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Are Savannah Cats Hypoallergenic? Info & FAQ


Mar 22, 2023
savannah cat in front of a cat tree


savannah cat in front of a cat tree

Pretty much 70% of American households have animals. On the other hand, to get pleasure from their immense rewards, some folks need to offer with allergy symptoms induced by pet fur and saliva. Allergy symptoms prompted by pet dogs and cats have an impact on involving 10% and 20% of the inhabitants.

The Savannah Cat is a breed generally touted as staying hypoallergenic. However, all cats, like the Savannah, are not definitely hypoallergenic. Whilst a Savannah could bring about much less allergic reactions than numerous other breeds, they still lose allergens that can negatively impact persons with allergy symptoms. Go through on down below to come across out extra.


What Does Hypoallergenic Indicate?

The expression “hypoallergenic” was coined in 1953 by beauty product or service entrepreneurs to imply solutions that did not cause allergic reactions. Today, the phrase hypoallergenic is often used to explain animals that do not develop allergens.

Nevertheless, the phrase “hypoallergenic” is generally thrown all-around when describing specified cat breeds and must not be fully dependable. This is due to the fact all cats create allergens to some diploma, albeit in differing quantities.

How Does a Savannah Cat Result in Allergy symptoms?

Savannah Cats are not hypoallergenic, although they are recognized to produce fewer allergens than several other cat breeds. All cats develop Fel d 1, a protein that results in allergic reactions. Fel d 1 is mainly produced in the saliva, urine, and sebaceous glands. As the cat grooms itself, it transfers the protein on to the fur and dander. Dander is dead pores and skin or any substance lose by animals with fur, hair, or feathers.

For the reason that dander is gentle and stays airborne for a really lengthy time, it is the most common provider of Fel d 1 proteins. Once in the air, the protein will arrive at the nasal cavity and skin, triggering a response.

Moreover respiration in, other means the protein reaches the system is when you arrive into make contact with with get rid of fur.

F2 savannah cat lying
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Signs or symptoms of Savannah Cat Allergic reactions

Widespread signs and symptoms of cat allergic reactions are:

  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing
  • Nasal congestion ensuing in facial pain
  • Red and watery eyes
  • Itching eyes
  • Upper body congestion and shortness of breath
  • Skin rashes

How Do You Stop Allergic Reactions to Cat Dander?

Cleaning and grooming your cat routinely will help take away unfastened fur from its coat. This stops Fel d 1 from being transferred on to human pores and skin. To clean up your cat, use pet wipes or a moist towel and a bowl whole of h2o blended with pet-friendly shampoo. Even so, if you have really serious allergies, you may well want to use a professional pet groomer to avoid any reactions.

It’s also vital to have specified regions of your house that are off-limitations to your cat. This could be your bedroom or rest room and offers a area exactly where there will be no allergens still left by your feline. Of program, make positive to often clean all bedding, blankets, and surfaces that your cat has been in get hold of with.

1 examine confirmed chicken eggs that contains Ig Y immunoglobulins certain for Fel d 1 antigen have an agent that neutralizes the protein. The antigen is identified in egg yolk and binds to a few sites on Fel d 1 proteins, lessening its damaging outcomes on the human body. The review further clarifies that almost 86% of cats that ended up fed with eggs had a lessened degree of protein. Out of that 86%, the protein degree was reduced by additional than half in 30% of the cats.

Allergy prescription drugs are obtainable as supplements, sprays, and pictures. Just about every person’s option depends on how successful the drugs are. Antihistamines block histamine, a chemical the immune program releases during an allergic reaction. Nasal sprays this kind of as Azelastine consist of antihistamines to relieve individuals from upper body congestion.

Decongestants present brief-term relief to a congested upper body. They can be nasal sprays, products, or powders to dissolve in heat drinking water.

Does the Savannah Cat Less Allergens?

Yes, the Savanna cat creates fewer allergens because it sheds considerably less hair, and the exclusive combination of genes lowers the stage of Fel d1 proteins in the saliva. This is fantastic information for allergy victims, but these cats are still not 100% hypoallergenic and you could still put up with from some allergic reactions.



Savanna cats are not hypoallergenic. Like all cats, they generate a protein recognized as Fel d 1, which leads to allergic reactions. Nevertheless, they develop considerably less of this allergen than many other cat breeds, and so could be an option if you are an allergy sufferer seeking to own a cat with minimum probability of reactions.

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