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Can Pet dogs Eat Granola? Here’s What You Really should Know


Feb 9, 2023
Bowl with granola on a old wooden table


Bowl with granola on a old wooden table
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Granola is a preferred breakfast staple in the United States that is a go-to for individuals who need to have a brief, healthful breakfast right before heading out the door.1 Granola is a mixture of toasted rolled oats, nuts, and, normally, some sort of sweetener, these kinds of as honey or sugar. The combination is significant in fiber and protein and is calorie-dense. Granola may also involve micronutrients, such as copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamins B and E.

Offered the dietary value of granola, a person may marvel if puppies can share this delightful breakfast staple. Can puppies take in granola? Is it risk-free? Combined thoughts surround this matter, with solutions pointing to both of those certainly and no. So, why the inconsistency? In this posting, we’ll break down granola and ascertain if and when it is secure to feed your doggy.

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Can Puppies Take in Granola?

The cause for sure and no solutions is that dogs can only eat granola with no damaging ingredients and only in moderation as a unique deal with.2 Store-acquired granola tends to have harmful and toxic elements, these as chocolate and raisins. Particular nuts can be identified in granola that are unsafe to canines, these types of as macadamia, pistachios, pecans, and walnuts.3 These nuts are high in oils and fats and may possibly result in vomiting, diarrhea, and even pancreatitis if given in substantial amounts.4

Sugar can be one more perpetrator in retail outlet-bought granola.5 Way too significantly sugar can bring about being overweight, diabetes, bodyweight gain, and heart issues and might even add to arthritis in canines. Also, if you want to give your doggy a compact chunk of granola, make certain it’s free of charge from xylitol, as this sugar substitute is extremely toxic to dogs.6, 7

Granola with nuts and raisins isolated on white background
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Can Canines Have Honey Granola?

Honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal houses that may be valuable to pet dogs in modest portions. You really don’t want to give your pet dog too significantly honey owing to its sweetness, but occasionally, it’s okay.

The most secure way to feed granola with any included ingredients is to guarantee the elements are secure for your puppy. Honey is not poisonous to your puppy, but it’s substantial in sugar, creating it ok to give only sparingly. For illustration, if you’re munching on a granola bar that only has oats and honey, you can give your pooch a chunk.

Can Pet dogs Consume Oatmeal?

Oatmeal is protected for pet dogs in moderation, again, with no included damaging or toxic elements. Retail store-purchased flavored oatmeal frequently has additives that can be hazardous, and you really should avoid feeding these varieties of oatmeal.

The safest way to give oatmeal is to use plain oatmeal with no additives. You can combine a spoonful into your dog’s food stuff or allow him gobble up a tablespoon on its possess as a deal with. Oatmeal can be an great supply of carbohydrates for dogs with wheat or other grain allergies and is chock-complete of omega-6 fatty acids for nutritious pores and skin.

Oatmeal in a black bowl
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Tips for a Healthier Diet

Feeding your puppy a balanced diet plan that is comprehensive and well balanced is important for his overall well-becoming. Canines have to have a combination of protein, fats, carbohydrates, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and drinking water for optimum day by day nourishment.

When looking for pet dog meals, guarantee it states “complete and balanced” on the label. It would also be finest to look for dog food items permitted by the American Affiliation of Feed Handle Officers (AAFCO) to make sure the foodstuff satisfies all security and dietary demands.

Your veterinarian is an excellent useful resource to use for analyzing what doggy meals you need to feed your particular pooch. Also, unless your dog has a grain allergy, contemplate preventing grain-free diets, as the inclusion of grains is effective for most canines.

In addition, the Fda warns of a prospective connection involving grain-totally free diet plans and dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs. Although there is currently no summary concerning this subject, check with your veterinarian about the challenges and regardless of whether you should really feed your pet dog grain-free of charge pet dog food.



Granola is a nutritious breakfast product for humans, and it can be useful for canines in moderation, as very long as the granola has no extra damaging or toxic elements like raisins. Offering granola to your doggy is ideal as a exclusive deal with, and it’s okay to place plain oats in your dog’s foods for a carbohydrate raise. Just keep in mind, your canine can eat granola only if it incorporates no additional harmful components.

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