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Can Guinea Pigs Feeling Human Feelings? What Science States


Feb 27, 2023
hand holding guinea pig wrapped on towel


hand holding guinea pig wrapped on towel

When it arrives to obtaining a companion animal, a guinea pig may not be the to start with animal that arrives to brain. Normally, you might believe of a cat, puppy, or even a horse, but did you know that guinea pigs are social animals? These tiny men do best with a further guinea pig, but they can certainly supply companionship for people. Provided this information and facts, do you surprise if guinea pigs sense human emotions? Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, can feeling human emotion, primarily if you have shaped a bond with your Guinea pig.

In this post, we’ll examine the guinea pig and what style of thoughts they can feeling. Browse on to master extra about these little social animals.


Do Guinea Pigs Perception Human Feelings?

Sure! Guinea pigs are wise, sociable, and affectionate animals that have the capacity to decide up on your emotions. In the wild, guinea pigs are living in herds and can decide up on just about every other’s feelings. Given that they can choose up on each other’s emotions, the domesticated Guinea pig can pick up on yours, and they really like to expend time with you as extensive as they belief you.

Guinea pigs that are effectively-socialized can at times be made use of as psychological support animals. These animals supply convenience for individuals with specific medical conditions, physical disabilities, mental worries, and stress and anxiety. That said, they absolutely have the potential to pick up on your thoughts, but they usually select up on emotions only if you’ve bonded with your Guinea pig. As we’ve mentioned, wild guinea pigs the natural way choose up on their herd’s thoughts, and if you’re domesticated Guinea pig considers you section of its herd, it will be additional delicate to your thoughts.

young boy playing with guinea pig
Graphic Credit score: mgventer10, Pixabay

Why Do Guinea Pigs Sense Thoughts Better if You are Bonded?

When you’re bonded with your Guinea pig, it will comprehend your typical moods and demeanor—that’s how they know a little something is “off” compared to your standard psychological condition. Your Guinea pig will figure out your normal voice tone, and if it’s off, they will feeling the temper modify.

How Do I Variety a Bond with My Guinea Pig?

Forming a bond with your Guinea pig will not appear easily, and it will consider time and devotion on your part. Just one way to sort a bond is by spending top quality time with your Guinea. The extra time you spend with your Guinea pig, the far more it will take into consideration you a buddy or chief. Yet another way to kind a bond is to hand-feed your Guinea pig. Guinea pigs appear at food as a reward, and they will glance at it as a positive act. Don’t drive it, however. If it appears nervous but appears to be like it desires to try it, gently toss the foodstuff into the cage. Persistence is vital, so maintain seeking right up until your Guinea feels risk-free and comfortable.

Lying down with your Guinea pig is an additional superb way to type a bond. Lay a blanket on the bed or flooring and allow for your Guinea to roam and investigate. As they get a lot more and extra comfy, they could even sniff you or even crawl on you. It is excellent to allow your Guinea out of its cage at least when a day to explore and stretch its legs.

Last of all, chat to your Guinea! Guinea pigs are social and intelligent and will eventually get familiar with your voice. Be certain you discuss in a serene and comforting tone to build believe in. And most importantly, be affected individual.

Picture Credit score: enchanted_fairy, Shutterstock

Strategies for Holding Your Guinea Pig Safe

If you’re thinking of getting a guinea pig, contemplate if you have the signifies to have at minimum two. Guinea pigs do greater with a buddy and can get frustrated if remaining by itself for very long durations. Purpose for the exact same gender if equally Guinea pigs are however intact to avoid accidental babies otherwise, you can pair a male and a woman.

Often feed your Guinea pig suitable foods, these kinds of as Timothy grass, meadow, oat, or brome hay, and normally provide fresh ingesting water 24/7. Preserve your Guinea pig out of harm’s way if you have other animals in the residence and keep the cage thoroughly clean at all times.


Guinea pigs are smart minor rodents that are fairly the well-liked pet. They are sociable and intelligent adequate to feeling human thoughts, but they will be much more apt to perception your feelings if you have formed a bond with them. Constantly communicate to your Guinea pig in a tranquil and relaxing voice, and assure you expend quality time. Permit your Guinea pig out at the very least after a working day for checking out and workout and feed them the ideal diet plan.

Steer clear of yelling or slamming objects around your Guinea pig, as this will make it fearful of you, and anger is a human emotion you never want your Guinea pig to feeling.

Highlighted Picture Credit: Pogodina Natalia, Shutterstock

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