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Are Savannah Cats Legal in the US? What You Need To Know


Mar 13, 2023
Savannah cat on leash

Savannah Cats are lovely and unique-searching cats that are a cross amongst an African Serval and a domestic cat. These cats fluctuate tremendously in measurement and temperament simply because they’re bred in different generations. So, although Savannah Cats are lawful in most states, not all generations of Savannah Cats can be held as animals in all states.

In common, first-technology and 2nd-generation Savannah Cats, far more usually identified as F1 and F2 Savannah Cats, are not allowed in some states. F3 Savannah Cats and Savannah Cats in even more generations are allowed in much more states. Considering that rules change from condition to point out, make sure that you’re familiar with your very own state’s legislation and polices in advance of bringing residence a Savannah Cat.


Where Are Savannah Cats Legal?

F1 Savannah Cats have a person African Serval dad or mum and just one domestic cat mum or dad. Thanks to the prevalence of Serval in their DNA, their temperaments may well not closely replicate the typical behaviors of domestic cats. For the reason that they can have a wilder and much more unpredictable character, Savannah Cats might nevertheless be treated as unique wild cats instead than domestic cats. To shield properties, citizens, and wildlife, some states really don’t allow for F1 and F2 Savannah Cats.

The adhering to states think about F1 and F2 Savannah Cats to be illegal:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Massachusetts
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

Savannah Cats of afterwards generations tend to be smaller and undertake additional characteristics of a domestic cat. This is mainly because they have considerably less African Serval in their DNA. Since of their gentler temperaments, much more states allow for them as pets.

Of the states that did not enable all F1 and F2 Savannah Cats, the pursuing DO let F4 and later generations of Savannah Cats:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont

It is significant to maintain in thoughts that while a condition may well make it possible for all generations of Savannah Cats, towns and cities in these states can undertake their own principles and rules that make them unlawful as animals.

For example, Colorado will allow F4 and later on generations of Savannah Cats, but the city of Denver has placed a restriction on all Savannah Cats. Similarly, the Point out of New York permits F5 Savannah Cats and later on generations, but they are all illegal in New York City. So, even if your condition permits Savannah cats as pets, make confident to verify with your regional municipality to see if there are any exclusive regulations that are from trying to keep them as pets.

F2 savannah cat lying
Image Credit score: Kolomenskaya Kseniya, Shutterstock

What to Do If Savannah Cats Are Illegal in Your Community

If you’ve checked with your regional municipality, and it verifies that Savannah Cats are unlawful, it is essential not to sneak a Savannah Cat into your house. Not only will you encounter hefty fines, you are going to also endanger the wellbeing of your Savannah Cat. You might have to relocate to an completely different metropolis or condition that will allow Savannah Cats as pets, or you’ll have to relinquish it.

Even if you definitely want a Savannah Cat, it’s not extremely sensible to uproot your total lifestyle to are living in a state wherever they are legal. Thankfully, there are a lot of cats with identical appearances that are authorized in all or most states.

For case in point, the Bengal Cat also has an exotic coat visual appearance that has stripes and places that mimic a leopard’s coat. The only states that do not enable Bengal Cats are Connecticut and Hawaii. You can very own a Bengal cat in Washington point out and New York, other than in the towns of Seattle and New York Metropolis.

You can also consider bringing house an Egyptian Mau. These cats are noticed cats that are entirely domesticated and lawful in all 50 states. The Ocicat is also one more absolutely domesticated cat breed with a relatively unique-on the lookout visual appearance that’s authorized in just about every condition.

adult F1 Savannah cat
Image Credit: Kolomenskaya Kseniya, Shutterstock



Savannah Cats are wonderful animals, and they often make really exciting animals. Nevertheless, they’re not authorized in all 50 states, and it’s crucial to make positive they’re authorized in both of those your point out and also your town. Bringing residence a Savannah Cat in an location wherever they’re illegal can direct to quite costly fines and separation from the cat.

It is the comprehensive duty of the cat proprietor to decide if a Savannah Cat is authorized in their neighborhood. If it is not lawful, you can uncover other cat breeds that share very similar appearances as Savannah Cats. These cats are also superb possibilities to look at although becoming fully domesticated and authorized in each individual point out.

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