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Can Cats Take in Gingerbread? Vet Reviewed Facts & FAQ


Mar 10, 2023
various shapes gingerbread cookies


various shapes gingerbread cookies
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The data is current and up-to-date in accordance with the hottest veterinarian exploration.

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Gingerbread is one of the most well-liked treats to make at house, specifically in the course of the holiday getaway period. Although ginger on its possess is utilised by human beings to fight nausea, swelling, and other well being concerns, gingerbread ought to be averted in cats. It incorporates sugar, spices, and herbs that can be harmful to cats.

Listed here, we demonstrate why gingerbread is so unsafe for cats and give a few option address strategies to attempt.


Can Cats Try to eat Ginger?

Ginger is typically utilized in organic and regular medicines in China and western international locations, as properly as in cooking. It is employed to settle upset stomachs, promote the circulatory technique, support mind well being, and minimize swelling. While there are only minimal research on the usefulness of ginger when it arrives to pets, it is usually applied as a dietary supplement for cats and pet dogs.

Abide by your veterinarian’s recommendations on the use of ginger for your cat.

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Can Cats Consume Gingerbread?

No. Just since gingerbread incorporates ginger, which is secure for cats, that doesn’t suggest it is protected for them. Gingerbread contains numerous other substances that are hazardous for cats to take in, and it is substantially safer for you to give them cat-secure treats as an alternative.

Fortuitously, none of these ingredients are harmful plenty of to harm your cat if they have a small total of gingerbread. In huge portions, although, they can induce a assortment of health and fitness complications, like gastrointestinal difficulties, pancreatitis, weight problems, liver toxicity, and seizures. Here’s a rundown of typical components in gingerbread that are poisonous to cats.


Cinnamon is a well-liked seasoning for all kinds of desserts. When the ASPCA lists cinnamon as non-poisonous there are some concerns that it could be harmful in substantial amounts owing to the compound coumarin.

Cinnamon toxicity is caused when your cat eats also a great deal cinnamon or when they are exposed to cinnamon oil, which is extremely harmful and should be averted. It can induce small blood sugar, liver toxicity, vomiting, diarrhea, and arrhythmia.


A further most loved ingredient to increase to gingerbread recipes is cloves. For cats, clove oil or entire cloves are the most risky, but feeding on way too significantly gingerbread can also be a challenge. Cloves have eugenols, which are compounds that can result in liver toxicity, vomiting, tremors, and seizures in cats.


brown eggs
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If you make gingerbread at house, you have to have to take into consideration the risks of the raw batter, particularly if you depart the kitchen unattended for any total of time or your cat will get their paws on the employed mixing bowl.

When cooked, eggs are secure and dietary treats for your cat. Even so, the raw egg used when you get ready a batch of gingerbread cookies is not. Cats are prone to receiving contaminated by salmonella microbes just like we are and can even pass it on to you. Raw eggs enhance the risk of you and your cat suffering from salmonella poisoning.


Nutmeg can be observed in several baked treats, like gingerbread. Like the other elements in gingerbread, the little total utilised could not damage your cat, but much larger amounts will. For case in point, your cat could make a decision to examine the jar of nutmeg that you are about to increase to your handmade cookies.

Nutmeg is made up of myristicin, which can bring about tummy aches, amplified heart level, substantial blood tension, hallucinations, disorientation, dry mouth, and seizures.


Sugar is involved in most baked treats. For gingerbread, sugar can be uncovered in the gingerbread alone and any icing used for the decorations. Whilst sugar is not harmful like the other components, it is not wholesome for cats both.

Sugar ingested by cats can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and belly aches. Around time, it can guide to being overweight.


Sweeteners like xylitol are used in sugar-free of charge foods—like sugar-no cost gingerbread or icing—and it is not wonderful for animals. Although puppies are far more very well-identified for having a critical response to xylitol, it is not recommended for cats both, and you need to stay clear of it just in case.

Baking gingerbread cookies
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What to Do If Your Cat Eats Gingerbread

Most of the time, your cat is very likely to only consume a little bit of your gingerbread. A crumb or two or a tiny piece isn’t likely to lead to significantly of a trouble. The chance arrives when your cat eats a big sum of gingerbread. If your cat does take in any gingerbread, while, hold a shut eye on them so you can place any adverse reactions.

Ideally, your cat didn’t take in considerably and only has to offer with an upset belly for a few hrs even though they digest the cookie. If your cat eats a huge total of gingerbread or has a critical response, choose them to your veterinarian right away. Warning signs to appear for incorporate:

  • Amplified coronary heart rate
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Disorientation
  • Diarrhea or vomiting that lasts for a longer period than 24 several hours
maine coon cat eating treats outside
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Possibilities to Gingerbread for Cats

Feeding a pet a piece of their snack is what lots of homeowners do to share their like. A deal with like this every single now and then isn’t a negative detail, but quite a few men and women believe that meals is the only way to show cats their really like.

When it comes to the dangers of human food stuff, nevertheless, regular treats are under no circumstances a very good strategy. Even proper cat treats aren’t great in excessive. There are loads of other strategies to exhibit that you treatment.

Attempt introducing your cat to catnip to see if they appreciate the short euphoria, or make a Do-it-yourself cat toy so you can enjoy jointly. You can also reuse aged containers to make a cat castle so they have a tranquil put to nap. It’ll be much less complicated to continue to keep them wholesome when you hold the treats for exclusive situations.



Customarily employed in Chinese and Western drugs, ginger is commonly utilised in pet medicine to settle upset stomachs and reduce the indicators of cancer remedy. However, while ginger alone is not harmful to cats, the baked goods that use it can be harmful thanks to the other components associated.

Gingerbread, inspite of becoming a beloved vacation deal with, can be dangerous for cats to consume. It could incorporate a balanced dose of ginger, but it also has cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, all of which are probably poisonous to cats.

To preserve your cat protected, bake them particular ginger biscuits by next pet-safe and sound recipes that your veterinarian recommends. For the ideal final results, although, adhere with attempted-and-examined cat treats that you can acquire from your regional pet keep.

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