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Can Cats Consume Vegemite? Vet Reviewed Points & FAQ


Mar 24, 2023
Australian breakfast with Vegemite spread on toast


Australian breakfast with Vegemite spread on toast
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Vegemite is a yeasty, darkish brown distribute enjoyed globally that arrives from Australia. The taste may possibly be abnormal to some, but that may not halt your cat from trying to steal a chunk. Nonetheless, cats should not take in vegemite regularly since of its high salt content material.

In this article, we’ll examine why cats really should stay away from salty food items like vegemite, even nevertheless it has some health rewards. If you want to share some treats with your kitty, maintain reading through for healthier alternate options to vegemite!


What Is Vegemite & Is It Nutritious?

Vegemite is created from brewer’s yeast remaining above right after beer generation, with added flavorings. It can be employed as flavoring for soups or as a spread on bread and crackers. As we mentioned, vegemite was first produced in Australia and is commonly associated with that nation.

Even though vegemite is superior in salt, it delivers some health and fitness benefits in B nutritional vitamins. Human beings who want greater stages of B nutritional vitamins usually take in vegemite as a nutritional supplement. B natural vitamins are also critical to your kitty’s wellness, and some wellness problems do require health supplements for them as effectively.1 Nevertheless, vegemite is not the best preference for your cat due to the fact it is made up of so a lot salt.


The Risks of Salt for Your Cat

a cat that feels sick and seems to vomit
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Salt is a essential nutrient for cats, just like it is for individuals. Meals and treats formulated for cats include a well balanced volume of salt. Some cats may perhaps need to have to eat less salt for well being explanations, whilst many others might require a little more salt in their diet plan to stimulate them to consume much more water.

Even so, ingesting way too significantly salt can also poison your cat (and canine too.) As a nutrient, sodium needs to stay meticulously well balanced to preserve your cat wholesome and performing. Equally as well substantially and also minimal sodium in your cat’s system can be dangerous.

To stay away from the threat of salt poisoning, really do not feed your cat salty human meals, which include vegemite. If your cat does ingest vegemite or other large-salt foodstuff, speak to your veterinarian for guidance. Signs of salt poisoning in cats include the next:

  • Elevated thirst
  • Peeing extra
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Diminished hunger
  • Hassle strolling
  • Tremors
  • Seizures

Dealing with salt poisoning is tricky and involves veterinary administration. Have your cat observed by a veterinarian if you suspect they are suffering from this affliction.


Secure Human Foodstuff Treats for Cats

Most of your kitty’s every day calories need to occur from nutritionally balanced cat meals. Commercially formulated diets contain the suitable balance of nutrition and necessary amino acids your cat wants to stay healthy. Cats can effortlessly turn into obese if they get too quite a few additional energy in the kind of treats.

Your vet can help you estimate how lots of energy your cat desires just about every working day centered on their breed, dimension, age, and action degree. Dependent on that range, you can look at the cat meals label to figure out how significantly your cat need to consume each and every day.

If you supply your cat treats, be confident to include things like them in the everyday calorie rely. Rather of substantial-sodium vegemite, consider giving tiny portions of these protected human foods to your kitty:

  • Cooked meat, fish, or eggs
  • Lean deli meats
  • Fruits like cantaloupe
  • Veggies like broccoli or cucumber
  • Whole grains, this sort of as oats or polenta
cat eating cooked chicken
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Stay away from supplying your cat fatty or sugary meals, together with toxic foods like onion, garlic, or chocolate. Don’t supply raw meat, fish, or eggs for the reason that of the danger of unsafe germs making you or your cat unwell. Some cats may well tolerate cheese or other dairy merchandise as a snack, but a lot of do not.



Vegemite may well be packed with nutritious B natural vitamins, but it is also loaded with salt. The occasional style might not damage your cat, but you shouldn’t feed them vegemite often due to the fact of the dangers of ingesting too substantially salt. Stick with feeding your cat a well balanced diet plan supplemented by the occasional nutritious take care of. Ahead of building any variety of modifications to what you feed your cat, test with your veterinarian for direction.

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