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10 Cool Off-Leash dog Parks in Kansas City, MO (2023 Update)


Mar 3, 2023
Rottweiler dog in park


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Rottweiler dog in park

Ready to enjoy some great dog parks? Kansas City doesn’t shy away from offering you and your dog classic outdoor fun. In this list, we’re listing ten of our favorite off-leash dog parks, including some fun parks you can find if you reside on the Kansas side. Let’s dive in!


The 10 Off-Leash dog Parks in Kansas City, MO

1. Waggin Trail Dog Park

  • Small and large dogs separated
  • Paved paths around the off-leash area
  • Climbers will love the agility course
  • Children 5 years or younger are not allowed
  • No restrooms for humans, but water fountains are included

2. Swope Dog Park

  • Wide, 5-acre enclosure with separated small and large dog runs
  • Naturally shaded with wood chip hiking trails
  • Rollings hills make sprinting a blast
  • Swope Park Mountain Bike Trailhead is only a 5-minute drive away
  • Bring your own doggy bags

3. Thomas S. Stoll Dog Park

  • Healthy mix of paved and dirt paths
  • Drinking fountains and bathrooms available
  • Serene, tree-laden park where you can find peace and quiet
  • Small pond for a cool summer dip and retrieving practice
  • Multiple playgrounds for a fun family day

4. Heritage Dog Park

  • Large 10-acre area with a small pond
  • Healthy mix of terrain
  • Drinking fountains and bathrooms inside the fenced area
  • Bring towels and rain boots—it gets muddy fast!

5. Wayside Waifs Dog Park

  • Perfect park if your dog is an escape artist
  • Large and small dogs separated
  • Drinking fountains and covered pavilions so you can stay cool as a cucumber
  • Time-out kennels for overly excited dogs that need a break
  • Paw-washing area

6. Happy Tails Park

  • Small but well-maintained
  • Bring sunscreen—not a lot of shade
  • Perfect for a quick get-the-zoomies-out session
  • Small and large dogs separated
  • Agility course with paved paths around the park

7. Liberty Dog Park

  • Agility course for athletes
  • Disc golf course
  • Bathrooms available
  • No picnic tables, but there are shaded benches
  • Bring your own poop bags

8. Platte Landing Dog Park

  • 5 acres with separate areas for large and small dogs
  • Beautiful view of the Missouri River with walking trails nearby
  • Obstacle course for dogs that need a challenge
  • “Take a toy, leave a toy” box
  • Water fountains and wading pools, perfect for sunny days

9. Penn Valley Dog Park

  • Separated play areas for large and small dogs
  • Bring your own water and poop bags
  • Picnic tables under natural shade
  • No on-site restrooms
  • No lighting at night

10. West Terrace Dog Park

  • 5-acre enclosed park that’s mostly hill
  • Water fountains and a few gazebos with plenty of seating
  • Membership-only
  • Clean and well-maintained
  • Children 8 years or younger aren’t allowed



Ready to get movin’? Head out to one of these dog parks for a fun time under the sun. Don’t forget doggy bags and water. Even if the park provides these amenities, you can never go wrong with bringing extra supplies, just in case.

Featured Image Credit: BidaOleksandr, Shutterstock

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