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Can Canine Take in Pomelo? Benefits & Dangers


Feb 14, 2023
peeled pomelo fruit on table


peeled pomelo fruit on table
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Pomelo is a citrus fruit native to Asia that has a lemony taste. It is large and very similar to grapefruit in measurement and appearance. Pomelo’s equivalent visual appeal to grapefruit has persons thinking if canines can consume it. The very good information is that whilst grapefruit is not secure for pet dogs, pomelo is. But although pomelo will not harm dogs if it is eaten, it is nonetheless not the most effective matter for canines to eat.

This quick tutorial will go about the gains, pitfalls, and whether dogs ought to consume pomelo on a regular foundation.


Should really Puppies Consume Pomelo?

If canine eat pomelo flesh by incident or get some scraps with pomelo integrated, they will normally be okay. Nonetheless, it is not sensible to feed dogs pomelo on intent. The rationale getting is that there are substantial quantities of sugar in pomelo and the other added benefits offered by pomelo can very easily be obtained from resources superior suited for pet dogs.

Having said that, pomelo is technically harmless and will not result in a toxicity response or any acute results if eaten by a pet.

Pomelo vs. Grapefruit

One of the motives persons are usually involved about pomelo is its similarity to grapefruit. Canine really should certainly not consume grapefruit because the acidity is very severe on dogs’ stomachs. Pomelo is even identified as Chinese grapefruit in some circles. It is native to Southeast Asia. The plant materials and peel of grapefruit are also toxic to canine. However, inspite of the similarities to grapefruit in phrases of dimension and shape, pomelos are significantly gentler and safer for dogs than grapefruit. Pomelo and grapefruit are not the similar, and they have distinct risks and positive aspects from one particular another.

Fresh raw grapefruit
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Probable Positive aspects of Pomelo

Pomelo has some small advantages for dogs if they try to eat it. Pomelos are substantial in vitamin C, lycopene, and fiber. Lycopene can help reduce inflammation. Fiber is excellent for a balanced digestive system and intestine. Vitamin C is generally great for immune methods, even in dogs. Even with the rewards, pomelo really should be fed in very smaller portions, if fed at all.

Prospective Hazards of Pomelo

The superior sugar content material in pomelos can make it unsuitable to feed canine. Pet dogs with diabetic issues can be severely impacted by taking in also substantially sugar. Diabetic puppies should keep away from pomelo (and other higher-sugar fruits) at all fees. Feeding far too substantially sugar way too often can be harmful to their extensive-expression well being. Even wholesome dogs can develop diarrhea and stomach agony if they consume way too a lot pomelo. Pomelo is a sugary citrus fruit, and the sugar and citric acid can speedily upset dogs’ stomachs if they eat too much.



Pomelo flesh is technically risk-free for dogs, but it carries some pitfalls. The marginal advantages are not truly worth the threats of feeding pomelo routinely. Your pet dog can get the identical advantages from other safer sources than pomelo. If your pet dog will get pomelo scraps or accidentally receives into some of the fruit, they will be wonderful, but you should not go out of your way to feed your pet pomelo on a standard foundation.

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