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12 Great Off-Leash Dog Parks In Columbus, OH You Can Visit Today in 2023


Mar 1, 2023
dog jumping over a log in a forest park in Netherlands


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dog jumping over a log in a forest park in Netherlands

If you live in or near Columbus, Ohio, you are probably constantly searching for ways to get your dog out of the house. In Columbus, there are a few off-leash dog parks where our canine pals can congregate together to romp around. What better way than to allow them to make new furry friends? Let’s check them out below.

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The 12 Off-Leash Dog Parks In Columbus, OH

1. Scioto Audubon Dog Park

  • Separate areas for small and large dogs
  • Benches for human pals to sit and relax
  • Lots of activities like agility, digging sand pit, and open space to run
  • A supply of water and water bowls are available
  • Lack of shaded space and no place to hose dogs off

2. Three Creeks Dog Park

  • Separate areas for small and large dogs
  • Spacious, open area for many dogs to run and play
  • Drinking water and poop bags available for use
  • Many trails outside of the dog park to explore
  • Potentially muddy, so your buddy may need a bath in rainy seasons

3. Dog Park at Godown Park

  • 7 acres for small dogs, 4 acres for large dogs
  • Benches for owners to sit and relax
  • Family-friendly area with fun for everyone
  • Fully fenced and double-gated for optimal reinforcement
  • Dog washing stations and water fountains available
  • Porta-potty, walking paths, and benches for people

4. Walnut Woods Dog Park

🗺️ Address: 📍Groveport, Ohio 43125
🕐 Open Times: 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. daily 
💲 Cost: Free
🐕 Off-leash allowed?: Yes
  • Paved multi-use paths inside the park
  • Separated sides for small and large dogs
  • Large dog side is 3 acres with access to a pond
  • Small dog side is 20 pounds and under with shelter access
  • Lots of shaded areas to cool off and play in the water

5. Wheeler Dog Park

  • Fully fenced-in, open area for dogs to burn off steam
  • No separated areas, so exercise caution when bringing your dog
  • Reports of possible broken water pump—but has water access
  • Water and water bowls are available to keep your pups hydrated
  • Reportedly gets very muddy, so bring some towels just in case

6. Big Walnut Park

  • Separate side for small and large dogs
  • No water access, so make sure your dog has a water supply in tow
  • Public restrooms, kiosks, and portable restrooms are available
  • Rules posted on the site
  • Reports of potential changes made to the park, such as removing pond access

divider-dog pawMetropolitan Areas of Columbus

These places might not be in the heart of Columbus, but they are in surrounding metro areas. They’re listed based on their distance from Columbus.

7. Pizzurro Park

  • 15 minutes from Columbus
  • 4 acres of room to run and play
  • Separated areas for small and large dogs
  • Dogs must be on-leash anywhere else in the park
  • Paved path for wheelchair accessibility

8. Spindler Dog Park

  • 20 minutes from Columbus
  • Separate areas for small and large dogs
  • Picnic tables, drinking fountains, and walking paths available
  • Parking on-site for easy access
  • Portable restrooms available
  • Lack of shade within the space

9. Heritage Trail Dog Park

  • 20 minutes from Columbus
  • Incredibly well-kept park in excellent location
  • Separate areas for small and large dogs
  • Exercise tunnels for agility
  • Sprinkle area for playing, drinking, and washing off
  • Only children 12 and older are permitted

10. Friends of Alum Creek Dog Park

  • 30 minutes from Columbus
  • Separate sides for small and large dogs
  • Doggie beach area where your pups can splash around
  • Reputation for being a dog-friendly beach area
  • People are not permitted to swim in the water

11. Violet Township/Pickerington Dog Park

  • 30 minutes from Columbus
  • Rules are posted at the site entrance
  • Benches available for guests
  • Shaded areas are available for your pup to cool off
  • Bring your own water and water bowls

12. Brooksedge Park Bark Park

  • 25 minutes from Columbus
  • Offers three sections for regrowth, small, and large dogs (two sides open at a time)
  • Poop bags, trash cans, water bowls, and fountains available for your dog
  • Light climbing and agility equipment
  • Parking and benches accessible to owners
  • Dog park is beautifully fenced in and reinforced
  • Dogs are not allowed on nearby metro trails



So, if you live in or around Columbus, you have many options to check out in your spare time. Once you and your dog find your favorite hangout, you can make it a point to visit—and you both might make friends!

Featured Image Credit: Jesper Brouwers, Unsplash

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