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10 Cool & Fun Facts About the Pug Dog Breed


Feb 16, 2023
sad pug dog with begging eyes


sad pug dog with begging eyes

As one of the oldest established dog breeds known to man, the Pug has romped with children and rested with emperors. It’s easy to see why they’re so adored. Their round, expressive face and perfect wrinkles have endeared people of all classes for centuries. Here are a few fascinating facts about the Pug that might explain why they’re one of the world’s most widely loved breeds.


The 10 Cool & Fun Pug Facts

1. Tibetan monks raised the Pug and may have created the breed standard.

Around the 4th century B.C., Tibetan Monks designed three dog breeds to please the Chinese emperor. These breeds are known today as the Pekingese, the Chow-Chow, and the Pug.

2. Their wrinkles are no accident.

Ever wonder how the Pug received their unique face? Rumor has it that they were selectively bred so that their wrinkles would form the Chinese letter for “prince.”

pug dog in a car on the back seat
Image Credit: absolutimages, Shutterstock

3. Dutch traders escorted the Pug to Europe in the 1500s.

The Pug found its way to Holland during the Renaissance era. In Dutch-speaking territories, the Pug is called Mopshond, which means “to grumble.” We’re guessing that they earned their name from their adorable little snorts.

4. The Pug was the mascot of the House of Orange.

They earned their title following a legendary tale that a brave royal Pug saved Prince William the Silent from assassination. The Pug jumped on his face and barked to alert him of intruders approaching his tent.

5. Pugs have been favorites of royals and revolutionaries alike.

Politics don’t matter to Pugs, as long as they receive pettings. Both Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife Josephine and Queen Victoria were famous Pug parents during the 19th century.

6. The AKC classifies the Pug as part of the Toy group.

Pugs have always been bred as companion animals, so the Toy category fits them perfectly. They’ve been a part of the AKC since 1885, a year after the club was formed.

pug biting bone at pixabay
Image Credit: noor asma, Shutterstock

7. Biggie the Pug won Best Toy Dog at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Only one Pug has ever won Best In Show, Ch. Dhandys Favorite Woodchuck in 1981.

8. Doug the Pug has over 1 billion views on YouTube.

This Nashville-based celebrity has traveled the world, garnered millions of fans, and even co-starred in a Katy Perry music video. His mom, Leslie Mosier, records music in front of her #1 fan, who delights in hearing her play guitar and sing.

9. October 15th is National Pug Day.

We think this is an event worth celebrating with any special Pugs in our lives, and a great excuse to adopt one if you’re Pug-less.

10. According to the AKC, a double curled tail is perfection.

A Pug’s tail naturally spirals twice. Sometimes a Pug’s tail curls too tightly, which is known as a disorder called corkscrew tail. Unfortunately, the limited airflow between the curls promotes bacterial infections. In extreme cases, Pugs with corkscrew tails may require surgery in order to poop properly.

Pug walking in the grass
Image Credit: Praisaeng, Shutterstock


How to Care for a Pug

Height: 10–13 inches
Weight: 14–18 pounds
Life expectancy: 13–15 years

Pugs are easy to care for. They don’t require much exercise and tend to be content chilling around the house as long as you’re there. They have a reputation for being super affectionate with one person or an entire family and are fairly amiable with other pets.


Although they do shed, grooming is a breeze. To keep their skin in prime condition, you should only bathe your Pug when necessary to avoid over-drying their coat. Besides daily toothbrushing and the occasional nail trim, Pugs don’t need any other grooming routines. Since they have thin skin, you should dress them in a warm outfit during walks in cold weather and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Apply dog-safe sunscreen if you are planning on soaking up a sunny day with your Pug.

brushing a pug
Image Credit: Zoriana Zaitseva, Shutterstock


Even though Pugs don’t really like to exercise, it’s important to keep them active so that they don’t gain unnecessary pounds. Pugs are avid foodies, and it’s easy for them to become obese. Aim for a 20–40-minute walk twice a day, or an hour long excursion during the morning or evening.

Since the Pug is a brachycephalic breed, they’re prone to respiratory distress due to their snub noses. You should avoid exercising your Pug during extremely hot weather because of their condition, and always have fresh water available if they become tired. Go for a walk early in the morning or late in the evening during the peak of summer. In the colder months, dress them warmly and try to limit your outdoor time to the middle of the day.


While they don’t need much physical exertion, Pugs do require nearly constant attention. Bred to be lap dogs, they’ll become depressed if you’re gone from home most of the day. Because of their clinginess, they make excellent companions for a retired person, a family with children, or a remote worker. They’re not the most ideal pet for a commuter, but you can make the relationship work if you put in extra effort.



Perhaps it’s the Pug’s versatile nature that’s made them a favorite of kings and commoners alike. As long as they have human companionship, they won’t complain if they live in an apartment or a palace. The ancient breed originally hails from China, but today they enjoy international success wherever they go.

Featured Image Credit: Iryna Kalamurza, Shutterstock

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