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Can Cats Try to eat Turkey Bacon? Vet Authorized Overall health & Security Guidebook


Mar 23, 2023
bacon in pan


bacon in pan
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Cats are obligate carnivores that need a considerable quantity of meat in their diet program. Considering that which is the circumstance, it could be tempting to think that all meat is suitable for our cats. On the other hand, that is not normally the scenario. For occasion, turkey bacon is not the safest meat to feed your cat.

Turkey bacon is not poisonous to cats, so if your cat swipes a piece of it off your plate and would make a mad dash, he almost certainly will be all right. Still, turkey bacon is not a little something you ought to feed your cat routinely, as there are possible wellbeing risks that are not value the confined dietary price turkey bacon can offer. Hold looking through down below to study far more about the health risks of feeding your cat turkey bacon.


Is Turkey Excellent for Cats?

Turkey meat is considered healthful for cats to consume. There are a lot of dietary added benefits since it is a reduced-calorie protein loaded in zinc, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, B natural vitamins, sodium, and potassium. It is also minimal in body fat. Turkey incorporates tryptophan, which is an amino acid that can assistance control your cat’s sleep agenda.

In general, turkey is a good snack for your cat.

Turkey bacon, on the other hand, is a different story. Turkey bacon is created from chopped up turkey that has been smoked and remedied. It is then pressed into a shape that resembles pork bacon rashers. Turkey bacon is packed with salts and fat, making it substantially less healthier than plain turkey. Keep away from turkey bacon if you want to feed your cat a turkey snack and stick with simple cooked turkey.

Health and fitness Concerns About Feeding Turkey Bacon to Your Cat

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If you increase turkey bacon to your cat’s frequent eating plan, it can guide to extensive-phrase wellness challenges these types of as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and weight problems. The additional substances that comprise turkey bacon are not healthy for your cat in massive potions.


Whilst salt is not strictly bad, as well substantially can have disastrous implications for your cat’s wellbeing. Most cat kibble provides your cat’s required daily salt articles, so there is no need to have to complement it with turkey bacon. If you do, there is a fantastic possibility that your cat’s salt ingestion will be a lot higher than it should really be.

Much too considerably salt intake can guide to salt toxicity. Widespread signals incorporate:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weak spot
  • Inadequate coordination
  • Altered appetite
  • Excessive thirst
  • Regular urination
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Coma

If you suspect your cat has ingested too a lot salt, get to out to a pet poison regulate hotline or your vet promptly. Luckily for us salt toxicity is not a frequent problem.


Most turkey bacon contains preservatives, which is not suitable for your cat. More than time, feeding your cat much too significantly food with preservatives can lead to adverse health and fitness effects.

Inadequate Nutrient Stability

Unwanted fat is an integral part of your cat’s diet—in moderation. If your cat ingests way too a lot fats, their system can be overloaded and pushed towards obesity. This can direct to supplemental health and fitness complications, this kind of as hepatic lipidosis, which is a lot more popular in overweight cats. Hepatic lipidosis takes place when the cat’s liver are not able to appropriately approach extra fat.


What Happens if Your Cat Eats Turkey Bacon?

Slices of raw bacon on cutting board
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If you were planning turkey bacon for you when your cat stole a bite, you likely never have significantly to worry about. A person nibble of turkey bacon will not very likely result in your cat a lot damage.

Can Cats Take in Uncooked Turkey Bacon?

Uncooked turkey bacon can be problematic for cats, as it may perhaps comprise damaging microbes or parasites. If your cat stole only a small sliver of uncooked turkey bacon, he is most likely fantastic. Nevertheless, retain a near eye on him and observe him for any well being or conduct improvements.

Can Cats Take in Cooked Turkey Bacon?

Cooked turkey bacon doesn’t have the exact considerations as uncooked turkey bacon, so you have significantly less to worry about if your cat snuck a bite. If your cat only ate a modest amount, hold an eye out for any symptoms of foodstuff allergic reactions or gastrointestinal upset. But if your cat ate a whole lot of turkey bacon, you will want to acquire him to the vet to make sure his method is not overloaded with salt or unwanted fat.

How to Safely and securely Feed Turkey to Your Cat

The finest variety of turkey to feed your cat is a turkey-flavored kibble designed for felines. Even so, if you genuinely want to nutritional supplement your cat’s meal with turkey meat, the safest way to do so is with basic cooked turkey.

Even though getting ready the turkey for your cat, get rid of all bones and skin. They can be choking dangers for your cat. The meat can be breast meat or darkish meat, and it can be floor or in little, chunk-sized chunks. Baking, boiling, or broiling the meat is the greatest way to cook it. Do not deep fry it or add any seasoning, as this is not healthier for your cat. Basic turkey may perhaps seem uninteresting to us, but it is a delicacy for your cat!



When turkey bacon is not a excellent treat for your cat, there are plenty of other techniques to feed him turkey. If your cat manages to steal a small sliver of turkey bacon, he will probably be wonderful. If in doubt, under no circumstances be reluctant to reach out to your veterinarian. Whilst eating substantial portions can bring about adverse outcomes, it is a lot more likely that your cat will undergo minor far more than a temporary tummy ache.

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