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Can Cats Consume Cabbage (Raw, Cooked, Crimson, & Additional)? Vet Reviewed Facts


Mar 10, 2023
sliced cabbage

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The info is present-day and up-to-day in accordance with the most current veterinarian analysis.

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Considering that cats are carnivorous, it is hard to think about them munching on leafy eco-friendly vegetables like cabbage. That reported, some cats have what we could possibly call “unusual” preferences, inspiring cat mom and dad to dish up a moderate serving of their feline friend’s favourite veg now and then to give them a vitamin boost or basically due to the fact their cat enjoys it. Cabbage is one this kind of vegetable that cats can securely take in in moderation.

In this post, we’ll share the potential added benefits of cabbage for cats, how to serve cabbage when feeding it to cats, and just take a glimpse at which other veggies are safe for cats.


Is Cabbage Safe and sound for Cats?

Yes, cabbage—including pink cabbage—is risk-free for cats as long as it is only fed in moderation and is organized thoroughly. It ought to be cooked (boiled or steamed) and shredded for your cat because of to the presence of thiocyanate1, a compound found in cruciferous greens like cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and kale among the other people.

As defined by Dr. Beth Turner from Preventative Vet2, thiocyanate can be dangerous to the thyroid gland if fed more than a massive time period of time and in huge quantities.

sliced cabbage
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If you prepare dinner cabbage before offering it to your cat, it will carry down the thiocyanate stages inside of it, for that reason earning it safer if you feed it on a extended-time period basis. In addition, cooked cabbage is considerably simpler for cats to digest, which means much less prospect of a abdomen upset.

Cabbage must be launched into your cat’s diet plan steadily and in compact amounts (more on this underneath). Bear in mind that any cabbage you feed to your cat ought to be wholly plain, not seasoned with oils, salts, spices, herbs, or garlic.

On that notice, steer clear of feeding cabbage-primarily based meals like coleslaw since it incorporates a variety of other components, sauces, and seasonings (dressing, onions, salt, sugar, and so forth.) that might not sit properly with cats.

How A lot Cabbage Can My Cat Have?

Dr. Beth Turner suggests feeding cats one particular or two teaspoons of cooked cabbage about a 1-7 days time period. Vegetables never obviously make up any element of a cat’s diet plan because they’re carnivorous animals, so feeding far too a lot of greens or introducing them as well rapidly could end result in a belly upset or, as described over, thyroid problems.

Veggies ought to only ever health supplement your cat’s main diet regime, not be a substantial portion of it. Cats are basically not meant to be vegetarian—they need to have a comprehensive, well balanced diet consisting of animal proteins and various vitamins like natural vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. That mentioned, the right volume of risk-free veggies like cabbage may perhaps give your cat a few nutritional benefits.

Russian Blue Cat Eating
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Is Cabbage Nutritious for Cats?

However cats really do not will need veggies in their eating plan, some, like cabbage, could give the digestive method a increase for the reason that it is a source of fiber3. It is also a great supply of vitamin C, vitamin K, and anti-oxidants, which enable protect against free radicals and might contribute to lowered cancer chance.

Furthermore, anthocyanin4, which is a compound uncovered in purple cabbage, may perhaps lead to decreasing the danger of heart illness. There could also be aesthetic gains to feeding on cabbage, as it could aid increase cats’ pores and skin and coat problem.

Which Other Veggies Are Feline-Helpful?

Plenty! The subsequent greens are secure for cats when cooked, prepared basic, reduce into bite-sized items if required, and fed only as an occasional snack:

  • Bok choy
  • Stemless broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Environmentally friendly beans
  • Peas
  • Wintertime squash
bengal cat eating
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Last Thoughts

Although cabbage isn’t the kind of foods cats would hunt down in the wild (cue mental photographs of cats furiously attacking cabbage roots in a discipline somewhere right before rolling away their prize), that does not suggest that they can not love it and reap the rewards as extended as they’re not acquiring too substantially!

As with any vegetable you get started giving your cat, be positive to introduce cabbage little by little and in modest amounts to limit the danger of a stomach upset. It is also most effective to look at your cat’s diet regime, any nutritional changes, and any new and supplementary meals you give them through with your vet to make sure your cat is on the appropriate observe nutritionally.

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