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  • Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Can Cats Take in Pecan Pie? (Vet Reviewed Diet Facts)


Mar 2, 2023
pecan pie

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The details is recent and up-to-day in accordance with the most up-to-date veterinarian study.

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Pecan pie may perhaps have its roots in Texas, but these times it is a Thanksgiving staple in several residences in the U.S. (and a mouth watering dessert found yr-spherical).1 This pie falls under the “sugar pies” classification, which would make feeling considering some of its main substances include things like Karo syrup, brown sugar, or molasses (in addition to typical sugar). And whilst it may well be a decadent address for you, is it a person for your cat, as well?

Can cats eat pecan pie? Is it secure for them? The respond to is of course, they can have a chunk or two—in moderation, pecan pie need to be beautifully protected. Even so, pecan pies (or any pies) aren’t healthy for your favorite feline to take in.

Here’s a closer appear at the elements discovered in pecan pies and how they can have an impact on your kitty.


Substances in Pecan Pie

Pecan pie doesn’t include a large amount of ingredients, but the kinds it does have aren’t quite balanced for your cat. Right here we’ll take a seem at the primary ingredients of the traditional recipe for this dessert and the causes they aren’t so wonderful for your pet.


Pecans are not toxic to your cat, so if it manages to snag a person although you’re building a pie, there should not be trigger for worry. That explained, pecans have a superior unwanted fat information, which could lead to stomach upset in felines if also quite a few are eaten. And nuts, in typical, are not the greatest for cats, as nuts are probably to be a choking hazard for cats in addition, felines are additional vulnerable to ending up with obstructions in the intestines and belly because of to nuts.2 You also require to be careful with pecans due to the fact they can mould, and this mould can end result in gastrointestinal problems, damage to the nerves, and even seizures in cats.

Graphic Credit history: LisaRedfern, Pixabay


Pecan pie is made up of a whole lot of sugar. It consists of using possibly Karo syrup or molasses and brown sugar, additionally standard sugar on top rated of that. The 1st thing to know about felines and sugar is that our furry friends do not have the potential to style sweetness. Studies have discovered that cats really do not have the receptors on the tongue that register the sweet style. That usually means sugar possibly isn’t likely to be one particular of your kitty’s preferred issues, which is possibly a very good point looking at consuming too substantially sugar can end result in vomiting and diarrhea in your pet. Moreover, as with individuals, animals can have extensive-expression outcomes from eating too significantly sugar, this sort of as diabetes.


Butter is not dangerous to your cat, but it isn’t healthy for it, both. Butter is excess fat, which is lousy for our pets, and can guide to gastroenteritis or even pancreatitis if eaten in abundance.

Vanilla Extract, Bourbon, and Other Alcohol

These substances are in which you could operate into bigger challenges. Vanilla extract has very a little bit of ethyl alcohol (34%), and alcoholic beverages is a significant no-no for cats (which is why a pecan pie that also has bourbon, rum, whisky, or other alcoholic beverages shouldn’t be offered to your pet). A feline can simply suffer from alcoholic beverages poisoning immediately after a single teaspoon of alcoholic beverages! Due to the fact pecan pie is baked, some of the liquor in it will be burned off, so if your cat only has a bite, it must be okay. But if the cat gets its paws on a full slice, you may see an upset stomach, lethargy, and disorientation. So, be thorough!

bottle of vanilla extract beside vanilla beans
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What to Feed Your Cat In its place

As a substitute of giving kitty a bite or two of your pecan pie, stick with a cat’s ideal diet program. Felines are obligate carnivores, indicating they require to get most of their nutrition from meat. That implies a cat foodstuff designed from meat that fulfills the necessities set forth by the American Association of Feed Manage Officers (AAFCO) is the finest wager for your pet. A superior excellent cat foodstuff that satisfies these suggestions will provide your kitty with all the nourishment it wants.

And no make a difference what sort of foodstuff you’re feeding your cat, make absolutely sure you are not overfeeding it. Being overweight in felines is a massive problem, with 30–35% of cats in North The united states getting overweight. And overweight cats are extra most likely to have shorter lifespans and much more well being concerns than those at an excellent fat.


Last Thoughts

Your kitty may enjoy pecan pie, but it isn’t pretty nutritious for it. When most of the components are technically secure for felines (despite the fact that the vanilla extract and any included alcoholic beverages may possibly not be), these elements will not reward your pet. Instead than giving your cat pecan pie, adhere to standard, large-high-quality cat food that meets all its dietary demands!

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