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10 Best Leashes for Pitbulls in 2023 – Review & Top Picks


Apr 26, 2023
pitbull on a leash lying on sand

Anyone who owns a Pitbull should prioritize keeping their Pitbull safe when out and about. Often, this means using a leash whenever you aren’t in a fenced-in area. However, Pitbulls are rather strong and energetic so it’s vital that you choose a strong leash.

Not all leashes will be right for your Pitbull for this reason. You want them to have some freedom but also need them to be secure.

There are many different leashes on the market, and exactly which ones are the best for your Pitbull can be confusing. Luckily, we reviewed 10 of the best leashes for Pitbulls below.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

The 10 Best Leashes for Pitbulls

1. Chai’s Choice Trail Reflective Dog Leash – Best Overall

Chai’s Choice Trail Rubber Reflective Dog Leash

Length: 5 feet
Width: inch

The Chai’s Choice Trail Rubber Reflective Dog Leash is the best overall leash for a Pitbull. It’s made of very high-quality polyester, which is strong and durable. It’s an excellent choice for the powerful Pitbull breed for this reason.

We also liked the reflective design, which enhances visibility in darker conditions. It works perfectly for night walks when you’d want others to see your dog clearly. The handle is also quite comfortable as it’s padded to help ensure a comfortable grip. Even if your Pitbull pulls or tugs on the leash, the handle won’t bite into your skin.

The length is adjustable—you can keep your dog close or allow them to wander a bit. Plus, the leash is rather affordable, especially for what you get.

  • Durable material
  • Reflective stitching
  • Comfortable handle
  • Adjustable length
  • Affordable
  • Polyester material isn’t as soft or comfortable as others
  • Not chew-proof

2. PetSafe Nylon Leash – Best Value

PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash

Length: 6 feet
Width: 1 inch

For those on a budget, the PetSafe Nylon Leash is the best leash for Pitbulls for the money. It’s much cheaper than most other options out there while still performing well for most Pitbulls.

It’s made from a strong nylon material that can stand up to strong Pitbulls. There are many lengths available, including the average 6-foot option. If you need a shorter or longer leash, the company also sells those. We like the secure clasp, which is plenty strong enough to withstand a Pitbull. The handle isn’t padded, but it is still comfortable and it’s easy to hold for long periods and doesn’t bite into your hand.

With that said, this leash isn’t chew-proof. If your Pitbull is prone to chewing on the leash, this may not be the best option for you. Furthermore, this leash has limited safety features—there aren’t any reflective stitches, for instance.

  • Secure clasp
  • Many lengths available
  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable, nylon material
  • Limited safety features
  • Not chew-proof

3. Frisco Stink Proof Dog Leash – Premium Choice

Frisco Outdoor Two-Toned Waterproof Stink Proof PVC Dog Leash

Length: 6 feet
Width: 5/8 inch

The Frisco Outdoor Two-Toned Waterproof Stink Proof PVC Dog Leash is one of the most expensive dog leashes on our list. However, you’re getting a lot for the price. The leash is made with a durable and waterproof material that is long-lasting. It’s very suitable for outdoor activities, including those in wet and muddy conditions.

The reflective stitching helps keep your dog safe, as it makes them more visible in low-light conditions. The clasp is strong and durable and should not have a problem standing up to the strength of a Pitbull. The handle is pretty comfortable—even if the dog pulls or tugs on the leash. It’s one of the most comfortable handles on our list.

Plus, this leash is very stylish. It’s two-toned and functional, making it an attractive choice for Pitbull owners.

  • Durable and waterproof PVC
  • Reflective stitching for safety
  • Strong clasp
  • Comfortable handle
  • Stylish design
  • Not very chew-proof
  • Expensive

4. Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash – Best for Puppies

Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash

Length: 6 feet
Width: ¾ inch

The Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash is made with high-quality, durable leather. It’s very soft and comfortable to use. Plus, it’s also long-lasting and durable. In fact, leather is one of the more durable options out there.

This design is extremely stylish, with brass hardware that gives it a fairly classic look. If you’re interested in something a bit more fashionable than other options, we recommend this leash. Many dog owners also reported that this leash was comfortable to hold. The handle doesn’t dig into your hand in the same way that PVC and other materials do.

However, the leather design isn’t loved by all dog owners. Some prefer a more traditional material. Leather isn’t chew-proof and may be chewed through more quickly than other materials—especially if you have a puppy on your hands! Leather is also heavier than other materials, which is something to keep in mind.

  • Comfortable to use thanks to the padded handle
  • Strong clasp with a bolt snap
  • Leather, high-quality design
  • Not chew-resistant
  • May be heavy

5. Mendota Products Large Slip Rope Dog Leash

Mendota Products Large Slip Rope Dog Leash

Length: 6 feet
Width: ½ inch

We like the Mendota Products Large Slip Rope Dog Leash for several reasons. It has a stylish design with leather accents that add some elegance to the leash. It looks much more stylish than other options on the market and it would be great to match a leather collar.

