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8 Intriguing Facts About American Shorthair Cats (With Pictures!)


Feb 9, 2023
american shorthair cat family


american shorthair cat family

American Shorthair cats have been all-around for centuries, but a lot of folks really don’t know a large amount about them. These cats are complete of surprises and have some wonderful information that may well leave you in awe. Every little thing from their ancestry to their exceptional personalities tends to make American Shorthair one of the most intriguing cat breeds all around. Let’s appear at some of the exciting information about these cats.

divider-catThe 8 Facts About American Shorthair Cats

1. They Have been Domesticated in Egypt

Domestic shorthair cats, in basic, are thought to have been domesticated around Egypt in 2000 BC. Through this time, they traveled all around the earth with breeders and hunters and arrived in North The united states in the 1600s. Due to the fact that time these cats have kind of been a staple in our society and a most loved amongst cat lovers.

one-eyed tabby cat
Image Credit: Leading Photo Engineer, Shutterstock

2. They Are Normal-Sized Cats

American Shorthair cats can increase right until the age of 3 to 4 decades. On common, women can weigh everywhere among 6 and 12 lbs . although males can normal 11 to 15 lbs.

3. They Involve Really Very little Routine maintenance

Since of their shorter- to medium-length fur, these cats are fairly very low-upkeep. Normal brushing is crucial for all cats to lessen hairballs and reduce shedding, but their shorter fur does not have to have significantly grooming as opposed to a lot of other breeds.

american shorthair cat lying
Graphic Credit: Freer, Shutterstock

4. They’re A person of the Most Typical Cats in the Earth

American Shorthair cats are one particular of the most popular cat breeds in The usa and in the relaxation of the entire world. In actuality, in 2020, they have been the 8th most common cat breed in the environment.

5. American Shorthairs Are Hardworking & Helpful

American Shorthair cats are recognised for their easygoing and helpful personalities. They are normally extremely serene and peaceful and are not pretty demanding. But they’re also quite social and may possibly be a excellent decision for a multi-pet house. These cats are hardworking and have been bought for their searching techniques all over historical past. They are wonderful for searching down smaller pests like rodents and spiders.

American Shorthair cat
Picture Credit: Lalandrew, Shutterstock

6. They’re Seriously Intelligent

American Shorthairs are extremely intelligent and can be educated to do methods, so they’re wonderful for any individual who likes to train felines. These cats are also really athletic, generating them great outside cats for farmers and huge landowners. Shorthair cats have also evolved a good deal and can be extremely affectionate with their folks. They are generally described as loving and faithful cats that like to explore their surroundings.

7. They are Incredibly Healthful

American Shorthair cats are pretty wholesome, which tends to make them a great choice for any individual who is on the lookout for a extensive-lived pet that will not call for substantially other than annual vet checkups. American Shorthair cats are quite resistant to most illnesses and can be retained inside of or outdoors. They have an common lifespan of close to 12-15 years, which is extremely extended for a cat.

American shorthair cat eating
Picture Credit rating: Apicha Bas, Shutterstock

8. They are Terrific for Family members

American Shorthair cats are pretty social and appreciate men and women, generating them a superior selection for a multi-pet dwelling. They are also very superior with little ones, so you really do not have to fear about them bothering the children.


American Shorthair cats are complete of surprises and have some astounding facts that could leave you in awe.  They’re sweet, incredibly pleasant, and also pretty extended-lived, making them a excellent option for anybody seeking a lengthy-lived pet.

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