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12 Great Reasons to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter


Feb 17, 2023
shelter volunteer feeding the dogs


shelter volunteer feeding the dogs

Choosing to welcome a dog into your life takes a lot of consideration, especially when deciding where to adopt them from. Several options exist, including adopting your next family member from a shelter, which means you will give a dog a much-needed home.

Here are 12 great reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter.


The 12 Reasons to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

1. You’re Providing a Second Chance to a Worthy Animal

Each year, almost 3.1 million dogs are sent to US shelters.1 Many of these animals are abandoned by people who can’t provide veterinary care or pet-friendly housing, while some end up in shelters because they are victims of cruelty. Hundreds of thousands of animals still need homes now! In a world where second chances are frequently hard to come by, if you adopt a dog from a shelter, you’re providing them with an opportunity to begin a new chapter.

woman adopting a dog from shelter
Image Credit: hedgehog94, Shutterstock

2. You Do More Than Just Save Your Dog’s Life

When you bring a shelter dog home, you’re giving the animal a great home that they really need. You may think that means you only save one life, but you’re actually helping many other unfortunate lives. Getting your next dog family member from a shelter will free up a spot for another dog and allow them to find a new home like your furry friend.

3. The Dog Will Adore You

When you adopt dogs from a shelter that didn’t have a good start in their adventure, you will be the person they are most grateful for because they instinctively know you saved their life. Whatever happens, that dog will always adore you and spend the rest of their time showing you how much they appreciate what you’ve done for them.

happy shelter dog
Image Credit: pixexid, Pixabay

4. Many Shelter Dogs Are Already House-Trained

Most animals in shelters are there because there is a shortage of pet-friendly homes and veterinary services. These problems will require systematic change and will probably take lots of time. Nevertheless, shelters also have pets that once lived in loving environments and may already have basic training and good manners. In addition, shelter dogs are also given socialization training to learn how to get along with people and other animals and stay calm under pressure.

5. You’re Fighting Against Puppy Mills

A puppy mill is a commercial dog breeding facility that puts profit above the welfare of animals. The Humane Society of the United States says that many puppy mills are uncontrolled, and as a result, they overbreed dogs and provide insufficient food, veterinary care, and housing. They even kill dogs that aren’t suited for breeding. By adopting your new pup from a local shelter, you are giving back to your community instead of helping illicit breeders.

puppies in a puppy mill
Image Credit: 2690457, Pixabay

6. The Cost Will Be Much Lower

Before adoption, many shelters offer extensive medical care, such as first vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and parasite prevention. Adoption fees often don’t cover these expenses. Also, low-cost or free adoption events are growing in popularity, so adopting a shelter dog will save you a lot of money.

7. You’ll Have a Faithful Best Friend

Dogs are great candidates to become our best friends because they are social animals that love attention and praise. What could be better than having a faithful friend? In the time with your shelter dog, that close friend will never let you feel lonely, and they may feel the same way. Your new dog will add love, care, and excitement to your life.

dog standing on the meadow while owner adjusting the harness
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8. Destress and Unwind

A study published by the National Library of Medicine found that spending more time each day with your dog can increase levels of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” which lowers stress and promotes psychological stability. Therefore, taking some time off with your furry friends will help you unwind and keep you at peace.

9. You’ll Likely Become More Active

With all the walking and playing that goes along with owning a dog, it’s no surprise that a study published in 2021 in BMC Public Health found that dog owners take 1,700 more steps per day on average than those without pets. If you’re leading a healthier lifestyle, your new furry companion will give you a reason to spend more time outside and stretch your legs.

In a move. Irish red setter happy to see the owner. The dog jumping near country house
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10. Caring for a Shelter Dog Is Beneficial to Your Health

Taking care of a shelter pet can reduce loneliness and provide a sense of fulfillment. Interestingly, Harvard has shown a link between dog ownership and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Because of these positive impacts on people’s health, many hospitals are implementing dog-therapy programs to assist patients in coping with illnesses and improving their mental health. Therefore, adopting a dog from a shelter that really needs your attention and care is very good for your health.

11. You’ll Know a Lot About the Dog You Want to Adopt

Before dogs are released publicly for adoption, most shelters will do an evaluation that reveals a lot about their temperament. The presence of anxiety, fear, or any other personality trait is revealed clearly upfront, so you know what to expect and how to cope successfully. Furthermore, these animals also undergo a thorough examination to check for any underlying health issues. It’s better to know ahead of time if the dog you want to adopt has this or that condition so you can prepare for dealing with it in the future. Staff and volunteers at shelters have plenty of information about a dog’s personality, health, and behavioral quirks to share with you.

Australian Cattle Dog Blue Heeler walking with owner
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12. You’ll Get Long-Term Support

Many rescue and shelter programs offer ongoing support through training sessions, counseling, and practical assistance if you have problems with your four-legged friend. For anyone looking to adopt a new canine, these programs’ extensive networks of contacts in all fields of dog expertise can be invaluable.


Getting a new dog from a shelter has many advantages and is a wonderful experience. Numerous dogs of all breeds, ages, shapes, sizes, and personalities are available for adoption at shelters. Millions of people enjoy the love and laughter that dogs bring into their lives every day, and now is the perfect time to check out your local animal shelters and find your next family member.

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