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Can Cats Detect Seizures? The Amazing Remedy


Mar 21, 2023
calico cat in house backyard by wooden deck with owner sitting


calico cat in house backyard by wooden deck with owner sitting

When we imagine about company animals trained to warn their owners of an oncoming seizure, pet dogs are typically the initial to spring to mind. Having said that, it has been reported by some cat homeowners who knowledge seizures that their feline good friends can detect seizures—though, as significantly as we know, there is no scientific proof to ensure no matter if or not this is genuine or not.

Let’s just take a closer glance at the evidence beneath.


A few Stories from Cat Dad and mom

Let us investigate what cat mother and father from all-around the world have to say about their seizure-detecting kitties and how they respond when a seizure is about to come about.

sad girl hugging cute cat, sitting together at home
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1. Bournemouth, England

In 2011, the BBC described a story about a younger gentleman with epilepsy,1 Nathan Cooper, who shared that his cat, a calico named Lilly, is ready to detect his oncoming seizures. Mr. Cooper defined that Lilly alerts his mother right before the seizure transpires and has displayed behaviors like licking his mouth although he was battling to breathe all through an epileptic healthy.

Mr. Cooper’s mother, Tracey, reported that Lilly’s alerts indicate that they can make the ecosystem safer for Nathan, like moving household furniture to protect against injuries, before the seizure started—a fact that has built a major difference in their lives. Lilly went on to gain a opposition, “My Pet Superstar”, beating 6,000 other animals.

2. Eastbourne, England

A 2018 report by Sussex World revealed that an Eastbourne female,2 Lucrezia Civita, had thorough how her black cat, Fortunate, usually takes care of her prior to and during epileptic seizures. Lucrezia claimed that Fortunate sales opportunities her to bed when she senses a seizure is about to take place, then continues to be by her facet even though the seizure occurs.

Lucrezia also described how Lucky runs all-around when she senses a seizure, which allows her to program her day and know when she requires to be a lot more mindful and appears to “keep an eye” on her at all situations.

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Image Credit: Olesya Kuznetsova, Shutterstock

3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

A Vet Street post from 2011 tells the story of an Albuquerque radio producer named Katie Stone who defined how the cat (Kitty) she adopted for her daughter,3 Emma, started out to enable the family know when Emma was encountering a seizure.

Even though it was not pointed out regardless of whether Kitty reacts prior to the seizure, Stone explained how, in the course of a single of Emma’s seizures, Kitty stood on top rated of her and commenced to yowl and cry. She also talked about the potent bond that Emma has was Kitty, who usually sleeps at her side and lets everybody know by meowing exterior the bed room door if she simply cannot get inside of.

Can Cats Be Company Animals?

Company animals are animals properly trained to assistance people today with healthcare disorders, such as individuals who experience seizures. In accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act, only pet dogs and, in some instances, miniature horses, can be categorized as service animals. Nonetheless, cats can certainly be psychological support animals and treatment pets.

Emotional guidance animals are permitted to fly with you for no cost and to reside with you even if there is a no-pets policy in area. Your cat can develop into your official emotional aid animal if a therapist has composed a letter outlining that this is needed for your psychological and mental effectively-becoming.

In addition, the point that the ADA does not figure out cats as service animals doesn’t choose away from the fact that cats are capable of supporting and encouraging their house owners in a wide range of approaches.


Remaining Thoughts

In quick, even though there is no scientific evidence to assist the plan that cats can detect seizures, there is some anecdotal evidence all around. Folks who knowledge seizures have spoken out and in depth their cats’ incredible capabilities to detect them just before they happen and aid and consolation the operator for the length of the seizure.

It’s unclear how cats can do this due to the deficiency of scientific research, but a person matter that is certain is that cats are extremely intuitive animals—more than we in some cases give them credit history for—and can detect chemical alterations that manifest in our bodies when a thing is not very suitable. This may be connected to how some cats can detect and react to seizures in humans.

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