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10 Great Off-Leash Dog Parks in Orlando, FL You Can Visit Today


Feb 21, 2023
black dog playing with ball at the park


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black dog playing with ball at the park

Florida’s climate makes it a great vacation spot, especially if you have a dog that likes coming along with you. If you’re visiting Orlando, Florida, for its endless theme parks, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t have to leave your furry friend behind.

The city is home to endless dog-friendly spaces, including restaurants, bars, tourist spots, and playgrounds. But the best part is that the city has many dedicated parks just for your dog. Here’s everything you must know about the off-leash dog parks in Orlando, Florida, including their addresses, open times, costs, and amenities.


The 10 Great Off-Leash Dog Parks in Orlando, Florida

1. Lake Eola Park

  • Located in the heart of Downtown Orlando
  • 9-mile sidewalk circling the lake for on-leash dog walks
  • Pet owners can rent swan-shaped paddle boats
  • Various eateries and entertainment centers are available nearby
  • Free parking on Eola drive

2. Loch Haven Park

  • Covers 45 acres of land
  • Parking lot and on-street parking
  • Accessible for wheelchair users
  • Walking paths and trails for on-leash dog walks
  • Lakes for your dog to swim

3. Meadow Woods Dog Park

  • Various walking paths
  • A small lake for your dogs to swim in
  • Well-fenced park for pet safety
  • Separate areas for big and small dogs
  • Covers almost 2 acres of land

4. Park of the Americas

  • Half-mile path to take your dogs on an on-leash walk
  • Picturesque scenery
  • Five workout stations for owners to exercise alongside their dog
  • Separate areas for big and small dogs
  • Bag dispensers and waste baskets are available throughout the park

5. Phillips Dog Park

  • Separate section for smaller dogs
  • Includes free water fountains for dogs and humans
  • Plenty of shade for sunny days
  • Seating areas are not available

6. Avalon Dog Park

  • Fully fenced for your pet’s safety
  • Sidewalks for on-leash dog walks
  • Accessible for wheelchair users
  • Limited free parking on Central Avenue
  • Public toilets nearby

7. Barber Dog Park

🗺️ Address: 📍 Kennedy Ave, Orlando, FL 32812, USA
🕐 Open Times: Sunday to Saturday from 8 AM to 8 PM (summer) or 8 AM to 6 PM (winter)
💲 Cost: Free
🐕 Off-Leash: Yes
  • Separate areas for big and small dogs
  • Grass and dirt surfaces
  • Agility equipment available
  • Trash cans and clean-up bags available
  • Doggy drinking fountains and washing stations

8. Barnett Dog Park

  • Fully fenced area for pet safety
  • Plenty of trees for shade
  • Picnic tables nearby for pet owners to relax and enjoy lunch
  • Water is readily available for pets and owners
  • Bags and disposal areas are also available

9. Yucatan Dog Park

  • Small parking lot just outside the park
  • Separate areas for big and small dogs
  • Drinking water is available for dogs and humans
  • Benches and picnic tables for pet owners to relax
  • Plenty of trees to provide shade

10. Downey Dog Park

  • Waterfront access to a pond
  • No restrooms available nearby
  • Drinking water is available via a fountain
  • Dog bags and garbage bags are available throughout the park
  • Splash pad for your pups to cool down



Vacationing to Orlando, Florida means your dog doesn’t have to miss out on any fun. The city is home to many dog parks that allow your pup to explore the place off the leash, with fenced surroundings for your pet’s safety.

These parks also have endless amenities for you and your pets, such as free parking, ADA accessibility, accessible water sources, waste disposal sites and resources, ample seating under shade, and more.

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