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Can Puppies Try to eat Tater Tots? The Surprising Answer!


Feb 14, 2023
organic fried tater tots


organic fried tater tots
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Likelihood are that you did not feed your puppy tater tots on intent, but if they bought into a handful of that were left out, what need to you do? Are tater tots poisonous for pet dogs, and if you do have a couple of extras, can you feed them to your pet rather of throwing them absent?

The truth of the matter is that although tater tots commonly are not poisonous to pet dogs, you truly shouldn’t feed them any. There is a ton that goes into it, which is why we suggest looking through the rest of this guide to figure out every thing you require to know.


Can Canines Eat Tater Tots?

When a tater tot isn’t necessarily poisonous to a dog, you really don’t want to feed them tater tots. The explanation is that tater tots are full of substances that are not good for your pet, and much too several of these elements can guide to severe health and fitness difficulties.

So, although you don’t have to have to hurry your puppy off to the vet if they take in a tater tot or two, you ought to do your ideal to preserve them from feeding on them.

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What About Sweet Potato Tater Tots?

Industry experts concur that sweet potatoes are a excellent healthy snack choice for puppies.1 Sweet potatoes are higher in fiber, lower in extra fat, and rich in precise natural vitamins, potassium, calcium, and more. Which is a lot of fantastic components in just one vegetable.

But just because you can feed your doggy sweet potatoes does not necessarily mean you need to feed them sweet potato tater tots. The difficulty is anything else that goes into the tater tot, which includes the cooking system.

Sweet potato tater tots are substantial in salt, fats, and oils, all of which are undesirable for puppies.

sweet potato tater tots
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Why Shouldn’t Dogs Eat Tater Tots?

There are very a few components in tater tots that aren’t superior for dogs. Keep in brain that most canines weigh a lot less than us, so scaled-down portions of damaging components can have additional really serious side consequences.

For starters, tater tots are higher in salt, and much too considerably salt will have a adverse affect on your dog. From there, tater tots are superior in fat and oils, both of those of which can be dangerous to your pet dog. But probably the worst ingredient that may well be current in tater tots is onions.

Even small portions of onions and onion powder can be perilous to dogs, so if your pet ate some tater tots with onions it is a excellent thought to reach out to a vet to see what you must do.

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Harmless Treats for Canines

When you should really do your ideal to maintain tater tots absent from pet dogs, that does not suggest they can not indulge in a take care of from time to time. Instead of tater tots test just one of these healthier options instead and stick to the 10 percent rule.

The rule states that no much more than 10 p.c of your dog’s diet need to consist of treats, normally they are having much too many!


Broccoli is an exceptional take care of for puppies. You can feed dogs uncooked, steamed, or roasted broccoli, just make sure you’re not introducing any supplemental seasonings. We advise steaming the broccoli to make it much easier for them to ingest, but it is not definitely essential.


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Watermelon is a sweet handle that numerous dogs really like. Take away the rind and seeds prior to providing them to your canine, and hold in head that it’s substantial in organic sugars. It is excellent as an occasional deal with, just don’t overdo it.


Bananas are one more sweet handle that several canine appreciate. If your doggy is a picky eater, bananas may possibly be a terrific wholesome selection for the reason that of their vitamins. But they are also large in sugar, so restrict how considerably you give them.


puppy eats carrot
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Carrots are complete of carotene and natural vitamins and many pups love the taste. Just maintain in intellect that carrots are difficult and not all canines do the ideal while chewing, so slice them up into smaller chunks in advance of feeding them to your pet.


Who doesn’t appreciate the sweet taste of strawberries? Most canine will devour them, and they’re high in vitamin C. But just like watermelon and bananas, strawberries are large in sugar, so you need to restrict how numerous of them you feed your pet dog.



If you have a couple of tater tots lying all over, you should not feed them to your puppy. But if they transpired to sneak a few whilst you had been out of the home, you shouldn’t need to have to hurry them to the vet but observe them closely.

As extended as there are no onions in the tater tots, there shouldn’t be any main wellness implications for your pet dog, but it is finest to stick with some of the much healthier take care of options we highlighted for their following take care of.

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