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Can Cats Eat Mashed Potatoes? (Vet Reviewed Nutrition Specifics)


Mar 2, 2023
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If your cat is constantly fascinated in your food stuff, obtaining the greatest treats to share can be difficult! If you have bought a leftovers thief, you may well also stress about whether your cat stole a bite of anything toxic. But if your cat has a hankering for some mashed potatoes, you may speculate whether it is a safe address. The shorter reply is that it is dependent. A bite of comfortable, boiled potato on its very own isn’t likely to damage your cat. But many other substances in mashed potatoes can make your kitty ill.

So, before you give your cat a taste, consider a minute to glance at what is in your mashed potatoes and how it compares to balanced cat foods.


Breaking Down the Ingredients in Mashed Potatoes

Each individual relatives has their very own mashed potato recipe—and some are safer than many others. Let’s seem at what goes into the regular serving of mashed potatoes to see regardless of whether your mashed potatoes are safe and sound and healthful.


Potatoes are not toxic for your cat, but they are not specifically healthy. These root veggies are largely carbs, with just a minimal little bit of protein and just about no extra fat. A 100-gram serving of potatoes has only 2 grams of protein. They do have a small amount of numerous unique minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Over-all, if your cat wants some simple, cooked potatoes, a couple of bites are great. But giving your cat much too substantially can be hard on its carb-unfriendly digestive technique.

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Image Credit history: Holger Langmaier, Pixabay

Dairy Goods

Most mashed potato recipes also have a lot of dairy. Milk, butter, and bitter cream—they are all negative news for your cat. Even although people today love to feed cats milk, it is not really good for them. That’s because most cats are lactose intolerant—eating dairy can give them diarrhea and an upset belly. Dairy merchandise like butter are also significant in fats.


Cats don’t need the volume of sodium that we take in. In reality, a key risk for cats is sodium poisoning. Just a person gram (considerably less than a teaspoon) can be ample to make your cat sick. With any luck ,, your potatoes aren’t that salty, but you continue to want to be careful. Sodium poisoning can lead to seizures, lethargy, vomiting, tremors, dehydration, and a host of other signs and symptoms.

Garlic and Onions

Beware of seasonings! A clove of garlic or some minced onion may add a heavenly taste to your mashed potatoes, but everything in the onion household is a large feline no-no. In truth, garlic, onion, leeks, chives, and linked food items are really poisonous to cats. Only a handful of grams of garlic can guide to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and irritation. Larger amounts can be even a lot more unsafe. The total in your potatoes almost certainly will not be more than mildly harmful to your cat, but it is improved safe than sorry.

onions and garlics
Impression Credit: Shutterbug75, Pixabay

What Will make a Superior Cat Food stuff?

Let us seem at why mashed potatoes don’t make a incredibly fantastic treat—even if it’s free of charge of destructive elements. Cats are obligate carnivores—they want meat to survive and really don’t need much of nearly anything else in their diet plan. As opposed to humans, cats really don’t get significantly nourishment from carbs—their stomachs aren’t designed to digest them. Also a great deal starch can be difficult for your cat to digest.

Cats have to have a higher-protein diet program with average extra fat. Your cat’s food items should really be about 25% protein and 10% fat. This selection varies a bit depending on your cat’s age and activity stages, but that rule of thumb can assistance you come to a decision how a lot of a address is a very good factor. Cats also want a range of vitamins and minerals, just like we do.


Last Ideas

So, what is the verdict on mashed potatoes? Not wonderful. A tiny little bit of simple boiled potato is not bad for your cat, but just about anything total of dairy, salt, and seasonings may perhaps make your cat ill. If your cat does try to eat a several bites of your Sunday meal leftovers, never be much too apprehensive, but if you know you are going to be sharing, it’s possible leave a number of teaspoons plain for your kitty.

Showcased Image Credit: Sergii Gnatiuk, Shutterstock

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