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Are Puppies Permitted in Costco? (Current In 2023)


Mar 27, 2023
Costco Wholesale

When we consider of a massive box retail store with a wide stock of solutions, numerous of us believe of Costco. With all our favourite goods bought in bulk, what extra could we need? If you’re a dog proprietor, you may question if Costco’s benefit goes as much as allowing for canines into the keep, and we’re sorry to say that is not the circumstance. Pet dogs are not permitted in Costco stores since they provide foodstuff, and allowing canines into an location with food items could direct to contamination or cleanliness problems. Having said that, as with quite a few regulations, there are a couple of exceptions.


What Are the Exceptions?

Despite the fact that dogs are generally not allowed inside Costco, there are scenarios exactly where exceptions are manufactured. One of these exceptions will always utilize, while the other will change on a circumstance-by-circumstance foundation.

Services Canine

woman in wheelchair with the assistance of a trained dog buying groceries at the market
Image Credit history: Jose Luis Stephens, Shutterstock

Support dogs will often be recognized in Costco because of to the People with Disabilities Act (ADA). As extensive as your support animal is educated and needed for helping you through each day responsibilities, you can bring your pet into the shop with you. Some states might permit you to get your partially experienced assistance animal into shops, but you should verify the specifics of your local ordinances.

Be conscious that Costco reserves the correct to request you two certain concerns relating to your company puppy. These queries are:

  • Is that a company animal?
  • What task or function are they skilled to perform?

These thoughts are requested to make certain that no well being and protection legislation are currently being damaged. They are not intended to intimidate you or discourage you from bringing your company doggy inside of the facility. This plan lets Costco personnel who may well place your pet dog through your browsing trip know that your doggy has been beforehand acknowledged by a employee and is authorized on the premises. This saves you from the problem of answering thoughts about your services animal numerous moments through your shopping vacation.

Remedy and emotional assistance pet dogs are not categorised as assistance animals underneath the ADA, so they are prohibited in Costco. If your assistance dog is misbehaving or intense in the keep, Costco reserves the correct to request you to remove your puppy from the premises. Just mainly because provider animals are permitted within does not imply they have the proper to continue to be if you are not able to deal with your doggy.

Chorus from lying to the Costco employees if your puppy is not a services pet dog. If you are caught misrepresenting your canine as a service animal, you can be charged with authorized or money repercussions.

Manager’s Preference

Dog in shop. Pet is waiting for owner. Dog of Husky breed. Animal lies on floor
Impression Credit history: Oleg Kopyov, Shutterstock

Even though company animals are universally accepted in Costco, your common pet may possibly also have a probability of walking via the retail outlet doorways. If the distinct manager on responsibility is not bothered by your dog’s presence, you could be equipped to store with your pup.

If you can bring your pet inside of the retail store, regard other buyers by keeping your puppy on a leash and near by your aspect. Really do not believe the supervisor will let your canine within the shop connect with initially to validate the store’s plan. This exception is on a circumstance-by-situation basis and is not to be depended on.

Are There Grocery Shops That Permit Puppies?

As pleasant as it would be to deliver your pet with you to the grocery keep, don’t count on it. Owing to regional, state, and federal legal guidelines, animals are not permitted inside of stores where meals is generated or marketed. This is thanks to the risk of food stuff getting contaminated from the animal’s presence. If you are permitted to convey your animal into a grocery keep, be mindful of other people’s hygienic fears and make positive your pet dog does not get also shut to meals, packaged or if not.



In most scenarios, puppies are not allowed in Costco. Nonetheless, if your canine is a assistance animal, exceptions implement. Specific Costco suppliers could also permit animals inside if the pet seems well-behaved, but that is on a circumstance-by-scenario foundation and must not be anticipated. Just before taking your pet to any general public put, confirm that animals are permitted. Some public locations reserve the suitable to refuse four-legged attendees.

Featured Graphic Credit score: Grant Beirute, Unsplash

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