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8 Best Side Gigs for People Who Love Pets (2023 Guide)


Mar 7, 2023
Dog walker sitting on bench and enjoying in park with dogs.


Dog walker sitting on bench and enjoying in park with dogs.

Do you have a special place in your heart for furry friends? If so, why not put this passion to good use by taking on a side gig that caters to the needs of our cuddly companions? From dog walking to pet photography, there are plenty of ways to make some extra cash while doing something you love.

Here’s our guide to the eight best side gigs for pet lovers this year. Get ready to put your furry friends first! Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or just love animals in general, these jobs are sure to get tails wagging and hearts racing. So, break out the treats, and let’s get started!


The 8 Side Gigs for People Who Love Pets

1. Pet Sitter

golden retriever dogs lying on the floor with pet sitter
Image Credit: atyana Vyc, Shutterstock

If you love animals, why not hang out with them for a living? Pet sitting is a great job if you want to make some extra cash without having to commit to the same schedule every day.

With this job, you get to spend time with animals and keep them company while their owners are away. The best part? You can choose your own hours and decide how many pets to take on.

Whether you want to sit with dogs, cats, or both, you can tailor your services to fit your needs. What’s more, some pet owners may even provide food and supplies, so you don’t have to worry about spending any of your earnings.

2. Dog Walker

Smiling professional dog walker in the street with lots of dogs
Image Credit: Lucky Business, Shutterstock

Are you an early riser? Or maybe you are just a fan of morning walks? Either way, dog walking is an ideal side gig for pet lovers. All you need is a few hours each day, some energy, and a love of dogs, and you’re good to go!

You can choose your own clients and decide when and where to walk them. Plus, the extra exercise will do you good too! Just make sure to get to know the dogs you’ll be walking first, as well as their owners, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved.

3. Pet Photographer

Photographer taking a photo of persian cat
Image Credit: ANURAK PONGPATIMET, Shutterstock

Do you have an eye for capturing beautiful moments? If so, pet photography could be the perfect side gig for you. All you need is some basic knowledge of cameras, a knack for editing, and a love of animals, and you’re ready to get started.

With pet photography, you can capture special moments between owners and their furry friends while also earning some extra cash. You can even set up your own studio or take photos outdoors—whatever works best for both you and your clients! This line of work lets you specialize in specific animals or offer your services to all kinds of pet owners.

So, if you’ve got a creative eye and an affinity for furry friends, pet photography might just be the side gig for you!

4. Pet Grooming

balinese cat grooming
Image Credit: BravissimoS, Shutterstock

Are you a fan of pampering? If so, pet grooming could be the perfect side gig for you. This job involves washing, brushing, and even clipping fur to keep pets looking their best. And unlike some of the other jobs on this list, you don’t need a lot of experience or equipment—just a love of animals!

You can choose to specialize in certain breeds or offer your services to all kinds of pet owners. And you can set your own rates and decide when and where to groom. So, if you’re looking for a side gig that allows you to pamper pets while also earning some extra cash, pet grooming might be the perfect fit!

5. Pet Taxi Driver

Two cages with puppies in the trunk of a car
Image Credit: StockMediaSeller, Shutterstock

If you believe yourself to be a safe, reliable driver, perhaps you should put your skills to good use by becoming a pet taxi driver! This job involves transporting animals from one place to another—whether it’s from the vet or their owner’s home.

All you need is a dependable car and some basic knowledge of animal care. You can choose when and where to take the animals, as well as how much you charge. Plus, you get to spend time with some furry friends while also earning extra cash on the side!

6. Pet Supply Store Employee

Young smiling salesgirl offering small birdcage in pet store
Image Credit: BearFotos, Shutterstock

Do you have a passion for pets and their supplies? If so, why not put your knowledge and skills to good use by working at a pet supply store?

As an employee of a pet supply store, you can help customers find the products they need while also offering advice on animal care. What’s more, this can turn into a career if you so choose. Besides, you get to interact with animals and their owners on a daily basis!

7. Pooper Scooper

Cleaning up after the dog with plastic bag
Image Credit: Monika Wisniewska, Shutterstock

Let’s face it; dog owners hate picking up after their furry friends. That’s why they need pooper scoopers! If you’re not afraid of a little (or a lot) of doggy doo, this could be the side job for you.

All you need is a pair of gloves, some plastic bags, and your own two hands to get started.

It may sound unappealing to some, but it’s a great way to make extra money on the side. Best of all, you get to be outdoors and help pet owners keep their yards clean—it’s a win-win!

So, if you think you can handle the task of pooper scooping, this line of work could turn into a lucrative side hustle for you.

8. Pet Training

smiling black woman training dog outdoors
Image Credit: Samson Katt, Pexels

If you have a natural affinity for animals, pet training is an ideal side gig for you. This job involves teaching pets specific behaviors and commands to make them better behaved. You can offer your services to all kinds of pet owners or specialize in a particular type of animal.

Don’t worry if you lack education in this field; with the help of books and online resources, you can easily learn more about this line of work and become a certified pet trainer. And you can set your own rates, so this could be the perfect way to make some extra cash on the side.


Tips to Make Your Side Gig Work for You

No matter which side gig you choose to pursue, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you make the most of it.

a dog with owner and pet sitter

Have Realistic Goals: Taking on too much all at once can have detrimental effects. Set goals that are realistic ones you can accomplish and stick to so that you don’t get overwhelmed or burned out.

Be Flexible: If your side gig involves taking care of pets, there may be times when owners need you to work on short notice or for extended periods of time. Try to be as flexible as possible to ensure that you can meet their needs.

Do Your Research: Before you take on a side gig, make sure you research the requirements and what is expected of you. This will help you determine if it’s something that fits within your lifestyle and schedule.

Network: Make connections within the pet industry so that you have people to turn to for advice and referrals. This can make your side gig even more successful.

Stay Organized: Good organization is key to running a side business. Keep track of your schedule, tasks, and financials so everything runs smoothly.

Be Positive: It’s important to stay positive in this industry as there will be difficult times. Keep your head up and stay focused on the goal: to offer pet owners the best service possible.

Above all, have fun! There’s nothing quite like helping bring joy to pets and their owners—make sure you take time to appreciate that!

Have a Plan B: You never know what could happen with a side gig, so make sure you have a backup plan in case things don’t go as expected. That way, you can be prepared for any bumps in the road.

These tips will help ensure that your side gig is a success! With some dedication and effort, you’ll be able to make money while doing something you love: spending time with pets. Good luck!



No matter what line of work you choose to pursue, your love of animals will go a long way in helping you land a side gig that’s both rewarding and lucrative. With the right attitude and some hard work, you’ll be able to make extra money while doing what you love!

So, if you’re passionate about animals and want to use your skills and knowledge, don’t hesitate to explore these eight best side gigs for pet lovers. You may just find yourself enjoying the rewards of a successful side hustle!

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