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Are Savannah Cats Unlawful In Georgia? What You Require to Know


Mar 13, 2023
F2 savannah cat lying


F2 savannah cat lying

Sporting a little bit of a wild side, Savannah cats have a rough time locating acceptance. Homeowners prize the African Serval/domestic cat hybrid for its beautiful type and playful temperament, but its instincts make it ample of a danger that lots of parts discover it finest to ban them entirely. Ga is 1 of a handful of states in which Savannah cats of each individual technology are illegal to own.

Dependable possession will conserve you the heartache of getting rid of your cat and thrusting it into an regrettable condition. If you are thinking about a Savannah cat, check out these vital information on Georgia’s ownership laws prior to generating a regrettable conclusion.


Are Savannah Cats Unlawful in Georgia?

You’d consider a name like Savannah would make any animal welcome in Georgia. Unfortunately, Georgia is amongst 12 states with Savannah cat ownership restrictions and 1 of four states with finish bans. Other states exactly where the Savannah cat is illegal include:

  • Hawaii
  • Nebraska
  • Rhode Island

While quite a few states both allow Savannah cats solely or ban them wholly, plenty of other states confuse matters with conditional rules. For occasion, Texas sets rules by county and makes acquiring the proper permits extremely challenging. Quite a few other states where by Savannah cats are authorized allow for only all those with an F4 filial generation or afterwards (i.e., F1–F3 are unlawful).

savannah cat standing by the window
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Is It Feasible to Have a Savannah Cat in Ga?

In accordance to Georgia’s Division of All-natural Sources1, hybrids amongst domestic and wild animals, these types of as Savannah cats, deal with rigorous rules. Unique carnivores, such as all species of cats, weasels, foxes, bears, and wolves, are illegal to individual as animals.

Who Can Personal a Savannah Cat?

The Savannah cat is unlawful to have as a pet in Georgia. You can, even so, have a Savannah cat of any generation with a license. Ga Code 27-5-42, up to date in 2020, explains that the adhering to conditions may well make it possible for you to acquire a wild animal license:

  • You work a wholesale or retail wild animal small business
  • You exhibit wild animals to the general public
  • You have a scientific or educational have to have for the animal

The correct permits and licenses arrive with a expense, and you will need to have enough amenities that may perhaps demand typical inspections. Per the most current tightening of the law in 20223, exotic cats now also require legal responsibility insurance policy.

Granted, none of these exceptions give hope for performing the process and trying to keep the cat as a pet. Exhibition licenses entail making the animals viewable to the public for at least 30 hrs a week for fifty percent the 12 months. Scientific ownership comes with time limitations and a host of reporting necessities. No subject how you system to justify it, you will have to frequently demonstrate a audio purpose for owning a Savannah cat that goes far beyond basic pet possession.

Can Wildlife Rehabilitators Hold Savannah Cats in Ga?

Wildlife rehabilitators must pass an exam and retain condition-inspected facilities to host wild animals in their care. After accredited, you can get started having in and tending to injured and orphaned wildlife.

While it is a noble endeavor for any animal lover, getting to be a wildlife rehabilitator does not give you a roundabout way of acquiring a Savannah cat. Rehabilitators deal only with indigenous wildlife that could go back into the wild, these kinds of as an injured deer or hawk. Considering that Servals and Savannah cats are unique, they would not tumble under a rehabilitator’s purview.

Are There Any Other Laws That Could possibly Let You Hold a Savannah Cat?

Ga Code 27-5-5 does present 1 condition when you could possibly be able to personal a wild animal as a pet4, but it is not likely to aid you with a Savannah cat. When Ga passed the first rules, it grandfathered in present wild animal pets. Of study course, the law ensured there would be no long term generations of any wild animal or unique hybrid animals by outlawing any breeding or product sales.

With a ban on breeding, the only way you could possess a legal Savannah cat in Ga is if it had been in your possession in advance of July 1, 1994. As they frequently reside to 20 several years at most, acquiring a legal pet Savannah cat in Ga at this issue is really not likely.

savannah cat in front of a cat tree
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What Takes place If You Get Caught With a Savannah Cat?

If a regulation enforcement officer finds you have an illegal Savannah cat in Ga, they will just take the animal and go it to a sanctuary. You may be capable to check out it as a member of the general public, but you will eliminate your pet.

Georgia law enforcement takes possession of an illegal animal as a grave offense. Along with surrendering your pet, you will generally spend hundreds of pounds in fines and perhaps face jail for maintaining a wild animal.

Touring with a Savannah Cat

If you really do not live in the point out, there are nonetheless numerous situations the place you may well close up with a pet Savannah cat in Georgia. Soon after all, Savannah cats are 100% lawful in each and every condition that borders it. And if you live in South Carolina and are touring to Florida with your pet, it will make perception to drive by way of Ga to make the highway excursion as simple as probable.

Traveling via Georgia with a pet Savannah cat is lawful. You really don’t require a allow if you are likely to expend less than 24 several hours in the condition and really don’t prepare to market or transfer the cat while there. Driving throughout Ga only will take 6–7 hours at most, but do not approach to keep there overnight.

Going to Ga with a Savannah Cat

Ga has no system or license permitting you to hold a Savannah cat that you have as a pet in a point out exactly where they are authorized. If you system to go to Ga, you will regrettably have to obtain a new property for your pet. You can connect with Georgia’s DNR or Savannah Cat Rescue for suggestions and support acquiring your cat a new residence.

Why Are Savannah Cats Unlawful in Georgia?

Savannah cats are unlawful in Georgia for numerous factors aimed at preserving communities, pure habitats, and the cats them selves. A lot of really feel the unique cat trade is exploitative. Legalizing Savannah cats encourages the capture of African Servals, impacting their ecosystems as much as it can influence ours.

A Savannah cat can be hazardous to neighbors and nearby wildlife. An escaped cat has harmed other animals and individuals on occasion. If they had been to breed with other feral felines, these cats may perhaps also proliferate and turn into a nuisance. An Australian case review justified the ban on Savannah cats due to the predicted raise in risk to native wildlife. Nevertheless accountable possession is possible, Ga is a single spot exactly where the risks outweigh the gains.


Last Thoughts

Savannah cats are illegal to own as a pet in Georgia, and there is no chance of circumventing the procedure to continue to keep a person in your dwelling. The DNR retains stewardship in significant regard, appreciating the unbelievable impact every single personal can have on the state’s ecosystems. By comprehending and respecting the law encompassing Savannah cat ownership in Georgia, you can make a lot more accountable conclusions to guard your group and this exceptional breed.

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