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15 Best Budget-Friendly Dog Subscription Boxes in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks


Jun 16, 2023
Pet shop owner, mom and kid putting bone in Pet Subscription Box for Dogs


Pet shop owner, mom and kid putting bone in Pet Subscription Box for Dogs

Our dogs have such a special place in our hearts as one of our dearest companions. At times, it can feel difficult to express how much we appreciate our dogs properly, and that’s why some people turn to dog subscription boxes so their pup can get a regular stream of presents.

If you are considering a dog subscription box, but you’re on a budget, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of high-quality yet affordable canine subscriptions for you to choose from. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the cheapest subscription boxes and offering our reviews on each. To figure out which one is right for you, keep reading below.

divider-pawA Glance at Our Top Picks (2023 Update)

The 15 Best Budget-Friendly Dog Subscription Boxes

1. BarkBox – Best Overall

Bark Box logo

Main Feature(s): Treats, chews, and toys
Free Shipping: No

Our choice for the best overall budget-friendly dog subscription boxes is BarkBox. In a typical BarkBox subscription box, you will find two toys, two treat bags, and one chew. To ensure their products never get old for your dog, BarkBox customizes each month’s box with a unique theme, giving your dog something new to experience each month.

One of the greatest qualities of BarkBox’s subscription is how much you can personalize it. If your dog is a heavy chewer, you can swap plush toys for more durable ones. If your dog has food allergies, you can purchase an allergen-free box. To customize your dog’s box, you can reach out to BarkBox’s team and see which options are available for you.

On the downside, no free shipping is available unless you sign up for the upgraded plan. Considering that you’re looking for a budget-friendly dog subscription plan, the upgraded option may not be feasible for you. Still, BarkBox keeps their prices relatively affordable, and for all of the content inside each box, it’s well worth it.

  • Ability to personalize contents
  • Variety in monthly products
  • Boxes are based on a fun theme
  • Allergy-free options
  • Free shipping is only available with an upgraded plan

2. Pet Treater – Best Value

Pet Treater logo

Main Feature(s): Treats, toys, and accessories
Free Shipping: Yes

The best budget-friendly dog subscription box for the money is Pet Treater. Pet Treater is so affordable that even their most expensive plans may be cheaper than some of the competition’s most economical options. It is the perfect way to treat your dog while maintaining a strict budget.

Pet Treater offers toys, treats, and accessories in each box, and the accessories can be grooming supplies, waste bags, leashes, and more. If your dog has specific needs, Pet Treater allows you to customize your subscription plan to better suit your situation.

Some users complain that the toys are not as durable as they would like. If you have a heavy chewer, the toys in this subscription box may fall apart before your dog can get started with them. On the other hand, the treats are reported to be of good quality and made in the United States and Canada.

  • Customizable subscriptions
  • Even the most expensive plans are affordable
  • Treats are made in the United States and Canada
  • Toys may not be durable enough for heavy chewers

3. Chewy Goody Box – Premium Choice

Chewy Goody Box 1

Main Feature(s): Treats, toys, and chews
Free Shipping: No

If you want some goodies for your pup, you should check out the Chewy Goody Box. Each month’s Chewy Goody Box is designed to suit a specific theme, making each box exciting and fresh. A special feature of the Chewy Goody Box is that you can purchase it as a one-time gift for other dog-owning friends.

You will find five to seven treats, toys, and accessories in each box. Before purchasing, you can review which items will be in that month’s box, giving you full control over what you buy. On the downside, not all Chewy Goody Boxes can be used as subscription boxes. This can make it difficult to receive a steady supply of subscription boxes for your dog.

  • Easy to use as a one-time gift
  • Boxes can be designed for special situations
  • You will know what is in the box before opening it
  • Not all boxes can be used as subscriptions

4. PupBox – Best for Puppies


Main Feature(s): Treats, chews, toys, and accessories
Free Shipping: No

PupBox makes subscription boxes with items suitable for a young puppy. The contents of each box are designed for growing puppies, including training guides for developmental milestones and advice for laying a healthy foundation for feeding, grooming, and exercise. As your puppy ages, the box’s contents will change to meet its needs.

You can customize your PupBox subscription based on your dog’s breed, size, and dietary restrictions. Boxes contain five to seven products, including chews, treats, toys, and accessories. Sadly, some customers reported that the toys were less durable than they had hoped.

  • Supports your puppy’s development
  • Contents of boxes evolve as your puppy grows older
  • Provides training guides for your convenience
  • Some of the toys aren’t durable

5. Ollie


Main Feature(s): Food
Free Shipping: Yes

If you’re more interested in food for your dog rather than toys or accessories, an Ollie subscription may be the perfect fit for you. Ollie provides high-quality dog food formulas and treats in each subscription box. To sign up, you will answer questions regarding your dog’s age, breed, size, and various other features so that Ollie can direct you to the most beneficial subscriptions for your pup.

