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Are Corgis Hypoallergenic? What You Have to have to Know!


Feb 7, 2023
woman sitting on sofa and giving treat to the pembroke welsh corgi dog


woman sitting on sofa and giving treat to the pembroke welsh corgi dog

When it comes to pet allergies, doggy owners are usually in look for of the “Holy Grail.” Decrease-shedding puppies might be the solution they’re searching for. Though there is no such factor as a 100% allergy-free breed, some breeds have been considered reduced-shedding by veterinarians and pet authorities thanks to their coat kind and minimum hair decline.

Decreased-shedding canine are likely to have hair instead of fur, which may not create as much dander that can trigger an allergic reaction. Although common grooming is important for these breeds, the quantity of hair tumble developed is substantially a lot less than in other pet breeds with fur coats. Some of the most well-known reduce-shedding canine breeds involve Bichon Frise, West Highland White Terrier, Poodle, Portuguese Drinking water Canine, and Schnauzer. And, if you’re shelling out interest, you’ve discovered Corgis are not on that list!


Corgis Are Not Hypoallergenic

The Corgis, contrary to preferred perception, are not ideal for allergy sufferers. Why? Effectively, “hypoallergenic” refers to animals that are significantly less likely to induce allergy symptoms in people. Just like just about every other breed of doggo, Corgis get rid of greatly and produce copious amounts of other protein allergens.

And despite the fact that Corgis come in two varieties—the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi—neither of these fluffy butts can be viewed as hypoallergenic. These puppers will practically unquestionably cause an allergic response in persons who have allergic reactions to canines. This suggests that if you—or a loved ones member—suffer from allergy symptoms or bronchial asthma, you will most likely have a reaction when interacting with a Corgi or possessing a single as a pet.

corgi puppy on wooden table
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What Can I Do if I Have a Reaction to My Corgi?

Although obtaining an allergic response to your Corgi can be a pretty demanding situation to navigate, and having a pet allergy might appear like the finish of your relationship with your bestie, it does not have to be. With the correct measures, you can handle and even avert reactions without the need of acquiring to give up on your furry BFF.

For numerous Corgi entrepreneurs, their beloved pup can lead to agonizing and uncomfortable allergic reactions. For some, merely getting in the vicinity of their pup provides tears to the eyes and wheezing to the lungs. Having care of a pet with allergic reactions is tricky nevertheless, there are steps you can get to lower your indicators when even now caring for your beloved companion.


When it arrives to grooming your Corgi, there are many strategies that may well support lessen the outcomes of allergic reactions. Proactively getting rid of hair and dander will go a extensive way toward minimizing the number of allergens in the atmosphere. Normal brushing and bathing can assist maintain your pet absolutely free of allergens that might hassle you.

When choosing grooming materials, seem for products formulated specifically for canine with sensitive pores and skin. A gentle brush or comb is ideal for long-haired breeds like Corgis and will enable continue to keep their fur cleanse and tangle-totally free. When bathing your pet, use a hypoallergenic shampoo created to reduce flaking, itching, and other pores and skin irritations that cause allergic reactions in individuals. After each bathtub, give your Corgi an suitable coat conditioner intended to make improvements to their coat’s texture and shine although also managing allergens in the air.

owner brushing a corgi
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Cleansing and Cleanliness

Cleansing and cleanliness participate in essential roles in mitigating the indicators of pet allergies. Often cleaning your house is important for minimizing allergens that come with getting a pet like a Corgi. Vacuuming carpets, couches, beds, curtains, and other material surfaces regularly can enormously decrease allergens that may possibly induce signs or symptoms.

It is also essential to avoid carpeting, if probable, as this substance tends to acquire extra hair and dander than numerous other floor coverings. Additionally, washing bedding and curtains on a typical basis will enable handle family allergens manufactured by your Corgi, these kinds of as dander and saliva proteins which often direct to sneezing or watery eyes. Consider washing your Corgi’s bedding on a regular basis with incredibly hot water (at the very least the moment a 7 days).

Air Filtration

One particular of the most successful strategies to reduce the affect of allergic reactions from your Corgi is by employing air filtration devices in your household or office environment. Air filters do the job by trapping dander particles and other allergens that might be unveiled into the air when a Corgi sheds its fur. By trapping these particles in advance of they can arrive at your nose, eyes, or lungs, you will greatly lessen their impacts on any present allergic reactions you experience from while getting able to take pleasure in spending time with your beloved Corgi without the need of the stress of sneezing assaults! Quite a few entrepreneurs discover that making use of HEPA air purifiers in rooms where by their pet spends time has a big impression on their excellent of existence.

air purifier at home
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Get Antihistamines

Anytime you want to dangle out with your dog, pop an antihistamine. Antihistamines interfere with the synthesis of histamine in the system. Histamine is the stuff that brings about sufferers to expertise irritating allergy symptoms. Antihistamines block reactions these types of as sneezing, itching, and watery eyes. Having antihistamines on a standard basis will allow for you to stay cozy around your Corgi pal with out struggling from any of these reactions. When taking antihistamines for your pet allergy, it is important to adhere to the dosage recommendations cautiously, as various items might have to have distinctive dosages for optimal performance.

Can Canine Allergies Become Lifestyle Threatening?

Whilst uncommon, ​​yes, dog allergy symptoms can develop into everyday living-threatening. Allergies—whether to pet dogs or other animals—can bring about severe bodily reactions that may perhaps lead to anaphylaxis. This is a severe—and perhaps fatal—allergic response induced by the flooding of histamines into the entire body. Untreated, it can trigger speedy organ failure and even demise. Master the signals of anaphylactic shock if you or somebody you know is allergic to canines. Do not fret far too a great deal anaphylaxis is a exceptional complication in canine allergy symptoms. Anaphylaxis indicators normally contain swift heartbeat, trouble respiratory, swelling of the face, and hives. When these signs arise just after hanging out with a Corgi or any other pet, people with allergies should look for speedy medical interest. As scarce as this is, it must be taken severely.

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The Worst Pet Breeds for Allergy Victims

There are some breeds that simply are unable to be recommended for folks with allergy symptoms. The list of breeds that tends to produce more dander features German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, St. Bernards, Siberian Huskies, Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, Wonderful Pyrenees, and Pugs. This helps make them significantly less than great decisions for allergy victims. Huge canines can current difficulties, as they typically have much more fur and dander than their more compact counterparts.

When deciding upon a pet dog breed, it’s critical to do your investigation and understand which types are ideal suited for persons with allergies.



In conclusion, the solution to the dilemma of irrespective of whether Corgis are hypoallergenic is a resounding no. Not only do they shed at an over-ordinary rate, but they also produce dander and saliva, which can lead to allergic reactions in some people. Whilst there may well be personal situations in which individuals have much less of an allergic response to Corgis than other breeds, it can not be classified as a hypoallergenic breed total.

If you have allergic reactions and are considering acquiring a Corgi, it is significant to get examined for allergy symptoms just before bringing the pup home. If your pet allergy symptoms are severe, you may perhaps be improved off wanting for a further form of pet that is additional ideal for your desires.

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