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Can Pet dogs Have Tums? The Astonishing Solution!


Feb 14, 2023
colorful tums antacid pills


colorful tums antacid pills
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The information and facts is present and up-to-date in accordance with the hottest veterinarian analysis.

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If that mouth-watering pepperoni pizza that you wolfed down for dinner gave you terrible heartburn, you can get a couple antacids and be fantastic to go. But what if your pet dog has an upset belly? Can you give Tums tablets to your furry mate for swift aid? The reply to that is no, you should not give Tums (or any other form of antacid) to your pet dog devoid of a veterinarian’s advice.

That claimed, an occasional pill is not likely to trigger hazardous outcomes in wholesome puppies. Even so, because dogs’ digestive devices work a lot quicker than ours,1 the effect of antacids would be limited-lived. So, there are a lot more likely challenges than real advantages to supplying your pet this above-the-counter treatment.

Go through on to locate out all the good reasons that Tums may perhaps not be risk-free for dogs and what you ought to do as a substitute.


What Are the Elements in Tums?

Tums are antacids that create a shorter-term neutralization of belly acid,2 which is the major culprit for painful heartburns. The energetic component is calcium carbonate. The other components differ by formula,3 but most solutions contain cornstarch, colours, flavors, mineral oil, and sucrose.

tums antacid pills
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divider-dog pawDo Tums Incorporate Xylitol?

Xylitol is a sweetener located in numerous foods and dietary supplement goods, like gummies, sleeping capsules, and multivitamins. Regretably, xylitol is really toxic to dogs.4 Even a modest total can result in severe wellbeing problems, these kinds of as liver failure, seizures, and hypoglycemia.

Tums products and solutions do not presently consist of xylitol, not even the sugar-no cost version.5 They do have sorbitol, which is yet another sweetener, but it’s not as unsafe for puppies. That reported, the ASPCA mentions that sorbitol can cause diarrhea in canines if it is eaten in substantial doses.6 There are other antacids that do consist of xylitol so generally verify ingredient labels.

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Are Tums Safe for Dogs?

Even although Tums does not include xylitol, you really should stay clear of supplying it to your pet. For a person issue, antacids can interfere with other medications that your pet is getting.

Also, Tums comprise calcium carbonate, which in substantial doses, can dangerously increase blood calcium amounts and direct to hypercalcemia.

Also, in accordance to a critique in the Journal of Veterinary Inside Medicine, there is now not enough evidence to advocate antacids for the therapy of gastroesophageal reflux ailment (GERD) in canines and cats, GERD remaining a type of continual and extra really serious acid reflux.

The base line is that there is only no purpose for you to give Tums to your dog.

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What Ought to You Do If Your Canine Has an Upset Tummy?

First, you require to be able to acknowledge gastrointestinal concerns in canines. If your pup has an upset belly or other digestive difficulties, they may possibly exhibit the following signs:

Just like people, pet dogs can sometimes also endure from acid reflux. The most widespread indicators to glimpse for are:

  • Vomiting
  • Regurgitation
  • Coughing
  • Excessive creation of saliva
  • Discomfort soon after ingesting
  • Lack of urge for food

If you suspect that your pet has a digestive issue, really don’t give them nearly anything without having talking to your veterinarian very first. They will be in a position to prescribe powerful and safe treatment and therapy following analyzing your pet.

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Strategies for Canines With Abdomen Concerns

Possessing a several moderate episodes of abdomen upset each and every when in a although is ordinary for most dogs. Having said that, if the signs very last more time or worsen, you must talk to your veterinarian promptly.

In some instances, producing modifications to your pup’s diet regime can enable lessen symptoms, if they are not thanks to a extra serious gastrointestinal difficulty or infection.

Right here are a couple of simple but powerful strategies:

  • Feed your pet dog a prescription very low-excess fat diet plan.
  • Supply your pet with a great deal of contemporary h2o.
  • Keep away from feeding desk scraps or treats to your pup.
  • Feed your pet little foods through the working day.



Unless of course it’s encouraged by a veterinarian, you really should not give Tums to your pet. Provided the prospective side consequences, it is not really worth giving your canine antacids. Alternatively, monitor your dog’s behavior intently, and if indicators of belly upset persist or worsen, check with your vet.

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