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Are Dogs Allowed in HomeGoods? Updated in 2023


Apr 26, 2023
HomeGoods store Ypsilanti


HomeGoods store Ypsilanti

No matter where you live, odds are high that you have a HomeGoods store nearby. HomeGoods is a paradise for just about anything you’re in the market for, with 898 stores scattered across the country. What’s more, HomeGoods owns Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Sierra, and HomeSense, giving the public even more options to shop for home décor such as kitchen and dining, furniture, bedding, bathroom accessories, and more— they even sell pet accessories.

Speaking of pets, are dogs allowed in HomeGoods stores? In short, most HomeGoods stores allow pets. Keep reading to learn more. 


Are HomeGoods Stores Pet-Friendly?

HomeGoods businesses are generally pet-friendly; however, not every single store allows dogs, and some only allow certain dog breeds. Remember that HomeGoods owns several similar stores or “sister” companies, and they all have their own pet policies. Usually, the decision is left up to the store manager.

How Do I Find Out if I Can Bring My Dog?

Before heading out to any HomeGoods store, it’s best to call first to ask about that particular store’s pet policies, as their pet policies are not listed on their websites. Remember that just because most of these companies are pet-friendly, they all have their own policies, and some may not allow dogs inside.

If dogs are allowed, be sure to keep your dog on a leash while in the store and clean up any accidents or doggie waste.

a male silky wire-haired dachshund dog on leash
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Are Service Dogs Allowed Inside HomeGoods?

All service dogs are allowed anywhere that dogs are typically prohibited.1 The dog can be any breed as long as it is indeed a service dog. The store cannot ask you to exit with your service dog, and they are not allowed to ask you for documentation verifying the dog is a service dog. The store also cannot ask the dog to perform a specific task to prove its status. The store is allowed to ask you if the dog is required due to a disability and what task the dog has been trained to perform.

Service dogs are specifically trained to perform tasks and do work for a person with a certain disability. However, emotional support dogs are not the same as service dogs and are not allowed in places where dogs are prohibited.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Inside Home Goods

Even though your particular HomeGoods store does allow dogs doesn’t mean you can bring your dog unprepared. Use common sense as far as your dog’s temperament. You know your dog the best, and if your dog is not well-behaved or skittish around people, it’s best to leave your dog at home. Always keep your dog on a short leash while in the store, and don’t allow your dog to wander off. These stores sell all kinds of different merchandise, and some can be harmful or toxic to your dog.

Don’t allow your dog to bug other people while in the store. Not all people are dog lovers, and some may even be allergic to dogs. Be polite and only allow your dog to be near someone wanting to pet your fur baby.



Some dogs accompany their owners everywhere they can, and if you plan to visit any HomeGoods store, odds are your dog will be allowed inside. Remember that not all HomeGoods stores allow dogs, and you’ll want to check the store before heading out with your dog in tow. Service dogs are the exception, regardless of breed, and remember that emotional support dogs are not considered service dogs.

Featured Image Credit: HomeGoods store Ypsilanti | Dwight Burdette, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported

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