
Rarity Status: Rare

Who wouldn’t love to give a Blue Tortoiseshell Burmese a forever home? While the Cat Fancier’s Association doesn’t recognize these cats, they are gorgeous and a joy to have around. This breed has a darker body with gray flecks scattered throughout its fur. However, just like with other Tortie cats, the exact color and pattern are different for each cat.

Blue Torties are extremely popular cats but are less popular than the Burmese with solid blue coats. The biggest advantage of getting a Blue Tortie Burmese over a solid Blue Burmese is the price. Blue Tortie Burmese Cats are rare, so if you find one, hold onto it tightly.

6. Brown (Tortoiseshell)

A Portrait of a Tortoiseshell Burmese Cat with Green Eyes
Image Credit: ag-photo, Shutterstock
Price: $300 to $500
Rarity Status: Common

The Brown Tortoiseshell Burmese Cat is a common color that’s easy to find. They have a price tag between $300 and $500, which is standard for the colors on the list that aren’t officially recognized. This cat has a dark brown color, with darker brown flecks scattered over its body.

The Brown Tortie is more affordable than the cats with breed-standard colors, and in most cases, they’ll be easier to locate and adopt. If you’re looking for a Brown Tortie Burmese Cat, you can easily find one through a breeder and maybe even at the local rescue shelter.

7. Chocolate (Tortoiseshell)

Burmese Cat sitting on the floor
Image Credit: Ivanova N, Shutterstock
Price: $300 to $500
Rarity Status: Common

If you’re looking for an incredibly beautiful feline, the Chocolate Tortie Burmese should be at the top of your list. Although they are quite common, they have a price tag of between $300 and $500.

The Chocolate Tortie is a darker shade of the Sable Burmese combined with the lighter color of the Champagne Burmese, which we’ll discuss below. The cat’s body has sable coloring, and there are beige flecks scattered throughout. Again, the exact color pattern will depend on the cat. The color of this cat is gorgeous, but they aren’t often sought after by breeders because they aren’t recognized or have a solid color.

8. Champagne

Champagne Burmese
Image Credit: SeraphP, Shutterstock
Price: $500 to $700
Rarity Status: Standard

The Champagne Burmese Cat is a recognized color pattern, which means it’ll cost you $500 to $700 to get from a reputable breeder. This cat’s fur is a creamy color that quickly fades into ashy brown shades that are darker in color.

Kittens may seem to be a lighter color at first, but they darken up as they age. This color pattern is lighter on the underbelly and on their chests, then darker around the paws, face, tail, and ears. Champagne Burmese are extremely popular, but they’re not too hard to find.

9. Blue

blue burmese cat
Image Credit: milivigerova, Pixabay
Price: $700 to $1,000
Rarity Status: Very Sought After

Blue Burmese Cats are incredibly popular, and everyone wants one. That’s why they have a price tag of between $700 and $1,000, making them the second most expensive Burmese Cat on our list.

The Cat Fancier’s Association recognizes them,  and the cats have a medium-gray color peppered with fawn flecks. They usually have the most vibrant green eyes, though that can vary with each cat. If you’re looking for a Blue Burmese Cat, you can expect to pay a hefty price to the breeder, but it’ll be worth it.

10. Sable

Brown Burmese cat in the garden
Image Credit: jojosmb, Shutterstock
Price: $400 to $1,500
Rarity Status: Standard

The Sable Burmese Cat is the original, meaning it is the color they were bred to be. For this reason, they carry a pretty hefty price tag of between $400 and $1,500, according to the breeder. This also depends on whether you’re looking for a show-quality Sable Burmese.

Since sable is the original color, the Sable Burmese is recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association. The color is gorgeous, and although Sable Burmese cats are expensive, they’re often bred by Burmese breeders and should be simple to locate.



As you can see, the Burmese certainly comes in quite a few patterns and colors. While some have much higher price points than others, they are all great pets to give a forever home.

The Burmese color patterns that are formally recognized will cost you more from the breeder than the unrecognized colors, but regardless of the cat’s fur, you’ll enjoy a long, loving relationship with the extraordinary Burmese cat.

Featured Image Credit: Elena Kabenkina, Shutterstock

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