There are several meals and treats for you to choose from, ensuring that there is something for every dog. The meal plans are adjustable, and you can add supplements whenever needed. Ollie’s foods require refrigeration before opening, so you must make space in your fridge for your dog’s food.

  • Meal plans are adjustable
  • You can add supplements
  • There are plenty of recipes to choose from

6. Spot & Tango 

Spot + Tango Fresh Turkey & Red Quinoa

Main Feature(s): Food and snacks
Free Shipping: Yes

For high-quality food and snacks, Spot & Tango is a great option. With this subscription, feeding your dog fresh and healthy food cannot be easier. Spot & Tango ships pre-portioned meals to your doorstep with rapid delivery. Sometimes, you may receive your order in as little as one business day.

Whether your dog prefers dry food or wet food, Spot & Tango has kibble and wet food options that are made without artificial ingredients or fillers. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can customize the recipes and snacks included in each box. If you change your mind about the subscription plan you want for your dog, Spot & Tango makes it easy to switch plans.

While Spot & Tango is known for its rapid delivery, it, unfortunately, does not support overnight shipping. If you need your Spot & Tango subscription box even quicker than normal, they may not be able to make that work.

  • Rapid delivery
  • Your subscription plan can be easily edited
  • Includes high-quality food and treats

7. PupJoy

pupjoy subscription box contents

Main Feature(s): Treats, toys, and chews
Free Shipping: Yes

PupJoy provides high-quality treats, chews, and toys in their subscription boxes. There are five items in each box, which is generous for the price you pay. PupJoy’s plans are highly customizable, and you can try the “Build Your Own Box” plan. From there, you can create a profile for your dog to pick and choose which item categories you want in each month’s box.

Unfortunately, PupJoy’s boxes for large breeds cost more. If you have a bigger dog that you want to spoil, this subscription box may make it difficult to do so on a budget.

  • You can customize the products you receive
  • Food products are healthy and high-quality
  • Subscription options for larger dogs cost more

8. Pooch Perks

pooch perks logo

Main Feature(s): Treats, toys, chews, and accessories
Free Shipping: No

Pooch Perks provides highly customizable subscription plans. You can choose between boxes with toys only, treats and toys, or treats, chews, accessories, and toys. Even better, Pooch Perks allows you to opt into a mixed-size subscription plan, and the contents are suitable for dogs of all sizes. This is particularly useful for households with multiple dogs.

You can sign up for monthly or bi-monthly deliveries. You can also choose how durable the toys are, as well as which ingredients can and cannot be in your dog’s treats. As an added bonus, Pooch Perks’ products are eco-friendly, so you can feel good about what is in each box.

On the downside, once you choose your subscription details, they are locked in. You cannot change subscription options after your subscription has begun; you can only change the size of your dog. So, make sure that you double-check all of your customized options to ensure that you’re signing up for what you truly want.

  • Products are eco-friendly
  • Highly customizable
  • Customizations cannot be changed in the middle of a subscription

9. Bark Super Chewer

bark super chewer pool party animals contents

Main Feature(s): Treats, toys, and chews
Free Shipping: No

Is your dog a heavy chewer? Bark Super Chewer may be the perfect dog subscription box for you! This subscription is associated with BarkBox and is designed to withstand the wear and tear that even the toughest of chewers can dish out. If your dog needs something to really sink their teeth into, Bark Super Chewer will likely become a favorite.

This subscription box includes heavy-duty toys, but if they become damaged quicker than expected, Bark Super Chewer will provide a free replacement. You’ll want to note that the nylon that makes these toys so tough can have an unintended side effect. Since it’s such a tough material, it can injure or damage your dog’s teeth if they chew too hard.

  • Provides free replacements for damaged toys
  • Durable, stuffing-free toys
  • Nylon toys may damage your dog’s teeth

10. BoxDog


Main Feature(s): Treats, toys, accessories, and skincare products
Free Shipping: Yes

BoxDog subscription boxes are the way to go if you really want to pamper your pup. This box focuses on nonessentials such as treats, skin-care products, clothes, and interactive toys. The contents are made with high-quality materials, and there is an allergen-free treat option for dogs with dietary restrictions.

There are two plans through BoxDog: the monthly plan and the seasonal plan. The monthly plan delivers five or six products each month, whereas the seasonal plan delivers six or seven products every 4 months. You can customize which items are sent to you. While most BoxDog boxes ship for free, any boxes with large items will require you to pay extra for shipping.

  • Allergen-free treat options
  • Offers more content than other standard subscription boxes
  • Large items have extra shipping fees

11. Bark Bright

bark bright dental sticks packaging

Main Feature(s): Dental chews and toothpaste
Free Shipping: No

If you’re looking for a convenient way to keep up with your dog’s dental health, Bark Bright may be the perfect solution for you. Bark Bright is associated with Barkbox and sends a regular supply of canine dental products straight to your doorstep.

