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Can Cats Take in Yams? Vet Reviewed Info & FAQ


Mar 24, 2023
A heap of yam on the ground


A heap of yam on the ground
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You may possibly like to share everything with your furry feline mate, specifically throughout the holiday break season. A person of the most widespread foods to provide for the duration of the holidays is yams. Yams are tasty whether or not they are baked, candied or canned.

In this article we are conversing about what are generally referred to as “yams” in The usa which are essentially a type of sweet potato. Accurate yams (Dioscorea) are a distinctive plant and not commonly found in American grocery merchants.

Having said that, are they safe to feed to your cats? The answer is certainly, but it is a little bit far more intricate than that. While yams are not poisonous to your feline pal, they really do not actually give any wonderful nutritional value for your cat. We’ll focus on anything you will need to know about yams and feeding them to your cat under.


Are Yams Poisonous to Cats?

No, yams are not poisonous to your cat, and it’s okay to feed simple cooked yam to them on occasion. However, candied yams do consist of a superior sum of sugar and extra fat, so they are not the ideal option for your feline buddy.

Something with high quantities of sugar and extra fat can result in gastrointestinal troubles and guide to weight problems in your pet. Also, yams have only a very little dietary worth to include to your cat’s eating plan. Cats are carnivorous, so they will need a good deal of animal protein in their diet program. So, even though it’s okay to feed your cat yams for a take care of now and then, you should not feed them daily or in location of their standard cat food items.

Cat eating from a ceramic bowl
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Can Cats Consume Candied Yams?

Even though you can technically feed your cat candied yams as they are not toxic, we advocate that you really don’t. Candied yams are chock comprehensive of brown sugar, marshmallows, and butter. None of these ingredients are appropriate for your cat. This is since your cat has a sensitive digestive process, and as well substantially sugar can overload that procedure and make your cat sick. Even a little amount of money of candied yams can result in your cat to vomit, so it is ideal to continue to keep them to on your own. Extra sugar can direct to diabetic issues and large blood sugar in the more time time period.

Can Cats Consume Purple Yam?

Purple yams are in the very same plant household as real yams, and you can feed them to your cat. Having said that, just as with conventional yams, they give little nutritional price to your cat, so only feed them to the cat on occasion as a distinctive address and they have to be cooked.

Can Cats Take in Canned Yams?

All over again, technically you can feed canned yams to your cat, but it’s not advised. There are a ton of preservatives, sugars, and fillers in canned yams, and these are undoubtedly not very good for your feline pal. If you’re heading to give your cat yams, it is greatest to cook dinner them and feed them to your cat with no seasonings or butter for the most effective success.

Can Cats Consume Yam Skin?

Cats should only take in the flesh of the yam, not the skin. The skin can incorporate pesticides and chemical substances that can make your cat unwell. It is very best to prepare dinner the yams, then dig the flesh out of the skin right before supplying it to your cat or peel them initial.

Yams stacked neatly on the table
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Yams Vs. Sweet Potatoes

Genuine yams (Dioscorea) and sweet potatoes (Ipomoea) whilst each tuberous greens arrive from various plant family members. The biggest variation involving yams and sweet potatoes is their visual appeal. Yams have rough brown pores and skin which is pale in overall look. On the other hand, sweet potatoes have thin, crimson skin, and the taste is the natural way sweet.

You can feed your cat yams and sweet potatoes, but it’s essential to notice listed here that accurate yams are poisonous/irritant to cats if fed to them uncooked. Make positive that you cook any yams you feed your cat. Because it’s effortless to confuse yams and sweet potatoes at the grocery shop, make confident to cook yams and sweet potatoes to be on the safe and sound aspect.

If you consider your cat has consumed a uncooked yam, it is finest to talk to the vet about remedy.

What is the Greatest Way to Feed Yams to Your Cat?

As previously described, yams must always be cooked just before you feed them to your cat. You can microwave, boil, or bake them until they can be conveniently mashed with a fork. Serve the yam to your cat mashed or lower up into bite-sized items so that your feline doesn’t choke on the meals.

Some cats love the flavor of yams, but they don’t will need to be fed them each day. As a substitute, give the cat no a lot more than a teaspoon of yam for a deal with. By no means add seasonings to the yams, as your cat’s sensitive digestive method may not be able to handle the spices.

Bengal cat eating food from tilted food bowl
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Final Views

Even though yams are non-toxic to felines, they’re tuber vegetables that you ought to only feed your cat as a deal with. Never feed raw yams, or exchange their normal kibble with yams. Although they consist of fiber and advantageous nutritional vitamins, yams are not nutritionally comprehensive, and your cat would very likely want a large-excellent cat handle. Cats are not able to taste sweet flavors and are a lot more fond of savory foods. If your cat enjoys yams as much as you do, it is greatest only to provide them from time to time.

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