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12 Reasons Why Your Dachshund Licks You So Much – What To Know!


Feb 8, 2023
12 Reasons Why Your Dachshund Licks You So Much - What To Know!


Brown dachshund licking woman

If you own a Dachshund, there’s a good chance they like to spend some time licking you. Some owners love it, and some hate it, but have you ever taken a step back and thought about why they’re licking you so much?

The reasons vary quite a bit. From harmless to concerning, there are a ton of potential reasons, and it’s a good idea to figure out why they’re displaying this behavior. Below we’ve highlighted the 12 most common reasons your Dachshund licks you so much.

divider-pawThe 12 Reasons Why Your Dachshund Licks You

1. They Like You!

Old female hugs and cuddles pet Dachshunds in the park on a bench
Image Credit: Yelizaveta Tomashevska, Shutterstock

Your dog can’t tell you how much they like you, and often they’ll communicate their affection with licks. This means they see you as a member of the pack, and they’re trying to do a little something to take care of you.

While you don’t need your pup grooming you, it’s just their way of showing how much you mean to them! So, the next time they start licking you take it easy on them, they’re just trying to show you that you’re special to them.

2. They Want Attention

If you start petting your pup, do they stop licking you? If so, they might be licking you just because they want a little attention. There are a few different ways to address this behavior if you want it to stop, but if they’re licking you because they want attention, the best thing you can do is simply ignore the behavior. If you can get them to associate licking you with a lack of attention, then they likely won’t do it in the future.

3. They’re Saying Hi

Dorgi (Dachshund x Welsh Corgi Pembroke)
Image Credit: NARIT OLANPRUEK, Shutterstock

If your Dachshund is only licking you when you come home or you’re entering a room, there’s a good chance they’re just saying hi. It’s up to you if you want to let them have their few licks to say hello or train them to greet you differently.

4. They’re Bored

Think about it—there’s a good chance your dog doesn’t have much going on in their life. If they don’t have anything else to do, they might lick you as a way to entertain themselves. Getting them some toys they like or getting them out for a bit more exercise might help with this behavior.

5. They’re Anxious

dachshund by the beach during sunset
Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

Some dogs are just nervous lickers. If there’s a change your dog might have noticed and the licking started shortly after, they might just be licking you as a way to get rid of some nervous energy. Give them time to adjust or remove the stressor if you can and the licking behavior should go away.

6. Allergies

While a Dachshund is more likely to lick themselves if they have allergies, it is possible they might resort to licking you. If you suspect your Dachshund has allergies, take them to a vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Even if they’re not displaying severe symptoms, they’re uncomfortable, and if a vet can help with that, it’s worth the visit.

7. You Taste Good

a dachshund dog looks sick lying on its owner
Image Credit: Leka Sergeeva, Shutterstock

Are you finding your dog is only licking you after you cook or after you get out of the shower? If so, they might just like the way you taste. They’re not looking to chow down on you, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the taste of you!

8. It’s a Habit

When you do something long enough it just becomes a habit and there doesn’t need to be a reason for it. The bad news if you want them to stop is that habits can be hard to break. You’ll need to find a way to distract them and give them something else to do. Otherwise, your dog licking you might just be something you have to accept.

9. They’re Hungry

Dachshund surrounded with kibbles
Image Credit: dogboxstudio, Shutterstock

When was the last time you fed your Dachshund? If they’re licking you before mealtimes, then it’s possible they’re just reminding you to feed them. They can’t tell you how they’re feeling in other ways, and they’re just getting your attention back on them so you don’t forget that it’s their dinnertime.

10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

If your dog has OCD, you’re going to notice a lot of licking. Even when you try to stop them, they’ll likely try to keep going. And even when they do stop, you’ll be able to tell that they don’t want to stop. This isn’t a severe problem, but you need to keep an eye out for what else they might decide to lick.

11. They’re Not Feeling Well

dachshund dog sleeping on cloth
Image Credit: fulopattila75, Pixabay

If your Dachshund doesn’t normally lick you but now they can’t seem to stop, they might not be feeling the best. If you also notice lethargy or any other symptoms of a sick dog when the licking starts, this might be the case.

If you think your dog is sick, we recommend taking them to a vet so you don’t miss anything and they can get the treatment they need to get better.

12. They’re Grooming You

Dogs lick themselves and each other as a grooming technique, and if they think you need to clean up a bit, then they might start licking you. It’s their way of showing you a little affection. After all, they won’t groom just anyone!


Dachshunds like to lick, and now that you know a little more about why they like to lick so much, you can make an informed decision about how to stop the behavior or whether it’s something you can tolerate.

The important thing is to look for things out of the ordinary. If there are any sudden shifts in their behavior, it’s likely a sign of a deeper problem and something you need to look into.

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