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Are Dogs Allowed in Marshalls? (Updated in 2023)


Apr 13, 2023
chocolate Labrador retriever service dog


chocolate Labrador retriever service dog

If you are thinking about shopping at Marshalls and are wondering if you can take your dog with you, the short answer is yes if you have a service dog. However, ordinary pets are typically not allowed. Keep reading as we discuss which dogs can and can’t go into this store and how you can find out the rules for your specific location. We also go over a few things that you can do to make the shopping experience easier for you and your dog.


Are Service Animals Allowed in Marshalls?

You can bring your service animal into Marshalls as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),1 which states that service animals are allowed to accompany their owners in all public places, including stores like Marshalls. When taking your pet to a Marshalls location, make sure they are wearing their service animal vest and leash so they are easily recognizable by store managers, employees, and other shoppers. It’s also important to make sure your dog is properly trained and doesn’t misbehave or disrupt other shoppers while you are in the store. You should keep all the documentation and proof of training with you, even though stores aren’t allowed to ask for it.

Service dog giving assistance to disabled person on wheelchair
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Are Emotional-Support Animals Allowed in Marshalls?

Emotional-support animals are not service animals, and they don’t receive the same protections under the ADA, so you might not get to take them into the store.

Are Pets Allowed in Marshalls?

Unfortunately, getting a clear answer about pets being allowed in Marshalls is not easy. Some sources state that as of 2023, only service animals can visit Marshalls, while others say that Marshalls is pet friendly. We recommend calling the local store that you plan on visiting to speak with the manager. You can ask if they will let you bring in your pet, as some stores might allow it even if the policy doesn’t. For example, stores in popular tourist destinations are likelier to allow dogs because many people walk around with them, and the store wants tourists to shop there.

tied dog outside a store
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Why Can’t Dogs Go into Marshalls?

There are several reasons that dogs might not be allowed in your local Marshalls store. Many people have allergies or phobias related to dogs and might react negatively to your pet. Even well-trained dogs can become anxious or aggressive in a new setting, which can cause them to start barking and trying to roam around the store. Dogs will also shed fur around the store and might have an accident, which can significantly increase the amount of clean-up that a store needs to do.

If you can’t take your pet to your local Marshalls, it’s unfortunate, but a few shopping options are still available. For example, you can usually take your pet to a local pet store if you need pet supplies. Many open markets allow dogs, and you might even be able to get them into the mall.

Tips for Taking Your Dog to Marshalls

  • If you find a Marshalls willing to allow your pet to accompany you while you shop, ensure that your dog knows all the appropriate commands, like “come,” “sit,” and “stay,” before attempting to visit the store.
  • Take your pet shopping during the less busy hours. Early mornings during the week usually work best.
  • Be aware that other shoppers may not like dogs or are allergic to them.
  • Keep your dog on a short leash, no longer than 6 feet, so you can always control your pet when inside the store.



Unfortunately, many sources suggest that you cannot visit a Marshalls store with your dog unless they’re a service animal, which excludes emotional-support animals and ordinary pets. However, we recommend contacting your local store before visiting to see if they will allow you to shop with your pet. If so, ensure that your dog is well-trained and controlled when shopping so you don’t disturb other customers.

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