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Can Cats Take in Spinach? (Vet Reviewed Diet Specifics)


Mar 9, 2023


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Cats may possibly be recognized as obligate carnivores, but they can also safely try to eat some fruits and vegetables. Spinach is amongst the wide range of veggies that cats can try to eat, and it’s actually a common ingredient utilized in many business cat meals.

Spinach is non-poisonous to cats, so you don’t have to stress much too considerably if your cat sneaks in a bite of a spinach leaf. Just continue to keep in thoughts that cats have delicate stomachs, and if they’re not applied to feeding on spinach, they may get an upset stomach.


Feeding Your Cat Spinach

Spinach is a nutritious vegetable packed with nutritional vitamins and minerals. It is also lower in calories, so you can feed them devoid of worrying about needless body weight gain.

Most cats can eat any sort of spinach with out difficulties. So, you can feed your cat uncooked spinach, or cook, steam, or boil it in advance of serving. Cats may possibly have their very own choices for how spinach is ready, depending on what form of food stuff your cat is applied to feeding on. So, some cats that are utilised to consuming damp cat food stuff may perhaps prefer steamed spinach with a softer texture.

It is important to give your cat spinach with out any seasoning. Some seasoning can give cats an upset tummy. It’s also unsafe to feed cats creamed spinach or spinach that is used as an component in other foods.

Contrary to common belief, lots of cats are lactose intolerant and cannot digest dairy very easily. So, it is very best to chorus from feeding them creamed spinach and any recipes that consist of spinach and delicate cheeses.

Lots of recipes containing spinach can have better body fat content material, which can direct to excessive weight gain.

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Dietary Positive aspects of Spinach

When served on its own, spinach is a nutritious snack. Raw spinach retains the most vitamins and minerals, and it’s a terrific supply of potassium, lutein, vitamin K, vitamin A, and iron. It’s also an excellent resource of fiber.

Cooked spinach provides a softer texture that older cats can consume much more conveniently. It also retains several of its vitamins but may drop some warmth-sensitive ones, like vitamin C. Nonetheless, the benefit of cooked spinach is that it loses some fiber, so it can be far more simply digested than uncooked spinach.

Likely Threats of Feeding Cats Spinach

Spinach is a safe snack for most cats. It should be served as treats or mixed in with cat food stuff. Nonetheless, it’s in no way a sort of meals that can complete as a meal alternative.

In some circumstances, spinach won’t be a protected solution. Spinach includes vitamin K, which can interfere with some blood thinners. So, if your cat is on treatment, make absolutely sure to seek advice from your veterinarian right before you give it to your cat.

Raw spinach might also not be protected for cats that are susceptible to creating kidney stones. Raw spinach has a sizeable amount of oxalate, which can add to the formation of kidney stones. With that being claimed, it may be very best for cats with urinary and bladder concerns to prevent ingesting spinach.

And lastly, raw spinach incorporates a ton of fiber and may well be challenging for some cats to digest. Far too a great deal fiber can direct to an upset stomach, bloating, gassiness, and issue passing stools.



In general, spinach is a safe snack for cats to eat. It must be presented simple and unseasoned and can be served raw or cooked. Even so, physical exercise warning if you have a cat using blood thinner medicine or a cat with urinary issues. Spinach can add to or exacerbate painful indications connected with these well being difficulties. If you are ever in doubt, consult with your veterinarian ahead of feeding your cat spinach.

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