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Can Dogs Eat Nerds? Vet Reviewed Diet Facts


Mar 17, 2023
spilled nerds on the table

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The data is latest and up-to-day in accordance with the most up-to-date veterinarian investigation.

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Did you fall a couple Nerds on the floor that your puppies vacuumed up prior to you could get them? If so, are these sugary, tart goodies harmful to our pet pals? If your puppy accidentally consumes Nerds, you might question if they pose any threats or hazards.

The good news is, when it comes to these very small, difficult, sugary candies, your canine is possible to feel next to no key effects. However, sugar is not superior for your canine pal to take in, so neither are Nerds, like any other synthetic sweet.


What Are Nerds?

Nerds are a popular candy consisting of tiny, tough misshapen lumps of sugar and flavor. They have been in Halloween sweet luggage and Easter baskets for many years, remaining a common preferred to kids and adults almost everywhere.

If you want a fancier form of Nerds, you can also get the Nerds Rope, which is a sticky gummy coated in these small pebble-like candies.

Irrespective of what sort of Nerds you have, it is not likely to destruction your pet dog severely. You may observe some diarrhea or vomiting if your pet dog has a sensitive tummy.

Most of the time, they will digest the sweet just great in tiny quantities. Except your canine ate an alarming quantity of spilled Nerds, you ought to observe quite number of consequences.

Luckily, classic Nerds are in compact offers, so your pet can only try to eat a very small portion at a time.

Nerds Rainbow

Nerd Substances

The main elements in rainbow Nerds are as follows:

  • Dextrose
  • Malic acid
  • Synthetic flavors
  • Synthetic dyes


The Issues with Nerds

Let’s communicate about probable irritants. If your doggy eats a several Nerds, it is likely to be wonderful. Having said that, some sensitive puppies could possibly have a little gastrointestinal upset, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Much too A lot Sugar

Nerds are jam-packed with sugar. It is the main component, together with synthetic flavoring. These forms of sweets are not excellent for canines, or folks for that matter. Owning sugar in your dog’s process also often can have some impression on their well being.

Artificial Dyes & Flavors

Some sensitive pups could be allergic to specific dyes and artificial flavors. Most veterinarians inspire you to prevent these elements in commercial pet foodstuff. If your dog’s procedure is irritated by these substances, it can cause allergic reactions, such as ear and skin swelling.

nerds candy sprinkled
Picture Credit: Marta Maziar, Shutterstock

Dangers of Sugar for Canines Lengthy-Term

Sugar can cause mildly annoying to extended-term illnesses. A several nerds really won’t damage your pet. But if you routinely give your dog human foods or sweets, the excessive sugar is not great for their bodily units. If you repeatedly let your pet dog to sample your treats, they will finally get started getting pounds, and gaining way too substantially pounds harms the system.

Pounds Acquire

If your puppy has a significant sugar ingestion in their diet regime, it can induce excess weight get. This is just the very first move into a planet of other issues. Preserve monitor of and retain your dog’s fat, feeding them only what is correct for their latest body weight and activity stage.

Being overweight

Weight problems is a common health and fitness concern among animals, and it is simply preventable. If you insert excessive sugars into your dog’s diet program, they are much much more probable to come to be obese, leading to even worse concerns and even loss of life if not corrected.

Metabolic Alterations

If your canine has an overabundance of sugar on a common foundation, it can result in long lasting metabolic modifications. This is a pathway to diabetes and can influence various techniques in your dog’s human body, resulting in irritation. 

Diabetic issues

Diabetic issues is a quite commonly witnessed concern in canines. Even nevertheless it is frequently noticed, it is typically avoidable with correct diet and physical exercise. If your puppy develops diabetic issues, you will require regime vet care and acceptable medicines, like insulin, to control your dog’s blood sugar.

boxes of nerds

Be Mindful of Packaging

If your puppy treats some nerds without having your information by by themselves, they will not do much in the way of hurt. Nevertheless, if your doggy ate the wrapping, no matter whether it be plastic or card stock, it can have a negative impression on their digestive process.

In most cases, your doggy should be ready to digest smaller quantities of international objects, but at worst, it can trigger harmful challenges like intestinal blockages. So if you anxiety your puppy ate any sort of packaging, you could want to get them to your vet for even further analysis.



Even though Nerds by themselves are not unsafe to your dog, they actually shouldn’t take in them possibly. Dogs do not benefit from getting any entry to sugar or artificial hues and dyes in their diet regime. In actuality, some canine can be downright delicate or allergic to these substances.

If you believe that your doggy ate some of the Nerds packaging, get them to your vet if there have been any indigestible items. Because of the dangers of intestinal blockages, it’s superior to be safe than sorry in these scenarios.

Featured Impression Credit rating: Marta Maziar, Shutterstock

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