It’s made from high-quality materials, including marine-grade rope. It’s long-lasting and reliable, even when used with a strong Pitbull—its durability is one reason it is so high on this list. The handle is comfortable and secure, and the rope design is preferable for hand comfort as it doesn’t dig into your hands.

The slip design is extremely easy to use and allows you to quickly leash up your dog. However, not all dog owners will like the slip design, and some dogs may react negatively to it. It isn’t great for dogs that tend to pull or tug on their leash a lot, as the slip design can make the leash over-tighten. It works best for dogs that are well-behaved.

  • High-grade rope material
  • Durable
  • More stylish than most options
  • Easy-to-use slip design
  • Limited length options
  • Not all owners and dogs will like the slip design

6. Flexi Giant Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash

Flexi Giant Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash

Length: 26 feet
Width: Not Listed

Retractable dog leashes simply make more sense in some situations. The Flexi Giant Nylon Tape Retractable Dog Leash is one of the stronger retractable leashes out there, which is why we recommend it. It’s extremely strong, so it can withstand the strength of a Pitbull. The retractable design is perfect when you want to give your dog more room to explore. However, it may not be as suitable for stores or crowded areas. Retractable leashes are best for hikes, but they aren’t as versatile as other options.

It’s made from nylon tape, which is durable and reliable. When you’re walking a Pitbull, strong material like this nylon is absolutely essential. The grip is ergonomic, as well. It’s soft and shouldn’t dig into your hand as badly as other leashes out there.

The nylon tape portion isn’t chew-proof, but the handle is pretty durable.

  • Retractable design provides more freedom
  • Nylon tape is durable and thick
  • Comfortable grip
  • Not chew-proof
  • Not as versatile as other options

7. EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

Length: 4 feet
Width: Not Listed

The EzyDog Zero Shock Absorbing Dog Leash is designed for dogs that pull a lot. It features some shock-absorbing technology with a bungee-style design. Therefore, when your dog pulls, it gives a little before rebounding back. It produces less strain on your dog and you than other leashes. However, it can teach bad habits, as your dog will get further the more they pull.

The leash is made from nylon webbing and neoprene padding. It’s reliable and long-lasting, even for Pitbulls. Plus, the leash is quite comfortable, and the shock-absorbing feature will prevent the leash from biting into your hands.

The strong clasp is sturdy and easy to use. It’s strong enough to handle the strength of a Pitbull. It even includes reflective stitching, which makes the dog more visible in low-light conditions.

The material isn’t chew-proof in the least—if your dog likes to chew, this may be a problem.

  • Shock-resistant design thanks to the bungee-style design
  • Made of durable materials
  • Strong clasp
  • Isn’t chew-proof
  • Can teach bad habits

8. Kurgo Quantum Leash

Kurgo Quantum Leash

Length: 6 feet
Width: 1 inch

The Kurgo Quantum Leash is very versatile and durable. It’s designed to be used in many different circumstances. For instance, it can be used in six different styles, including a hand-held leash, short training leash, and waist-worn leash. It can be worn around your waist, allowing you to leave your hands free.

The leash is made from nylon webbing with a steel snap hook. It’s very reliable and long-lasting, making it the perfect option for a Pitbull.

Plus, this leash is comfortable to use thanks to the padded handle. It’s easy to see why this leash is quite popular among Pitbull owners.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The leash has an adjustable length, but it isn’t as easy to adjust as other leashes. If you have smaller hands, you may find it particularly difficult to convert it. It’s also considerably more expensive than most. You’re paying for the versatility, but most Pitbull owners won’t make full use of the conversion options.

  • Versatile with many configurations
  • Made of strong nylon webbing
  • Floating padded handle
  • Hard to convert
  • Expensive

9. Blueberry Pet Paisley Flower Polyester Dog Leash

Blueberry Pet Spring Paisley Flower Polyester Dog Leash

Length: 4 fee
Width: 1 inch

For those looking for something a bit more stylish, we liked the Blueberry Pet Spring Paisley Flower Polyester Dog Leash. This leash features an interesting pattern that’s more feminine than other options on this list. Therefore, it works well for a female Pitbull, especially since there aren’t many other feminine options. The design is eye-catching and perfect for those that want a leash that’ll stand out.

The leash is made from high-quality polyester webbing that’s strong and long-lasting. It can withstand regular wear and tear without much of a problem plus it can withstand a Pitbull’s strength. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. You can simply run it under warm water and spot-clean it with soap. There are multiple sizes available for use, ranging from short to large. You can choose the perfect size for your Pitbull.

With that said, there aren’t any more color options for this leash. If you don’t like the pattern, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The leash also isn’t reflective, so it isn’t suitable for nighttime walks unless you have something else that is reflective.

  • High-quality polyester
  • Feminine design
  • Easy to clean
  • Limited color options
  • Not reflective

10. Max and Neo Dog Gear Reflective Double Dog Leash

Max and Neo Dog Gear Nylon Reflective Double Dog Leash

Length: 6 feet
Width: 1 inch

As the name suggests, the Max and Neo Dog Gear Nylon Reflective Double Dog Leash is designed to accommodate two dogs at the same time. It has two separate handles and two strong metal clips to hold each dog. It’s a great option if you have two Pitbulls that walk well together.

