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Can Cats Consume Cranberry Sauce? (Vet Reviewed Nutrition Info)


Mar 2, 2023
Cranberry sauce on a wooden background


Cranberry sauce on a wooden background
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The details is existing and up-to-day in accordance with the hottest veterinarian investigate.

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If your cat has jumped on the desk and assisted itself to a bit of cranberry sauce, you may possibly ponder if your buddy will be all right. If it only managed to gobble down a several bites of cranberry sauce, there is likely very little to fear about—unless the sauce has raisins or currants, which are harmful to cats.

Despite the fact that cranberries them selves are not poisonous, you need to get hold of your veterinarian if you suspect your cat has eaten cranberry sauce designed with raisins or any other possibly poisonous ingredient. Cranberry sauce must not be served to cats simply because it is typically entire of sugar and occasionally organized with items that can harm felines.


Can Cats Take in Cranberries?

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their bodies are intended to digest and get hold of vitamins from animal goods. While cats can consume cranberries, they should really be thought of a take care of and only provided in limited amounts. Dried possibilities are greatest prevented as they have much too considerably sugar.

Although some cats get pleasure from cranberries and other types of fruit, other individuals just aren’t interested. Because kitties demand animal-based food to satisfy their nutritional requires, it’s not the finish of the globe if your pet doesn’t delight in this delicious superfood, especially if you’re feeding your cat a commercial eating plan that fulfills AAFCO dietary guidelines for cats.1

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What’s Wrong With Cranberry Sauce?

Cranberry sauce generally contains substantial calories and handful of nutrition cats will need. Primary cranberry sauce recipes incorporate sugar, cranberries, and drinking water. Cranberries are tart, and most recipes need to have a honest amount of money of sugar to clean factors out. Sugar is not toxic to cats, but it’s certainly not healthier. It provides energy to foods devoid of furnishing any nutritional rewards.

Feeding on as well numerous energy is confirmed to consequence in pounds acquire in cats and humans. Getting over weight boosts cats’ chance of acquiring heart illness, osteoarthritis, and other serious situations. Cats really do not have the ideal flavor buds to enjoy sweets, so there’s no explanation to give them sugary food items like pies, cakes, donuts, or cranberry sauce.

Even though it is achievable to choose a rapid peek at an component checklist if you’re serving canned cranberry sauce, it can be extremely tricky to establish what precisely is in handmade possibilities. Some recipes get in touch with for just the fundamental principles, and some others add goodies like raisins and currants.

Some delightful cranberry relish recipes connect with for macadamia nuts, which cats should also stay away from. Until you’ve cooked the sauce on your own, you will in no way know what you are feeding your pet. Only not giving cats human food items is one particular of the best approaches to lower the prospects of an unexpected emergency journey to the veterinarian for the reason that your cat ate something that turned out to be poisonous.

cranberry sauce in a glass bowl
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What Do You Signify Cats Just cannot Taste Sweets — My Cat Loves Shortbread Cookies!

Particular person cats try to eat all varieties of weird factors, from yogurt to oatmeal. Some even get pleasure from fruits and veggies. Having said that, cats that get pleasure from human sweets are most likely responding to the baked goods’ large-body fat content, not the sugar! This attraction to large-fat foodstuff also explains why lots of cats really like the taste of butter.

How Can I Insert a Bit of Wow to My Cat’s Food items?

If you are fascinated in developing a tasty sauce-like address for your pet, look at offering bone broth a attempt. Though it’s possible to acquire pre-designed formulas from many pet food items brands, making bone broth is uncomplicated, and it is a good way to insert a ton of taste to your cat’s normal food.

Bone broth is packed with nutritious nutrition, and it is minimal in energy, so it’s a fantastic solution for cats. Mixing it into the food can sometimes really encourage finicky animals to eat. It is also a excellent way to enhance your cat’s h2o ingestion.

Put leftover beef, turkey, or rooster bones into a pot, add water, and boil. Throw in a couple cat-welcoming veggies like celery or carrots if you want, but stay absent from salt, onions, and garlic. The for a longer period your concoction boils, the a lot more nutrients make it into the broth. Bone broth often will take 18 to 24 several hours to total.

white cat eating hepper nom nom bowl



If your cat took a nibble of cranberry sauce, there’s likely no reason to worry except if it consists of raisins, currants, or macadamia nuts, in which situation it’s a very good idea to speak to your cat’s veterinarian for guidance. Cranberry sauce consists of too significantly sugar, earning it a fewer-than-great possibility for cats.

Substantial sugar consumption normally sales opportunities to excess weight acquire and feline weight problems, which can induce health and fitness problems this sort of as osteoarthritis and diabetic issues. Also, felines can not detect sweet flavors, and they’re improved off having savory foods. Cat-helpful bone broth is a good choice if you are seeking for a tasty sauce-like handle for your pet given that it is very low in energy, substantial in nutrition, and packed with meaty flavors.

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