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Can a Savannah Cat Swim? The Stunning Solution!


Mar 24, 2023
wild savannah cat playing with toys in red basin


wild savannah cat playing with toys in red basin

Savannah cats are attractive animals you just want to be close to in get to recognize them far better. They have playful, adventure-in search of, welcoming personalities. This is because the cat has unique genes from a domesticated cat and a serval, its wild parent. The interbreeding also influences their phenotypic features, i.e., the Savannah is large and additional agile than a usual cat.

What numerous persons don’t know about the Savannah is that the cat has a special partnership with h2o. Savannah cats are very good swimmers and have a special affinity toward water.


Why Do Savannah Cats Like H2o?

The connection involving cats and drinking water is fragile. Most pet house owners know this and will try as considerably as feasible not to drive their cats into h2o. With the Savannah, even so, the exact opposite is real. The cat is instinctively captivated to drinking water.

Savannah cat sitting on the edge of bath tub
Picture Credit history: AJR_photo, Shutterstock

Why is that so?

1st, the cat’s wild father or mother inhabits savannahs, moorlands, forests, and locations shut to h2o bodies. If an animal’s ecological zone is all-around water bodies, then it ordinarily is content all-around drinking water. The very same drinking water-loving genes could be transferred into Savannah cats, which is why they love h2o also.

Secondly, the cat’s phenotypic qualities make them excellent swimmers. They have lengthy legs of up to 10 inches, which permits them to simply wander in shallow drinking water with no soaking their entire human body. In circumstance the cat dives into deep water, the hind legs have powerful muscle tissues to create thrust.

Even now, a Savanna’s entire body is mild. This indicates it simply cannot sink in the mud. Vast paws, on the other hand, distribute the fat to four distinct factors, which also stops them from sinking. A further purpose of wide paws is that they act as paddles.

Thirdly, a serval in the wild would find most of its prey in close proximity to h2o bodies and will feed on rats, modest reptiles, and smaller birds. Most of these animals dwell around h2o bodies where by plants produce seeds throughout the 12 months. Moreover, there is an unlimited water supply, so the prey concentrates all around water bodies.

The fourth explanation is that in their parents’ indigenous land, there are lots of exterior pests that bring about discomfort and irritation. The cat need to consequently take a dip to get rid of them and cleanse on their own at the very same time.


Do Savannah Cats Take pleasure in Swimming?

Loving water and enjoying swimming are unique concepts. The Savannah cat, nonetheless, enjoys swimming far too. As we have by now mentioned, its agile overall body and effective hind legs make it possible for it to swim effortlessly.

This again rotates again to the serval. A serval is between the number of cats that love swimming. Scientists have noticed them cross huge water bodies of their personal free will.

What Other Cat Breeds Enjoy Water?

Other h2o-loving cats are the Turkish Van, Manx, Bengal, the two American and Japanese Bobtails, and the Maine Coon.

When Must You Quit a Savannah From Heading Into the H2o?

Though many pet entrepreneurs want to be certain their animals have everything they require to be delighted, there are some scenarios where you really should not allow a Savannah cat to get damp.

  • Through wintertime. The Savannah cat shares genes with a mum or dad that lives in warm tropical and equatorial locations. Thus, it could not be nicely tailored to exceptionally cold winters.
  • When they are ill. A sick cat needs to be retained warm. Making it possible for it to get into the h2o may well worsen the signs or symptoms.
  • Before likely for a wander. Really don’t bathe your cat just before getting it for a walk. It may possibly turn out to be dirty and involve rewashing. Only clear the cat if you are absolutely sure that you will stroll together paved streets.



Savannah cats adore water and swimming because they share genes with a serval, a water-loving cat. Permitting them to acquire a plunge is a fantastic way to allow them drain surplus energy and thoroughly clean their coats.

Featured Impression Credit history: AJR_photograph, Shutterstock

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