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Can Cats Consume Apple Pie? (Vet Reviewed Nourishment Information)


Mar 2, 2023
apple pie pictured with a cat in the background


apple pie pictured with a cat in the background
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The information and facts is latest and up-to-date in accordance with the newest veterinarian investigation.

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Our romance with cats has morphed by the century because felines self-selected domestication about 9,500 yrs back.1,2 Now, in excess of 77% of pet owners take into consideration them members of the household.3 It only will make sense that you’d want to share some of your food with your feline companion, including your apple pie. You’d be in great enterprise, with above 25% of Us citizens citing it as their most loved.4

Even so, when it comes to sharing apple pie with your cat, it is not a good thought on many scores. Let us delve into the details that get America’s favored dessert off the menu for your pet.


Very little Dietary Benefit

apple pie with ingredients
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We’d guess that the the greater part of desserts don’t offer a great deal nutritional price and, as an alternative, are nutrient-deficient. Apple pie is no exception. It is made up of a marginal volume of protein, lots of carbs, and body fat without the need of a great deal of vitamins or minerals, inspite of the fact that it has an normally healthier fruit. The other matter to take into consideration is your pet’s normal diet regime.

Felines are obligate carnivores, obtaining 70% or additional of their nutrition from animal protein. Your cat certainly does not have to have the carbs, possibly. These animals get power from their meals in a different way than human beings or dogs. We metabolize carbohydrates for an effective source of gasoline. On the other hand, cats use protein and fats for the exact reason.

Even if apple pie were being wholesome, your pet would most likely deficiency at least some enzymes it would want to metabolize it. Canines have lived prolonged plenty of with human beings to have advanced to consume much more plant-centered meals than felines, not that we’re condoning giving apple pie to your doggy. It is not superior for canines, either.

Energy and Your Cat

Far too much apple pie or other sweets is just as harmful to your waistline as it is to your cat. The normal 10-pound cat really should get about 180–200 energy a day. Age, way of living, and exercise all play a role in in which that best amount lies. That albeit yummy slice of apple pie incorporates 265 energy for a 100-gram serving. That point by itself can take it off the table for your pet.

Obesity is just as destructive to cats—and dogs—as it is to individuals. It boosts their threat of lots of serious diseases, such as diabetes and coronary heart illness. Remaining over weight also can adversely impact their high quality of lifetime and, eventually, their lifespan. Treats formulated for felines’ unique nutritional needs are a significantly superior decision than apple pie.

fat cat sitting on the grass
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Other Pink Flags

Other things also put apple pie in the ‘no’ column. We stated carbs earlier. It is worthy of noting that every day advised allowances do not exist for cats or canine for this macronutrient. They get the gasoline they require via their metabolic process. A sugar bomb like this dessert could also induce an unhealthy spike in your pet’s blood sugar with the subsequent crash.

The digestive program of cats is great-tuned for handling protein. Feeding your pet apple pie would very likely result in nausea and GI distress from an incapacity to metabolize it effectively.

Two other items also go against providing your cat apple pie. Not like pet dogs, felines are additional discriminating about what they take in. That’s why canines account for around 80% of pet poisonings. They try to eat nearly anything, often gulping food items without the need of even tasting it. If anything, your cat is extra most likely to engage in with a chunk of the pie than try to eat it. The explanation is that your cat can’t flavor sweets.

Despite the truth that humans share 90% of our DNA with felines, cats deficiency the required genes to flavor foodstuff like apple pie. When it is all mentioned and accomplished, it’s a squander of a yummy dessert to offer any to your pet, even if it looks imply or selfish.


Final Ideas

While we treat them like loved ones associates, it isn’t usually highly recommended to share your food items with your cat, even if it’s your mom’s mystery do-it-yourself apple pie recipe. The evolution and biology of felines go against them taking pleasure in it or building it secure for them to try to eat. Cats are not very little individuals, and they simply cannot try to eat almost everything we can. You are greater off experiencing the pie by yourself.

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