It has reflective material built into it, increasing visibility at night. It works well in low-light conditions and nighttime walks. The rest of the material is nylon, which is durable and strong. It can withstand regular wear and tear, even when used with Pitbulls. The handle is comfortable and features some extra padding, so you can comfortably use it for longer walks.

With that said, this leash only makes sense for those with two dogs. It can be a bit cumbersome to walk only one dog with this leash. Therefore, it’s less versatile than other options. Furthermore, there aren’t different leash lengths available.

  • Reflective
  • Nylon material
  • Allows you to walk two dogs at the same time
  • Not very versatile
  • Only one length available


Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Leash for Pitbulls

When choosing a leash for your Pitbull, there are several different things to consider. Pitbulls are strong, excitable dogs that tend to be rough on leashes. Therefore, not just any leash will do. Instead, you need to choose a quality leash that will last such a tough dog.

Pitbull Terrier Dog walking on a leash in a dog park, South Africa
Image Credit: Elizabeth Grieb, Shutterstock


Because Pitbulls are so strong, it’s vital that you choose a quality leash made from durable, strong materials. Choosing lower-quality materials isn’t recommended, as they may fail under the strength of a Pitbull. No one wants their dog to break the leash and take off.

For this reason, we recommend nylon, leather, and polyester. These tend to be the strongest materials leashes are made out of. These materials are also durable, so they should last a while.


The length is another important factor you want to pay attention to. The shorter the leash, the more control you have over your Pitbull. However, if you want to provide your dog with a bit more freedom, then a longer leash may be useful.

Different leashes are often suitable for different situations. If you’re in a crowded area, then you’ll probably want a shorter leash. However, if you’re on an open trail, a longer leash may make more sense. Leashes that have adjustable lengths often make more sense if you take your dog to lots of different places.


Because Pitbulls are strong, you want a wider leash. These leashes are stronger overall, which prevents your Pitbull from tearing through them. Furthermore, wider handles are more comfortable in the hand, as they distribute the force a little bit. They can also provide more control, as you have more to grip.

Wider leashes can be bulkier and heavier, though. However, it’s often better to get a wider leash when you have a Pitbull, even if they do have some downsides.

Pitbull Dog pulling on the leash
Image Credit: Brezhneva.od, Shutterstock


The handle quality is important. You want to choose a handle that is comfortable to hold and provides you with a good grip. Look for leashes with ergonomic designs and extra padding. These can reduce hand strain, ensuring you stay in control of your dog and don’t get sore from long walks.

It’s hard to judge a handle before you purchase a leash. However, relying on reviews like ours’ is a good way to determine how the leash performs in the real world.

Reflective Material

If you plan on walking at night or in low-light conditions, reflective leashes can be life-saving. They reflect the light of passing cars, helping them see you in the dark. If you’re walking at night, having something reflective is very important. A leash helps ensure that you and your dog are seen. We also recommend other reflective items for you and your dog, such as a reflective harness.

Being seen at night is vital. Otherwise, walks at night can be quite dangerous.


Leashes come in many different styles. For instance, there are standard leashes that are extremely common and come in all sorts of different styles. There are retractable leashes that provide dogs with a bit more freedom, but they can be a bit too free in some situations. You can also find double leashes, which allow you to walk multiple dogs at once.

Choose a leash style that makes the most sense for you. There isn’t one particular leash style that is better than others—it all depends on your particular needs and situation. Many dog owners keep multiple styles for different situations.

Pitbull on leash
Image Credit: Makarand Sawant, Pexels


Leashes are often pretty inexpensive. You can buy some leashes for only a few dollars. However, some others are incredibly expensive—often because they have several premium features or customization options.

Consider your budget when purchasing a leash. You can find many different leash options that won’t break the bank, so don’t feel like you have to purchase the most expensive one on the market. However, more expensive leashes do tend to be of higher quality, though this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, it makes more sense to purchase a more-expensive leash right now if it’s going to last you longer. An inexpensive leash that breaks after a few months won’t save you much money in the long run. Therefore, while you do need to consider your budget, you should also consider which items are more cost-effective.

We included several different price points in our reviews above so that you can find a suitable leash within your budget.


Final Thoughts

There are tons of things to consider when purchasing a leash for your Pitbull. From the material to the price, you’ll need to carefully look at any leash before you decide to purchase it.

There are many options available that we like. However, the Chai’s Choice Trail Rubber Reflective Dog Leash is reflective, making night walks safer. Plus, it’s also inexpensive and quite durable. For Pitbulls, you can’t get much better.

For those looking for a cheaper leash, we recommend the PetSafe Nylon Leash. It’s less durable than most, but will still provide the durability you need with a Pitbull.

Featured Image Credit: Jools Theriault, Pixabay

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