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Are Pit Bulls Banned in Canada? Province & Municipal Laws Information


Feb 21, 2023
black and white American pitbull terrier


black and white American pitbull terrier

Pit Bulls are a protective and fearless canine breed known for their playful temperaments and welcoming nature. However, they have a high prey generate and can at times get a lousy status for the reason that they ended up beforehand bred and qualified to be aggressive so they could take part in doggy combating. The breed was born from the unique English bull-baiting doggy that was bred to attack significant animals like bears or deer. For the reason that of this, some international locations have laws banning the importing or breeding of Pit Bulls. Is Canada a person of them?

The Canadian federal govt does not control Pit Bulls, but they are banned by legislation in some provinces and municipalities. Maintain reading through to study a lot more about Canada’s restrictions pertaining to Pit Bulls.


Wherever Is It Illegal to Have a Pit Bull in Canada?

As we alluded to in the introduction to our website, although the federal governing administration does not have Canada-vast bans on Pit Bulls, some provinces and metropolitan areas do.

Pit Bulls are not authorized in more than 40 cities in Manitoba. Winnipeg, the province’s money, has breed-distinct laws in opposition to canine that resemble American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Other cities in Manitoba where by it is illegal to have a Pit Bull include Virden, The Pas, Reston, and many others.

Ontario has experienced a provincial-vast Pit Bull ban in location considering the fact that 2005. By the province’s definition, Pit Bulls incorporate Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, or any dog with a related overall look or bodily properties.

Pit Bulls are banned in quite a few towns in Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

pitbull puppy in a cage
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What About the Other Areas of the Region?

While none of the other provinces outright ban possessing Pit Bulls, a lot of municipalities have guidelines about owning one.

In 2018, Quebec practically passed a regulation that banned “potentially perilous canines,” including Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. However, lawmakers finally made the decision there was no scientific foundation for this law and shelved it.

While Pit Bulls are not banned in any city in British Columbia, quite a few towns have restrictions in position for this breed.

For example, Richmond deems Pit Bulls as “vicious dogs.” The city has animal control bylaws stating that these canine should constantly be muzzled although in a park or general public area and really should be confined indoors within just a securely fenced property at all occasions although on the owner’s premises. All factors of entry into the garden must have a sign that evidently states a vicious dog is inside.

In West Vancouver, Pit Bulls are regarded “aggressive dogs” and are topic to a number of bylaws. These pet dogs should normally be securely confined indoors, in an enclosed cage that does not make it possible for the entry of young children, or on a leash or tether no for a longer period than 1.5 meters in duration. In addition, aggressive canines need to have some sort of everlasting identification system. The bylaw also states owners need to have clearly marked signage on their assets that gives the community discover of the dog’s presence. The signage need to comply with rigid guidelines (e.g., lettering should be evidently obvious from 16 meters absent, and the indication must not be greater than 1.5 square meters or lesser than .75 square meters).

Pit Bulls are also normally discriminated against by landlords.

man with brown pitbull
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What Is Breed-Precise Laws?

Breed-certain laws (BSL) is a catch-all phrase for legal guidelines that control, prohibit, or outright ban certain doggy breeds. The believed course of action driving BSL is that the range of pet dog attacks on humans and other animals will minimize when these legislation are in place.

Nevertheless, a swift deal with like BSL won’t fix the unsafe canine trouble. In point, in accordance to the ASPCA, there is not any evidence that such laws will make a neighborhood safer. Organizations like the Centers for Disease Manage (CDC) and Avoidance and the American Veterinary Health-related Association (AVMA) strongly oppose BSL.

Not only are breed-specific legislation pricey and really hard to implement, but any pet can bite, regardless of its breed. It is extremely hard to determine an precise bite fee for any pet breed or compare fees amongst breeds as the knowledge is unreliable. The facts is wishy-washy for various motives, like:

  • The biting pet dog breed is usually unidentified or inaccurately documented.
  • Visible resolve of a breed is not usually reliable.
  • The real variety of pet bites is skewed, especially if the chunk doesn’t end result in a really serious personal injury.
  • The genuine selection of canines of a particular breed or combine of breeds is mysterious, as not every single doggy in the group will have a license.
  • Data don’t account for a number of chunk incidents induced by the identical animal.
dog lying down on the carpet
Impression Credit: Mike Burke, Unsplash

A pet bite threat and avoidance examine by the AVMA suggests that pet dog breeds that have been additional intense towards people were being small-to-medium-sized, these types of as toy breeds and spaniels. But even though more compact breeds may perhaps be additional aggressive, their dimension signifies they’re significantly less probable to inflict significant chunk accidents other than on susceptible folks or if they are performing as aspect of a pack.

BSL is a significantly-far too-uncomplicated response to a complicated social difficulty that carries with it implications for innocent canines and owners. Not to point out, breed bans really don’t handle the social problem of irresponsible pet house owners.


Remaining Ideas

Only a handful of areas in Canada outright ban Pit Bulls, but a lot of municipalities have laws that restricts them. Sad to say, while breed-particular laws may possibly feel like an respond to to the country’s risky pet dog dilemma, it is a Band-Assist answer that does not tackle the deeply rooted social challenges at the core of the difficulty. BSL results in the suffering of harmless canine and liable pet owners.

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