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8 Amazing Off-Leash Dog Parks Near Reston, VA (2023 Update)


Feb 14, 2023
Golden Retriever and Bichon Frise


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Golden Retriever and Bichon Frise

Dogs need socialization. While you may be their best friend, getting to know other people and their dogs is a great way for your pet to learn better behaviors while burning off their energy. For people that live in or are visiting Reston, VA there are several great off-leash dog parks just waiting for you to visit. Let’s take a look at what Reston and the surrounding areas have to offer so you and your dog can get out and have some fun today!


The 8 Off-Leash Dog Parks Near Reston, VA

1. Baron Cameron Dog Park

  • Shade and play pools help keep dogs happy and cool
  • Water spigots are available to help with hydration while dogs play
  • Dog owners have access to lots of shade and benches to relax
  • Poop bags and trash cans are readily available
  • Owners are asked to clean up after themselves and avoid allowing small children inside the fenced areas

2. Blake Lane Dog Park

  • This park features lots of grass and shade for fun
  • Hydration stations are available for dogs but owners should bring their own water
  • Lots of toys for dogs to play with while visiting
  • The two-gate fencing system is great for keeping dogs safe while playing
  • Cleaning up after pets is easy thanks to trash cans and available poop bags

3. Dulles Station Dog Park

  • Large dog park with lots of areas to run and play
  • A playground for children is nearby
  • Offers shade to help dogs and their owners a chance to cool down
  • Dulles Station Community Park is nearby where owners can visit while dogs are on-leash

4. Chandon Dog Park

  • Running water is available for dogs and their owners
  • Lots of activities for dogs including agility ramps
  • Two separate areas are available to keep small dogs safe
  • Park has lots of trees and shade to help dogs and owners cool down
  • Cleaning up after dogs is encouraged with available poop bags

5. Simpson Stadium Dog Park

  • Offers late hours for nighttime visits
  • Water and other amenities are available
  • A local park is nearby for family fun
  • Poop bags are available for easy clean up

6. Grist Mill Dog Park

  • The dog park is 2 blocks long for lots of running and exercise
  • Double gate system to provide additional safety for dogs
  • Play pools and water are available for fun and refreshment
  • Shade is available for dogs and owners
  • Poop bags and trash cans are available to promote a clean park

7. Dog Run Park at Carlyle

  • Tons of parking available
  • Toys and agility equipment are available for dogs to enjoy
  • Water is available for dogs and their owners
  • Separate grassy areas are available for small and large dogs

8. Vienna Dog Park

  • Park offers lots of shade for dogs and humans
  • Offers agility equipment and activities for pups to enjoy
  • Fresh water is available for dogs and owners
  • Lots of parking for visitors



For dogs, and owners, looking to make friends, Reston and the surrounding area offers lots of places to get together. These great dog parks may be close to you or require a drive but you and your dog will have a fun day out exploring while you meet people and other dogs and enjoy the fresh air.

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