Inside the Bark Bright boxes, you will find dental chews and canine toothpaste. They can help you establish a regular dental care routine with your dog and reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth.

The toughest part about Bark Bright may be your dog’s wariness about the chews. While some dogs will gnaw on them without a second thought, others may be hesitant due to the flavor. Bark Bright uses a chicken-flavored toothpaste to entice your dog, but it doesn’t always work.

  • Supports your dog’s dental health
  • Gives your dog fresh breath
  • Dogs may not enjoy the flavor

12. Bullymake


Main Feature(s): Treats and toys
Free Shipping: Yes

Bullymake has treats and toys that change with each box based on the theme of the month. In a typical Bullymake box, you’ll find two or three toys along with three bags of treats. However, if your dog is more interested in toys than treats, you can upgrade to a toys-only box that includes four or five toys per month.

Bullymake crafts its toys specifically to withstand the wear and tear that heavy chewers can cause. If your dog is a tough muncher, Bullymake has you covered. Since Bullymake focuses on making durable toys, the variety of their toys is somewhat limited. They only sell chew toys, so if your pet prefers other types, the Bullymake toys may not be a hit.

  • Boxes are designed with unique monthly themes
  • Built to be durable for heavy chewers

13. The Farmer’s Dog 

The Farmer’s Dog logo

Main Feature(s): Food
Free Shipping: Yes

If you want high-quality, healthy food for your dog, look no further than The Farmer’s Dog. To sign up for a regular subscription from The Farmer’s Dog, navigate to their website, where you can create a pet profile for your dog. From there, The Farmer’s Dog will suggest different recipes to suit your dog’s dietary needs. This subscription is especially useful for dogs who need to gain or lose weight.

On the downside, the meals you get from The Farmer’s Dog will need to be kept in your refrigerator, which can be a challenge if you are already struggling to find space in your fridge for your own food.

  • Supports your dog’s health with vet-developed recipes
  • Sends proper portions to ensure nothing goes to waste

14. RescueBox


Main Feature(s): Treats, toys, and chews
Free Shipping: Yes

If you want a subscription box and are passionate about supporting good causes, why not check off two desires with one purchase? With RescueBox, you can sign up for a regular doggy delivery while supporting homeless pets. When you receive a RescueBox, animals in shelters will receive meals.

Inside each RescueBox, you will find five products, including treats, toys, and chews. Subscription prices are the same for small, medium, or large dogs.

The main drawback of RescueBox is that you are limited in customization options. You cannot make choices about which type of toys, treats, or chews you receive. This is especially concerning for pet parents of dogs with allergies, as no allergen-free options exist.

  • Proceeds support animals in need

15. KONG Box

kong club subscription box

Main Feature(s): Toys and treats
Free Shipping: No

For toys and treats galore, check out the KONG Box. The KONG Box ships toys and treats to keep your dog’s tail wagging all day long. The toys you receive are reported to be of excellent quality. These boxes also include recipes and advice for making your dog happy and healthy.

Through a KONG Box subscription, you can create a profile for your dog. This will include information such as your dog’s size, chewing style, playing style, and more.

Unfortunately, KONG Box only delivers to the United States. If you are not within the United States, getting your hands on a KONG Box will be much harder.

  • Only ships to the United States


Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Budget-Friendly Dog Subscription Boxes

Even after taking a look at our reviews, it can be difficult to decide which budget-friendly dog subscription box is the right one for you. If you’d like advice on how to choose the best service for your dog, we have a list of factors for you to consider.

Subscription Plan Options 

If flexibility in your plan is valuable to you, you can look for subscription boxes that support you in adjusting your plan to your heart’s content.

Items Per Box 

While the price of your subscription will play a huge role in determining its affordability, the number of items per box will determine if the price is worth it. If a box is cheap but only contains one item, it likely isn’t worth the hassle. But if another box is slightly more expensive while offering several items per box, you know that you are getting a bargain.


For dogs with special needs, such as those with dietary restrictions or heavy chewers, you will likely want to swap certain items out of your box to better suit your dog’s needs. If your subscription box does not offer that service, you may need to look elsewhere.

Shipping Fees

When considering how affordable a dog subscription box is, don’t forget to add shipping fees into the equation. Some subscription boxes allow you to qualify for free shipping, so check out which rules and exceptions apply to see if you can get free shipping.

Customer Reviews 

Always check the customer reviews before committing to a subscription box. If there are an overwhelming number of positive reviews, you can rest assured that the company is worth trying out.



If you are looking for the cheapest dog subscription box, many factors determine the price and make it difficult to estimate exactly how much you will spend on a subscription. However, this list offers some of the best budget-friendly options on the market. Our best overall pick is BarkBox, which features high levels of customization at a low price. Pet Treater is our best-value option, and it sells pet supplies at incredibly low prices. We hope these reviews have helped you determine which subscription box is the right fit for you.

Featured Image Credit: Iryna Imago, Shutterstock

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