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7 Shih Tzu Colors and Designs (With Images)


Mar 20, 2023
shih tzu dog lying down on carpet at home and looking away


shih tzu dog lying down on carpet at home and looking away

Though Shih Tzus can appear in a selection of hues and styles, there are only seven colours that are officially approved by the American Kennel Club. From striking sable coats to sound white fur, these seven colours and patterns offer an array of possibilities for potential Shih Tzu entrepreneurs.

Let’s appear at some of these demonstrate-halting Shih Tzu hues!


The 7 Offical Shih Tzu Colours

1. Blue

Blue Shih Tzus are a prevalent breed of this toy breed. With a modern, darkish blue coat that can vary from steel gray to black and every little thing in concerning, these men will transform heads where ever you go!

Whilst not actually blue in color, the blue Shih Tzu has a gene that creates dark coloration. In the ideal gentle, their fur provides off a metallic sheen that carefully resembles blue.

Frequently, blue Shih Tzus will also have a black mask throughout their encounter, incorporating to the mysterious attract of this breed. Numerous have white along their chests and paws, as well as all over their snout.

2. Black

Black is a different common coloration among Shih Tzus. This reliable black colour is the purest of all the hues and helps present off the breed’s signature notify, inquisitive expression.

Most black Shih Tzus have a few white markings on their chest and paws, but some may absence these more lighter-colored patches of fur. The coat of a black Shih Tzu is dense and could have a refined brindle pattern.

Black shih tzu puppy sitting in grass
Image Credit rating: Brian Muck, Shutterstock

3. Liver

Liver-colored Shih Tzus are 1 of the a lot less popular colors of this breed. This coloration can variety from a deep, dim brown to a gentle reddish-brown hue. The most effective way to explain liver-coloured Shih Tzus is to review them to a chocolate bar.

This exclusive coloration aids set this breed apart from other toy breeds, and it is confident to be a crowd-pleaser. Liver-colored Shih Tzus are sure to be the center of notice anywhere they go!

Brown Shih Tzu
Impression Credit score: David Soanes Images, Shutterstock

4. Silver

Silvers are basically lovely! They have a stunning shine to their coats that is accentuated by the white fur close to their eyes, noses, and paws. These Shih Tzu often glance like they were dipped in glitter!

The silver color can variety from light to dim, depending on how a lot black hair the canine has mixed in with its silver fur. Regardless of the shade, they often search awesome!

Shih tzu puppy lying under a blanket on the bed
Picture Credit history: Wirestock, Freepik

5. Crimson

The pink Shih Tzu is as cute as it gets! This color can selection from a golden honey hue to a deep, dim mahogany. Reds are a sight to behold, and their coats have a really shiny sheen to them.

These beauties definitely capture the attention of any person in the home, so you won’t be ready to go anywhere devoid of your pup having some important love! No matter whether they have lighter or darker fur, they’ll always search gorgeous.

6. Brindle

Brindles are some of the most eye-catching Shih Tzu close to! They have a mix of each dark and mild fur, which creates an attention-grabbing sample. Brindle Shih Tzus also have a tendency to have lighter fur close to their eyes and muzzle, building them seem even additional hanging.

In some pups, a striped pattern is really notable, although in others, the stripes are a lot more blended. Whatsoever the case may perhaps be, brindle Shih Tzus are sure to grab everyone’s interest with their unique seems!

7. Gold

Past but unquestionably not the very least, we have gold! This spectacular breed can be seen in shades from gentle yellow to deep mahogany and every thing in among.

As with all the other colours and patterns, this variation is normally taking place, but you can also discover gold Shih Tzu that are specially bred for their vivid shade. No make a difference what shade of gold you opt for, these beautiful canines will normally make a bold statement.


Suggestions to Keep Your Shih Tzu’s Coat Healthier

No subject what stunning shade or sample your pup has, it’s important to keep their coat wholesome and seeking its best. Below are some recommendations on how to groom your Shih Tzu:

Brush Usually

Common brushing allows hold their coats wholesome and absolutely free of tangles or mats. Test to do this at least a few periods a 7 days. Lots of Shih Tzus also appreciate a good brushing, so it can be a excellent bonding experience for you and your pup!

brushing shih tzu dog
Picture Credit score: hedgehog94, Shutterstock

Bathe Often

Providing your Shih Tzu typical baths is essential to keep their coats wanting thoroughly clean and gorgeous. Be sure to use a shampoo precisely formulated for pet dogs considering that human shampoos can strip absent the all-natural oils in their fur.

Trim Nails

When your pup’s nails get as well long, it can lead to irritation and even direct to them breaking off. Make certain to trim their nails consistently to continue to keep this from occurring! In undertaking so, you not only endorse balanced paws, but you also assistance hold the fur on their feet from finding horrible.

woman cutting Shih Tzu dog's nails
Picture Credit: buritora, Shutterstock

Pay a visit to the Vet

Finally, it’s important to bring your pup in for frequent look at-ups with your vet. This will support them keep on best of any probable wellbeing troubles that may possibly impact their coat or skin. Good overall health is critical for having a stunning, vibrant Shih Tzu coat!

With these recommendations in intellect and the knowledge of all the incredible colours and styles that you can locate with this breed, you will be confident to obtain the fantastic pup for your family!

No issue which colour or pattern you opt for, these treasured small pups will constantly make a huge impression. Have pleasurable exploring and delight in all the cuteness that arrives with possessing a Shih Tzu!divider-dog


Shih Tzus occur in a variety of stunning colours and styles, from deep reds to gentle silvers. Although 7 shades are officially acknowledged, official shades are only vital if you system to present your pup in competitions. So, sense free of charge to go with any 1 you want! You are not confined to just the 7 colours, so have enjoyable with it and select a pup that most effective satisfies you.

Featured Graphic Credit score: Drazen Zigic, Shutterstock

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