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8 Service Dog Myths & Misconceptions: It’s Time to Cease Believing These!


Apr 3, 2023
man with disability with his service dog


man with disability with his service dog

Support puppies are lifesavers to those people with disabilities. They appear in all types of breeds and sizes, but they all have just one matter in common—they have been qualified to present help specially catered to a person’s specific disability. Sad to say, quite a few myths and misconceptions encompass services canines, and some are just plainly not genuine.

In this guideline, we’ll list 8 support pet myths and misconceptions in an exertion to place a cease to these fake beliefs.


The 8 Provider Pet Myths & Misconceptions:

1. Support Canines, Emotional Assistance Pet dogs, and Treatment Canines Are All the Very same

Some feel support puppies are the exact same as psychological help dogs (ESAs) or remedy pet dogs. In actuality, they are all noticeably diverse. Unlike provider puppies, ESAs and therapy canines are not authorized to accompany you on an plane or other community sites wherever pet dogs are prohibited. Another variation is company puppies are educated to do work and accomplish particular duties in accordance to the handler’s incapacity. One particular a lot more critical change is services canines are shielded under the Us residents with Disabilities Act (ADA), while ESAs and treatment puppies are not.

golden retriever therapy dog
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2. Service Puppies Ought to Be Skillfully Trained and Registered

A incredibly common misconception is that a company puppy has to go by a qualified schooling plan in order to be a service doggy. Although the puppy needs to be qualified precisely to support in a person’s person disability, the canine does not have to have specialist training, that means possibly a expert canine trainer or the handler/owner themselves can practice the puppy. Plenty of online web-sites allow you to signal up for such a plan, but they are frequently costly and out of access for most men and women with disabilities. Most importantly, it is not needed or essential.

Provider puppies also do not have to have to be registered online. A registered service pet does not obtain any much more rights or distinctive criteria than a canine that is not registered. Once more, numerous sites offer you to sign-up your pet dog, but this is not a need.

3. Small business House owners Can Ask for Verification

While it may perhaps feel plausible that a small business owner can talk to for verification of your services dog’s status, it is an complete no-no for them to concern and is unlawful for them to do so. In accordance to the ADA, the only two issues a enterprise proprietor can ask are:

  • Is the provider animal essential due to a incapacity?
  • What work or activity has the pet dog been specifically properly trained for?

This misunderstanding also applies to rental properties that ban animals on the residence. If you have a company puppy, the proprietor must allow you to have your provider pet reside with you on the property, and they, as well, can only inquire the above questions.

4. Assistance Puppies Only Help People today With Visible Disabilities

Positive, you can explain to if a company doggy is there to support in the each day guidance for the blind or the listening to-impaired, but not all disabilities are evident. Service canine support with all sorts of disabilities, like individuals with seizures, diabetes, put up-traumatic stress dysfunction (PTSD), and autism, to name a few.

Service Dogs
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5. Service Dogs Need to Be Identifiable

Some feel that support pet dogs should wear an identifying vest, tag, collar, or other objects that demonstrate they are provider canines. Whilst these items are readily available for purchase, it is not a need. If anything at all, an operator/handler could buy this kind of products as a way to express to the community that their pet is a service puppy, but this is fully up to the owner’s discretion.

6. Pitbulls Are unable to Be Services Dogs

Pitbulls are normally a focus on of undesirable press, which gives them a bad track record. Pitbulls are a loving breed that tends to make superb companions with proper teaching, a great deal like any puppy breed. At any charge, in accordance to the ADA, any pet dog breed can be a service pet dog. In simple fact, even cities that have banned the breed can’t discriminate in opposition to a particular person with a Pitbull as a services pet.

7. Any Puppy Can Be a Provider Canine

We know this have to be puzzling, owning browse the previous fantasy, but the simple fact is that while any pet dog can be a company pet dog, this does not signify that any doggy is trainable to perform and execute precise duties for one’s particular incapacity.

Although service canine are not expected to be skillfully educated, they nevertheless must be experienced and have a selected temperament and intelligence to be a support canine. They will have to be in a position to tune out interruptions and be less than the manage of the proprietor/handler at all moments. They also should be equipped to aim on their job and not find focus from onlookers.

service dog giving assistance to disabled person on wheelchair
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8. One Company Pet Is Permitted For each Man or woman

A human being in have to have of a services dog is not restricted to just having a person. This fantasy stems from the point that most individuals have only 1 company pet, but the ADA does not spot boundaries on the amount for every individual. A person could advantage from obtaining two services dogs, as one doggy can be greater to help with mobility challenges, and another can be smaller sized that is educated to detect an oncoming seizure.



We hope this report sheds some gentle on typical myths and misconceptions pertaining to service puppies, and figuring out the info assists eradicate the confusion that normally plagues this subject. Don’t forget that any breed can be a services dog as prolonged as they can be skilled to get the job done and conduct jobs catered to a person’s particular disability. For even further clarification, you can examine all the required facts relating to provider puppies from the ADA site.

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